Friday, November 11, 2011

Drug Charges In Oklahoma For Brothers Eric And Jerome Yzaguirre...

Stock photo and blog post by John Hoff

Eric Yzaguirre, who is the son of Theresa "Mpls Mirror" Yzaguirre, who makes it her unpaid business to pour derision on NoMi revitalization efforts, is not only facing domestic violence charges (with Jill Clark as his attorney) but in 2009 was involved in a side of the road drugs-and-a-gun bust in Oklahoma.

A firearm and FOUR POUNDS of marijuana were found in the car. (Joke font) That's enough to keep Crazy Town Mayoral Candidate Al Flowers high for, like, two weeks. (End joke font)

Click here for a small local news article about the bust, which also involved brother Jerome Yzaguirre. The two men were not residing in Oklahoma at the time but were, according to Oklahoma online court records, residents of Minneapolis.

JNS blog asks: Where were the drugs and gun going?

The Oklahoma news article was brought to the attention of this blog by an anonymous commenter. The online court records of the incident were then located. According to these records...

The bust took place in Atoka County and was made by the Caney police department. Caney has a population of 199 according to the 2000 Census, as related by Wikipedia.

For the incident, Eric paid a total of $1,757.50. His last payment was made January 11 of this year. Eric is known to live at his mother's South Minneapolis address, based on recent Hennepin County jail roster information. Unknown where he lived at the time of the Oklahoma drugs and a gun incident.

Brother Jerome got in more trouble for the incident. He was not only charged over the drugs, but for "failure to carry current security verification form" and a defective headlight. Plus possession of a firearm during commission of a felony. Ouch!

Jerome appears to have paid a total of $2553, with his last payment made September 12 of this year. The "completion date of deferred sentence" is July 28, 2014. His probation is described as "unsupervised."

All this information can be found in the comment threads of the previous blog posting, click here, but given the shocking nature of the info another blog post seemed appropriate.

These are, after all, the sons of the Mpls Mirror lady who pours scorn and criticism upon North Minneapolis revitalization efforts and has even risen up in defense of Peter "Spanky Pete" Rickmyer, a child molester. (Spanky Pete shares an attorney, Jill Clark, with Eric Yzaguirre)

Meanwhile, Theresa Yzaguirre's no account sons are firearm packing drug couriers.


NoMi Passenger said...

I think it would be an entertaining read if you blogged about the coo-coo clock lawsuit that Jill Clark represented TYza and some others as plaintiffs against some guy that was raffling off his house to save it from foreclosure. Or some crazy crap like that.

NoMi Passenger said...

Here's a Strib article about the house raffle lawsuit. I think I have some details wrong, looks like the coo-coo clock who was raffling the house was the plaintiff, some how TYza was part of this too, if I remember correctly. But yes Clark was the plaintiff's attorney.

NoMi Passenger said...

This is what I was referring to when saying TYza was tied up in the house raffle lawsuit.

So s he was one of the plaintiffs, and it looks like it was against the City, and it looks like there was a monetary judgement of $26K for the plaintiffs. Jill sure does make a lot of money off suing the city.

And when you put in the main plaintiff's name (Paul Stepnes) into the MNCIS system, oh boy, there are a LOT of cases. Chronic litigant disease.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

If TYza would shut up and mind her own business, none of this information would be coming to light.

NoMi Passenger said...

What a charming young man you are Eric, thanks for dropping by and gracing us with your presence.

(Not to be confused with presents. Or presents.)

Anonymous said...

Couple of interesting points. Jane Moore of the MPD used to be in the sex crimes investigations, that is until she screwed up a couple of investigations by not following policy and procedure (I'd say she was less than truthful in a couple of search warrants, but that can't be proven beyond a doubt). The fact she was transferred out speaks to the facts that you'll never be privy to.
Jill Clark, who you like to trash, actually has a very positive reputation in the legal community.
She gave up her "big money" corporate practice to take on and help those that are less fortunate and can't afford big shot attorneys, or who shouldn't get stuck with a public defender.
She does take on some real losers, like Philander Jenkins who should rot in jail, but she also represents many people pro bono (or on contingency) and she often wins. Maybe instead of blogging and giving her more ammunition to use against you in court, you should be working on your appeal. The chances of winning at the court of appeals is 10:1 against you. And don't expect the Supreme Court to hear your case. Only 1 in 50 gets that courts ear.

Folwell Fox said...

That's awesome! It's like the ultimate projection. Some dumb bitch who thinks her sons are all good and proper, blasts an entire neighborhood for some scapegoating reason while her dip-shit (possibly inbred) sons act in the same manner in which she is trying to condemn. Classic, bravo!

Johnny Northside! said...

Could be Eric. Could be Jerome. Could be one of the trolls, though.

They'd have to say a lot more to prove who they really were.

As far as "dick sucking" is concerned, apparently it can be obtained quick, cheap and dirty on the Mexican border...just like four pounds of weed.

NoMi Passenger said...

Anon 10:37pm, I haven't been following closely to know who or how Jane Moore of MPD fits into any of this, care to explain more?

And I think it's kinda funny and entertaing, the part about Clark having a very positive reputation in the legal community. I suppose it's all a matter of which legal community/circle you run in. I know the one I have ties to thinks Clark is nutso and dreadful (not in an intimidating/I don't want to lose to Clark way) but in a "Oh god, not her again" kind of way.

I would love for some geeky legal beagle type to create a chronological track record of Clark's cases,wins, loses, and interesting tidbits stemming from each case.

Like for example "oh THIS case is the one where the plaintiff ended up not only losing but being charged with filing false claims against a police officer" (Trish Farkalun or whatever her lying ass name is) - or "oh THIS case is the one where the Judge not only recused himself but then filed an ethics complaint against her" - or for another example "oh THIS case is the one where Clark chased the Judge through the chambers and tried to force her way into chambers" or for example "THIS is the case where looney-tune Al Flowers assaulted a council member but then quickly went on the offense by filing a looney-tune case" - or for another example... well, I think you get the point... what geeky legal beagle out there has the time and energy to do that compilation of Jill's Greatest Hits??

Oh. Wait. The good guys are pretty much doing productive things with their time and energy. Oh well.

Johnny Northside! said...

Here's a link to the court document about the suspension of Jill M. Waite.

Clark's day is, I am confident, on the horizon just like "the other Jill."

Johnny Northside! said...

In regard to this person "Jane Moore," it has nothing to do with anything. It's just a red herring, a false lead, and I could give a damn.

Jill Clark's reputation in the legal community...oh, that's RICH.

Remember that article in the Star Tribune about "the two Jills"? Jill Clark and Jill M. Waite?

Well, Jill M. Waite was suspended from the practice of law for five months. So what does that say about the "legal reputation" of "the two Jills"?

The list of judges who recuse themselves in Clark cases is a testament to her "legal reputation."

But, hey, we'll see how she does with the charges against Eric Yzaguirre for allegations of domestic violence. My guess about her next move: bully and intimidate the victim.

11/11 10:37 said...

NoMi Passenger I would be happy to explain. And I disagree with Johnny Northside!
Jane Moore is not a red herring. She is a very in integral part of this house raffle case which Nomi Passenger brought up.
If you would actually read the articles you are providing links to, you would read that Jane Moore was one of the two MPD investigators that shut down the house raffle who along with Sgt. Peter Ritschel, arrested and booked Paul Stepnes into the Hennepin county jail, but he was never charged with a crime.
Since he was never charged with a crime, that most likely means that there was not enough evidence to charge him, or that the Hennepin County Attorney and/or Minneapolis city attorney decided that there was no chargeable offense, or that the police conduct was so egregious that it undermined the potential charges.
And if you had actually taken the time to read the articles and court documents from the civil suit, you would have seen there was considerable controversy regarding the arrest and subsequent search warrant, and the way the officers handled the search warrant and inventory of the confiscated property.

So my very valid point is that Jane Moore, who has a history of problem search warrants was involved in this case, which had many problems with the execution of the search warrant.
Even Judge Charles Porter expressed his concern about the way the police conducted themselves while executing the warrant and the fact that they took items not authorized. He characterized the search warrant as a way for the police to shut down an auction they felt was illegal. He chastised the city attorney for failing to follow his orders to replace confiscated property. Judge Porter was not happy about the police conduct.
Now, if you have ever attended, or been party to, a Franks hearing where the validity of a search warrant (or components of the search) are challenged, you would know that officers are known to suddenly charge their story regarding certain facts. See, Minnesota does not have the “good faith exception” to search warrants, as they do in the Federal Courts. So officers need to “adjust their words” (i.e. lie) to cover up for their mistakes. But an excellent lawyer knows that game and can catch them in their lying. Obviously that did not happen in this case, because they lost the civil suit. Let’s face it – cops lie, defendants lie, witnesses lie – that’s just the facts of trial law. And unless you can prove a lie, your hands are tied.
But the point remains that this case was handled by two MPD officers with tarnished records. Moore was moved out of sex crimes because you absolutely cannot have any discrepancies when dealing with such sensitive cases. And Ritschel you can research for yourself. Although it’s worth mentioning that he cost the city $60,000 when he drove his squad car over the foot of a boy whose father is a firefighter and a very well-known and respected family in NE Minneapolis. And for transparency, I am friends with that family. But the end to this story is that Stepnes was NEVER CHARGED WITH ANY TYPE OF CRIME.
In closing I don’t even know what the point of bringing up the charges against Eric Yzaguirre was? I don’t understand why something in south Minneapolis has an impact that is worth mentioning with such grandeur in a north Minneapolis blog? Maybe you could explain.

Johnny Northside! said...

Blah blah blah.

In regard to the original and relevant topic:

I'm not even criminally inclined but still I know better than to run four pounds of weed and a gun through town of 199 in a car with a bad headlight.

But hey, maybe it was four pounds, two ounces when they started the trip.

And I do mean "trip."