Friday, November 11, 2011

Mug Shot For Murderer Denell Malone, Shooter In 2009 Burger King Baby Mama Drama...

DOC mug shot, therefore public domain, blog post by John Hoff

Denell Malone, who apparently shares a similar name with his criminally-inclined father, Dennel Malone, was the killer of Haywood Eaton in 2009's deadly "baby mama drama" at the Burger King on West Broadway. To be fair, neither Denell nor Haywood were saints, and on another day it could have just as easily been Denell dead on the ground instead of Haywood.

Recently, I was taking a spin through the Minnesota DOC website, looking to see if mug shots were turning up for characters associated with bygone North Minneapolis incidents. (Stuck in Afghanistan, away from neighborhood events, I gravitate to bloggy tasks that stick to purely internet-based fact digging)

Sure enough, there was "Baby" Denell Malone, smiling like he'd just won a scholarship.

(Sarcasm font)

His father must be so proud.

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Anonymous said...

As I read your blog I can't help but feel the racism. To me it seems as if you are only talking about the African-American community.To speak bad of the dead does it matter if they were perfect people or not. The fact of the matter is no one deserves to be murdered. I'm going to guess that you have seen many of your friends die over there, but I'm going to guess they were not flaw free. Just think about the families of the people you speak about.

Johnny Northside! said...

As I read your comment, I can't help but feel the ignorance.

I run an equal opportunity blog. When somebody in North Minneapolis gets murdered, I look into their record. When somebody commits a murder, I look into THEIR record. I look into a LOT of records. Frankly, sometimes I don't even *know* the race of the person involved because all I have is a name.

I print the entire jailhouse roster and I don't pick out the different colors like picking out different M&Ms. I just print the roster. You can go through this blog and find stories about bad actors who are white, like certain sex offenders. You can even find a white yuppie or two like Steven Meyer, who came up to the Northside (god knows why) and was gunned down in what sure-as-hell LOOKS like a drug deal gone bad.

I don't engage in bigotry, nor do I engage in affirmative action. I don't say, well, I ran a story about a black guy who committed a crime. I better run out and find a white guy who committed a crime to balance things out.

I just look into whatever crimes happen, if I can dig up a piece of info or an angle that nobody else has. If I can't add any useful info to the public discourse, then I let the story be reported by others...I'm not going to rehash news covered by others, there's no point to that.

I have never said anybody "deserves" to be murdered. I think it's more like, well, if you live a certain lifestyle it's not unlikely that you will find yourself murdered, so DO NOT live that kind of lifestyle, turn your life around. Is that just way too harsh for you to hear? That most of these murdered folks brought their own trouble upon them? And, in fact, it could have just as easily been THEM pulling the trigger another day, like the asshole pictured in this story?

As far as the families of the people I write about...

Should the Star Tribune stop writing? Should Fox news stop reporting?

There are some differences between what they write about and what I write about. Usually, they get the story first. I go after the small, neglected details that follow their big story, details which my audience clearly wants to know because it's OUR neighborhood, we need MORE of the details because it's not just, oh, another bad thing happened on the Northside.

It happened in OUR neighborhood.

But one big difference is I let people comment on the stories, within reason. (Trolls are not welcome) So I have to read the commentary of idiots like you accusing me of something I'm not guilty of.

Well, at least I have the privilege of saying...

You are an idiot.

And, obviously, I have no idea what color you are. You are just an anonymous idiot.

MzDay said...

I have no need to be to maintain anonymity so here you go I will display myself. Your right about “OUR” community but my question is what do you to better “OUR” community. I volunteer for BBBS to help enrich the children. I am bettering myself by education so that I can be a positive role model in the community and I have lived on the NORTHSIDE for half of my thirty years on earth.
I have seen you talk about very few white people on here and I get that the community you are focused on is majority African-American therefore most of the things that happen there is going to be done by African-Americans. I cannot help but wonder if you are one of “those people” that tells yourself you’re not a racist but in all actuality you are spewing prejudice. I can smell it leaking from your ignorant White privileged A**.
You may not be saying these people deserve to be murdered in a direct way, but you are directly making fun of the dead. I am just going to assume here that you have experienced a loved one or a close friend die, also would be assuming that people actual like you. How would you feel if I was writing a blog about how Uncle John past mistakes and had some asinine comments about him the day he died? Damn do you have any common decency???? I personal have no connection to the people that I have seen thus far on your site, but I do happen to know people that know a few.
Your right you have no clue to what color I am but you assumed something. I will let you know because I am very PROUD of the fact that I am an AMERICAN that is of both African-American and Caucasian decent.
I pose this question to you why are you not talking about what the hell is going on over where you are. I am going to guess there is much senseless murder and mayhem you and your buds are up to.
As far as the news goes they over play the negative also. There is plenty of positive going on in the Northside community and African-Americans are a part of that also but just like the news you prefer to up play the stereotypical acts that us "NEGROS" are on. To make yourselves feel superior.

Johnny Northside! said...



Funny you should go on your little rant right about the time I'm writing about 2654 Morgan Ave. N., where the scummy no-accounts arrested in the raid by police were described by one witness as "white trashy looking" people. I am and always will be an equal opportunity blogger.

After you made the remark that the community is majority black so often the crime I'm writing about will involve black people, and you "get" that, there wasn't much need to go on with your diatribe.

Indeed, the examples on my blog of white criminals, (Spanky Pete) asian criminals, and thousands of names on jailhouse roster of I-don't-know-or-care what color they are, these examples are legion.

Furthermore, I blog about the companies and corporations who are involved in slumlording and mortgage fraud. The very identity of "Johnny Northside" was born in a heated discussion about two white-as-milke mortgage and investment fraudsters, Jon Helgeson and Thomas Balko.

As for "directly" making fun of the dead, I think the lessons of their death need to be underlined in ways the mainstream media will never underline them.

So if that means pointing out that white-as-white-bread Steven Meyer was up here and seemed to be up to no good, if that means writing a little Abbott and Costello skit about "The Late Mr. Early," the point is to underline those fatal lessons (creatively, in a way that gets attention, gets read) and put out the word:

DO NOT come to the Northside and buy drugs and make trouble, you will end up dead. And then I will write about you.

I'm going to keep doing what I do. And that's pretty much the deal-ee-oh. I do what I do, I keep on doing it, soon I will reach 3,000 blog posts and it's fairly obvious that I take criticism in stride.

As for your remark that "over here" in Afghanistan we are involved in "senseless murder and mayhem."

Go to hell you traitorous whore. Your privilege of posting your comments here is revoked "for the duration" until and unless you come here with the same g**damn blogspot profile and issue a profuse and articulate and SINCERE apology, not just to me but to all the other service people serving over here.

Johnny Northside! said...

The poster indicated North Minneapolis is "majority black" and I accepted that statement at face value and agreed. But then I thought, wait, didn't I read something after the last census?

According to an article in North News, republished on Twin Cities Daily Planet, "In 2010, North was 43 percent Black, 30 percent White, 13 percent Asian, 8 percent Hispanic, 1 percent American Indian, with the remainder of other races or two or more races."

The numbers add up to 95 percent without the "remainder" who are two or more races.

However, even if the remaining 5 percent were all individuals of black-and-white biracial heritgage and for purposes of making a "majority black" argument were counted as black, that's only 5 percent added to 43 percent, therefore 48 percent.

Based on these numbers in this article, which appears to be the most definitive one I can find and rooted in reliable census data, it is not accurate to say North Minneapolis is "majority black." A majority is "more than half."

It would be more accurate to say North Minneapolis has more black people than any other race, and blacks are a plurality.

However, a statement in the article that Hispanics might be counted as any race (really? Including Asian?) throws the numbers into confusion.

In any case...

Best to deal with accurate data rather than assumptions.

Johnny Northside! said...

Comment RE-JECT-TED.

Mzday, this "muppet motion" that I am making with my hand here in my mud-and-straw fortress in Afghanistan is an imitation of your jaws flapping, but making no sound, because you don't get to comment here anymore.

I, however, get to comment. So let me reiterate.

Treasonous whore.

Anonymous said...

Jonny Northside you are a discrace of people period , all you do is make us black people look bad . how about you go look into WHITE people record and talk about how they murder each other and how they are addicted to drug and killing their own family and kidnapping other people childern, BUSTARD . My Cousin Might Of did the wrong thing but that doesnt make him a bad person dumb ass .

Anonymous said...

Johnny Northside is an ignorant white piece of shit. He looks to glorify off of blacks struggles for his non relevant website. Instead of encouraging change or trying to help the black community he looks to talk down on the black community. It cant make you feel good. Your still piece of shit that lives in the same place the rest of the people your degrading. So what that makes you. You haven't made a change towards the good. use your site to better the community dumb ass. God dont like ugly and you'll get what you deserve at the end. Stupid bitch