Sunday, November 20, 2011

ANOTHER Level Three Sex Offender Walks Away From A North Minneapolis Half Way House, Rapes A Woman For Four Days (Ever-So-Allegedly)

MN DOC mugshot, therefore public domain, blog post by John Hoff

Level Three sex offender Menes Williams recently walked away from a North Minneapolis halfway house after cutting off his ankle monitor. If you're thinking, "Wait a minute, didn't I just read about this?" you might be recalling the case of Clarence Robinson, a Level Three sex offender who was ALSO dumped in North Minneapolis right after his prison release, and who ALSO cut off his ankle monitor and sauntered away from Department of Corrections custody.

Robinson was on the lam for less than a week before being apprehended. Other than breaking into a school to obtain some food, Robinson apparently didn't pull off any kind of crime spree. But it should be noted he pulled off his crime spree the FIRST time he escaped from the DOC, tying up a woman and raping her.

Now consider: DOC escapee Menes Williams allegedly tricked his way into a woman's house in the Fairview Neighborhood, tied her up, and raped her for four days.

Gee, does anybody think maybe Robinson and Williams sat around their skanky North Minneapolis halfway house and compared notes? This is EXACTLY the kind of thing we can expected when Level Three sex offenders are all concentrated in one place, in direct violation of a toothless state law which says they're NOT SUPPOSED TO BE ALL CONCENTRATED IN ONE PLACE?

There are some folks in DOC I like very much. All the same...I hope the victim of Menes Williams sues the hell out of DOC, and I hope her case is made easier by the "not supposed to concentrate sex offenders all in one place law" which, while toothless, might be valuable ammunition in a tort suit for establishing slam-dunk liability.

Click here for Fox 9 coverage about the Menes Williams escape. Incredibly, Fox 9 seems to be the only mainstream media outlet which even thinks this is a STORY. How, I wonder, did DOZENS of media outlets write about Clarence Robinson, but only Fox 9 writes about Menes Williams when it was WILLIAMS not Robinson who actually went on a sexual crime spree while escaped?

(THIS time)

Well, I don't have those answers, but it's usually this blog's duty to dig up the complete criminal record and provide the small details which the mainstream media skips over. All the way from Afghanistan I will, once again, do my duty...

Dakota-Hastings - Criminal/Traffic/Petty
Converted Closed

Pled Guilty. Apparently was in jail 10 days, got a year of unsupervised probation.

Oww! My wrist!

Ramsey Criminal/Traffic/Petty Downtown
Non- Traffic Misdemeanor
Converted Closed

Pled to the possession charge, actual theft charge dropped. I smell a plea bargain.

Looks like he got a suspended sentence and, again, unsupervised probation. Seems he might have done 20 days in jail and gotten credit.

Ramsey Criminal/Traffic/Petty Downtown
Non- Traffic Misdemeanor
Converted Closed

(Sarcasm font)

Well, now The Man is keeping Menes down. (Is his first name pronounced like "menace?") Knowing he has a criminal record, he feels he needs to lie to the police. He feels bad about himself, so he smokes pot to feel better.

That's the vicious cycle. That's the man keeping you down. DAMN THE MAN!!!!!

(End sarcasm font)

Pled guilty to both. Got, oh my word, MORE UNSUPERVISED PROBATION. Got fined $500, but only had to pay FORTY BUCKS because the rest was stayed. Looks like he got some credit for time served.

WILLIAMS, MENES DANTA (Note different spelling of middle name)
Ramsey Criminal/Traffic/Petty Downtown
Non- Traffic Misdemeanor
Converted Closed

Pled to the dope. Tamper with motor vehicle charge dismissed. Oh, what's that smell? PLEA BARGAIN!

Had to pay fine and surcharges equal to 8 dime bags.

No, you may not pay in dime bags.

Ramsey Criminal/Traffic/Petty Downtown
Serious Felony
Converted Closed

Now we see the true Menes Williams, and it turns out he's not a petty thief or dope smoker so much as a perv. According to his Department of Corrections web page, Williams "has a history of sexual contact with female victims (age 15-adult). The contact has included penetration. Victims were vulnerable due to disability. Offender had just met one victim and was not previously known to another victim."

For the "force, coercion" incident in 2000, Williams received 48 months. Oh, fines and surcharges equal to THIRTEEN dime bags. He also had to supply a DNA sample and register as a sex offender.

Hennepin Criminal/Traffic/Petty Southdale
Crim/Traf Mandatory

Since 48 months is four years, and this incident happened just under three years later, it would appear Williams didn't serve his whole sentence but was right out on the street giving false information to police (sarcasm font) for the "man keeping you down" reasons discussed before. Pled guilty and got a $50 fine.

A FIFTY DOLLAR FINE!!! This guy is a convicted pervert, gives a false name to police, and gets fined FIVE DIME BAGS!!!

Well, he did plead guilty. I smell a plea bargain.

Drange, Steven E.
Converted Closed
(TCIS Amended Charge) INTERFER W/9-1-1 CALL

Looks like Williams tried to get some kind of relationship going but, well, that didn't work out so well. He pleaded "not guilty" to everything and was only convicted of giving the false name. I wonder if the victim in this case was even willing to testify?

Williams was fined an enormous number of dime bags: $1075 with all the surcharges. Also ordered to pay restitution. Looks like this thing went to collections but was credited $1,103 as "uncollectible."

Hennepin Criminal/Traffic/Petty Downtown
Crim/Traf Mandatory

Pleaded guilty. I see a notation that says "54 Mo" and another which says 66 days credit for time served. Given the fact this happened in 2006, and 54 months is 4 and one half years, and Williams was in a halfway house until just recently, when he cut off his ankle monitor...

Well, this seems to be the last crime which put him away for a while. Until he just walked away and (allegedly) raped a woman for four days, after being trumpeted by Amicus as some kind of success story.

Yeah, about that...

The Fox 9 story also mentions how Menes Williams was a volunteer for a group called Amicus, (Amicus USA dot org) which appear to be a bunch of wannabe do-gooders whose version of doing good is coddling criminals and writing up nice profiles about them. Here is a link to the article which Fox 9 alludes to in a single sentence, but does not provide a link. (Click here)

I strongly suspect this article might just quietly disappear off the internet, therefore I am going to republish the entire article as a comment to this blog posting so what was gushily written about mad dog rapist Menes Williams will remain in the public record as part of the history of Amicus.

The article says Williams has "a strong interest in blogging for Amicus" and pictures Williams sitting at a computer.

This blog has said it before, but apparently needs to say it again: Level Three sex offenders should not have access to the internet.


Johnny Northside! said...

Managing the Surge: Amicus Volunteer Menes Williams
OCTOBER 20, 2011
Post by Jessica Hunt

Menes Williams, 34, has taken a long road. For several years he found himself in a revolving door, going into prison, coming up, struggling and eventually going back in.

Menes was first convicted in 2002 on assault charges, and was sent to Moose Lake Correctional Facility. Now one month out of prison, Menes is ready to move forward, return to school and give back.

Menes heard about Amicus and its programs while he was involved in Men of Rafiki, Amicus’ currently inactive program focused on incarcerated African American men.

Menes first stepped into the Amicus office in 2003. Donna Woltering, who coordinated Amicus Reconnect at the time, had built a connection with him while he was in prison and that connection extended outside of prison at Amicus.

“She (Donna) welcomed me and I could tell that she was excited that I and others like me, were getting out of prison,” he said.
Menes found clothing, help with transportation, and assistance in obtaining government identification at Amicus, and he also received some good leads on jobs and housing.

Soon after, though, Menes violated parole and started in the revolving door between incarceration and freedom. This last time on the inside was the longest stretch for him, and he was released in August, 2011.

Menes believes he is successful so far because he truly wants to change, but he admits that starting over is not easy.

“You’re going to be frustrated, you’re going to be rejected, and you’re going to be scrutinized. And you are going to have to be able to take that in stride,” he said.

Menes describes three phases of his transition process.

“Once you reconnect, you have to have a start up, a surge, a jump start, a power, an energy,” he said. “Then, once you have that, you have to manage it. And as you manage it, you begin to upgrade. Everything is a step.”

His parents were a strong social support for him while he was in prison, and they still provide him that support. Menes describes how they visited and supported him financially, mentally, spiritually.

“My mom was in prison, but she’s so strong,” he said. “It gave her a different appreciation for what I was going through, having been there (in prison) herself.”

He also has three girls, who are ages 15, 14, and 8 now but his prison time has been a barrier in their relationship with him. Nonetheless, they are a stronghold for him and keep him inspired.

“I know they count on me. And that motivates me,” Menes said.

Menes was recently laid off from his part-time job. However, he stayed resolute and just secured a new job with Chipotle.

Menes also contacted another nonprofit agency to consolidate loans which have defaulted. Once his financial picture is cleared up, he hopes to attend Century College, or a different college, and study marketing.

Menes volunteers with Amicus twice a week and he said he wants to give back by helping other prisoners and ex-offenders who are struggling.

“I know firsthand some of the…stepping stones that they can use to overcome the hurdles. I can be a great liaison for both sides,” he said.

While Menes has come to Amicus since 2003, he said that he has made a stronger connection recently by going out of his way to connect with staff who might help him. Staff member James Cannon, in particular, has not only helped him with his resume, but he has also extended himself to Menes with apartment leads and finding employment.

Menes also has strong interest in blogging for Amicus, and he hopes to inform people from a unique perspective. He wants people to realize that those who have faced imprisonment can do good.

“You can’t judge them forever,” Menes said. “It benefits…to be more open to people, understanding of people,” he said.
He explains that a person transitioning from prison needs to hear that it will be all right. Amicus staff and interns served that purpose for Menes.


Johnny Northside! said...


“Amicus has an open door and these are the guys that went through that door and this is what they accomplished,” he said. “We also have to know that, whenever you put your mind on something you can accomplish it.”

Johnny Northside! said...

There is no place on the original article for people to post commentary. I will now post my commentary and invite others (except trolls) to do the same.

1.) "Menes believes he is successful so far because..."

Wait. What kind of "success" are we talking about, here? Got a menial job? Hasn't been caught? Used his manipulative personality to get a nice profile piece written about him by the oh-so-naive Jessica Hunt?

2.) His mom was in prison, too? Oh, my word. Name, please. Birthday, please. I want to look into THAT.

3.) New job with Chipotle? Geez, I really like Chipotle but I might never look at their counter help the same way again.


Anonymous said...

There are some inaccuracies in your post John. The half way house is not located in NOMI and most half way type programs are not locked facilities. Escape might be the wrong word to use. When posting this guys background, you list a 48 month sentence. 4 years in prison time is 32 months. For a much as you rip on lawyer, thought you would know a few of those pesky legal things. I agree that the high risk offenders should not be concentrated and prison sentences should be longer. However, as a journalist blogger, you should stick to a few more facts.

Anonymous said...

1) Amicus called this vicious rapist an amazing success story AFTER he went back to jail for a parole violation. Huh?
2) Amicus takes credit for helping this vicious rapist find housing at a couple of points in the story. I wonder if it is Amicus policy to funnel predators into North Minneapolis housing.

Johnny Northside! said...

To Anonymous At 11:18

I don't see any inaccuracies in my post and you haven't made a case for any inaccuracies.

1.) Fox 9 reported the halfway house is in North Minneapolis. (Actually, they didn't capitalize the word "North," but my preference is to capitalize)

If you think the halfway house is somewhere else besides North Minneapolis, why don't you tell me the address? If you like, I will accept just a block number.

But I don't see Fox 9 saying otherwise, so I won't be saying otherwise.

2.) "Escape" is a fine word to use. The fact it's just way too easy doesn't mean it's not an escape. He was in custody. He got away from custody. Ergo, he escaped. You got a better word?

3.) Four years in prison time is 32 months, you say? Is that, what, time off for good behavior?

There's no error and you haven't made the case for one. Four years is still 48 months, and if somebody does less than 48 months when they're sentenced to 48 months, then they didn't do their whole sentence. Sure, maybe they got time off for good behavior. But it's still accurate to say they didn't do their whole sentence of 48 months.

How hard you have tried to stretch to say something is in error when nothing is. All the facts have been stuck to by this blogger. As an anonymous commenter, you are apparently held to no standard whatsoever, and it shows.

Johnny Northside! said...

To the commenter at 6:08 PM.

The idea of Amicus being just as responsible as DOC, and perhaps even more so for funneling L3S0s into North Minneapolis, in violation of the toothless state law.

It's a revelation, my friend. I'm so glad we had this little discussion.

On another topic...

Is Amicus USA involved with helping Peter "Spanky Pete" Rickmyer get supervised internet access?

Johnny Northside! said...

Oh, one more comment made to the Amicus USA article.

Menes says "You can't judge them forever."

To which I say: Right, I can only judge them for as long as I am alive.

Judging somebody FOREVER is in the hands of Almighty God.

Ask yourself, Menes Williams, how an omnipotent and just God would feel about tying a woman to a chair and raping her for four days.

boathead said...

These programs are the ultimate example of a society who puts the criminals above the victims. When we ,or should i say they, let these conning, jive-time rapists and chomoes run the show this shit will become more commonplace. I do not know who comes up with these Shitcago type mentality based ideas but you need to throw all of these ideas out the fucking window and carve a GODDAMN computer chip right into their yellow fucking balls. Enough of this fucking shit.. it is either you silly fucking mamsy-pamsy liberals or you racist,lying wingnuts from the extreme fucking right. You all can go to hell and will someone with some common fucking sense step forward. This country is screwed if these are the only type of people that we will let run this country. Amicus is a program that lets these raping fucks continue their behavior because you motherfuckers that run that piece of shit program are naive fools or you are aiding and abetting. Cancel all of them because they are designed by the con, for the con,... FUCKING CON!!! GET IT?!!? I doubt it. Good Day anyhow, idiots.

Folwell Fox said...

I'm with boathead on this one. It really seems like Representative Joe Mullery is the only person who really tries to change this through policy and does not give excuses for L3SOs and the reasons why North is a dumping ground.

Johnny Northside! said...

I didn't know Joe Mullery was working on this issue. Good to know.

On another note...

I really meant to use "King James style capitalization" and write "An Omnipotent And Just God."

Folwell Fox said...

Joe Mullery at least was working on it. I haven't called his office in a year or so. I actually did write what his office sent me on a comment here sometime ago. If I remember correctly he has tried to addressed this issue for quite a while in the House and has faced nothing but resistance from other Reps. I think he's hamstrung on it.

Johnny Northside! said...

We are all hamstrung on it. And we're not going to get anywhere without filing some kind of lawsuit against DOC and, well, I think Amicus USA should be a co-defendant.

This has been my position for a year. Slowly, ever so slowly, many will come around to this position.

Anonymous said...

i know this is weird but i googled searched my dads name and it came to this..... menes williams is my dad and its kind of gross to hear this.. ha... im his oldest

Johnny Northside! said...

You mean your dad shares his name with this guy? Not that your dad IS this guy, right?