Sunday, November 20, 2011

YouTube Commentary On Level Three Sex Offender Concentration In North Minneapolis...

YouTube embed from Jordan Neighbor, blog post by John Hoff

The video embedded above was filmed during a protest slash community meeting about Level Three sex offender concentration in North Minneapolis, which this blog reported on at the time, click here.

I never got around to highlighting this video on my blog when it was belatedly posted to YouTube about five months after the event in question. (But better late than never, this is grass roots media, here)

Ironically, I myself can't watch this video here in Afghanistan...our server just isn't fast enough. Please enjoy it on my behalf.

In light of the recent escapades of Clarence Robinson and Menes Williams, (and I mean "escapades" in the sense of "escapes") this video from April of 2010 seems an appropriate commentary on this ongoing, vexing issue of Level Three sex offenders being dumped in North Minneapolis.

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