Thursday, November 10, 2011

Damn Right We're Appealing--And The Appeal Has Been Filed!

Photo by a comrade-in-arms, blog post by John Hoff

God bless America, God bless the First Amendment, but may God ESPECIALLY bless my attorney Paul Godfread who--according to emails that reached me here in Afghanistan--filed an appeal in the Johnny Northside "To Tell The Truth" non-defamation court case. The case has been the subject of commentary all over the nation and, indeed, even in England.

Even though Paul Godfread did the lion's share of the work, I'm told there were others who assisted him. Sooner or later, they will all get a personal thank you. In the meantime I just have to...

...keep my helmet on when I'm pulling sentry duty, and keep my head in the game. The game is not back home in the courts, the game is right here in Afghanistan.

In the photo, above, I'm holding a small town newspaper mailed to me in a care package from one of my relatives. The little structure over my right shoulder (viewer's left) is a bunker meant to protect from "indirect fire" like mortars. The little huts are called "beehive huts" and are living units for soldiers made of plywood, metal, and waterproofing spray foam. Each soldier has about as much living space as the average American bathroom.

One of the "qalat" towers is visible. A qalat is a traditional Afghan fortress made of sun baked mud, straw and (rumor has it) animal dung as the secret ingredient. Of course, calling it a "fortress" doesn't completely translate.

Almost ALL Afghan dwellings are built inside these "qalat" fortress compounds. Their society has known endless warfare since before Alexander the Great, and their building methods reflect that.

God bless America.


boathead said...

I will start by saying THANK YOU, JOHN, and thanks to all of your comrades-in-arms that are doing the real work that shows ones' true character. On this Veterans Day 2011 we all will take time to think about the true sacrifices that our soldiers undertake and the strength that must be mustered day in and day out.
You have alot of heart and courage and, obviously, if anyone walks the walk, it is definitely all of our active military members and their families. Stay as safe as you possibly can and make it back so you can continue to help our area with your dilligence and tenacity. From one Veteran to another, Thank You! Good Evening.

Peter T said...

John, I don't agree with all your postings, but in this matter I wish you the best of outcomes. Your blog is continuously maintained and should receive the same protection as the traditioonal press. May the first Amendment prevail.


(checking out your blog after some break again)