Monday, November 14, 2011

Mug Shot For Murderer Ryan Daniel Jones-Adams, Who Said "I'll Up On Your Ass" Before Shooting Marvin Ray Maynard, Age 16...

Minnesota DOC mugshot, therefore public domain, blog post by John Hoff

Ryan Daniel Jones-Adams, who hardly looks old enough to shave, is in prison for killing Marvin Ray Maynard, age 16, on James Ave. N. In the court proceeding, Jones-Adams "hinted that he could easily have been the guy on the wrong end of the gun."

Yeah, that's kind of the reason this blog always looks into the records of the victims of Northside shootings. Because this is a common theme: dumb and random luck, who it was who had the drop on who in North Minneapolis gun violence.

Jones-Adams' anticipated date of release is in 2033. By which time he will most likely be quite experienced at shaving. Might even work on a beard, just for a hobby.

On a recent spin through the Minnesota Department of Corrections website, I found his mug shot and thought readers would be interested in his young, innocent-looking face.

As Ryan ran toward Maynard to shoot him, Ryan yelled, "I'll up on your ass!"

Those words must take on a whole new meaning in prison.

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