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Background Info On The Alleged Parents Of Julian Anderson, 15, Named By Source As "Funny Mo," Reported To Be Second Juvenile Shooter In Nizzel George Murder...

Facebook photo used under First Amendment Fair Comment and Criticism, Ihisha Anderson DOB "1 August," blog post by John Hoff

As explained in my previous post, click here, a highly placed and reliable source has been feeding me information about Julian Anderson, age 15, who reportedly lives in Section 8 funded housing at 2609 Colfax Ave. N. with his parents, who are originally from Chicago.

My source says Julian Anderson is "Funny Mo," the second alleged juvenile shooter in the murder of Nizzel George, age 5.

Now my source is has provided me the names of Anderson's parents...

It feels like stepping out over the water on faith to be blogging this stuff and rely on my source, but with my neighborhood being shot up by lawless baby killers, I'm willing to take the risk.

Enough is enough. Nobody else dies.

(That's a slogan, mind you, not a prediction by this blogger)

The parents of Julian Anderson are reported to be Ihisha Chantella Anderson and Earnest Lamar Frieson. (I am still trying to verify the spelling of the father and I do not trust this spelling)

So far, I have only been able to turn up info about Ihesha Anderson, DOB 8/1/76.

Here is her rap sheet from MNCIS.

M3 375220
- Dakota-West St. Paul
Moving - Misdemeanor
Closed-Physical File Destroyed

Guilty. Fined $200.

Hennepin Criminal/Traffic/Petty Downtown
Crim/Traf Mandatory
Under Court Jurisdiction

Guilty. Fined a "grand total" of $100. Still owes the $100 as of today.

Hennepin Criminal/Traffic/Petty Downtown
Crim/Traf Mandatory
Under Court Jurisdiction

Guilty. Got a year probation, which ended June 16, last month.

The "my life" website, which I do not consider very trustworthy, but take it for what it's worth, lists the following info.

Ihisha Chantella Anderson was born in 1975. Ihisha currently lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Before that, Ihisha lived in Chicago, IL from 2008 to 2008. Before that, Ihisha lived in Chicago, IL from 2008 to 2008. (Sic)

Ihisha Chantella Anderson is related to Zeniecia Anderson, Ihisha Chantella Anderson is also related to Deandre Anderson, who is 25 years old and lives in Minneapolis, MN. Ihisha Chantella Anderson is also related to Shameki Patterson, who is 32 years old and lives in Minneapolis, MN. Ihisha Chantella Anderson is also related to Howard Anderson, who is 77 years old and lives in Chicago, IL. Ihisha Chantella Anderson is also related to Margaret Anderson, who is 31 years old and lives in Minneapolis, MN.

Note this website lists a birth year of 1975 when MNCIS court records all consistently say 8/1/76.

The following two civil cases are listed on MNCIS under Ihisha Anderson, however there's no DOB, no middle name, and the Ihisha Anderson in question is listed in the MNCIS record as being a resident of Champlin, Minnesota.

- Hennepin Civil

- Hennepin Civil
Transcript Judgment

There is an Ihisha Anderson on Facebook who lists her birthday as "August 1" with no year given, lives in Minneapolis, and claims to be from Chicago. The profile gives relatively little info except that Anderson recently became a grandmother. When asked who had a baby and made her a grandmother, the answer was "BOOLAH." Only one photo, a profile picture, is accessible on Facebook and it is pictured above.

One of her "favorite causes" listed is "HELP ME TO PUT A STOP TO OUR YOUNG BLACK MEN FROM KILLING EACH OTHER." But she is not a frequent Facebook user and there's very little info there, certainly nothing about the Nizzel George shooting, no mention of a husband, no mention of a son named Julian, just very little useful info.

Somebody named "Ihisha Anderson" was pictured in a Star Tribune story, trying to get a job with Wells Fargo, click here for the article. This same article was republished in numerous media. Unknown if it's the same person.

Somebody named "Ihisha Anderson" is listed repeatedly as a student at American Indian Opportunities Industrialization Center, located at 1845 E. Franklin Ave., Minneapolis. Unknown if it's the same person.

According to my source, on the day of the Nizzel George shooting (June 26) there was an attempt by police to pick up Julian Anderson at his home address over an allegation of "second degree assault." That attempted pickup was at about 11 in the morning. This second degree assault (alleged) was apparently the incident of "upping the gun" at the convenience store. Unknown who called the police on this incident or whether my interpretation of why police attempted to pick up "Funny Mo" is correct.

And, maddeningly, it's still unknown why he's called "Funny Mo."

Julian Anderson was arrested on that date, unknown if it was at his home.

The house in question has been a low-level problem in the neighborhood for a while, but it's like so many other "low level" problem properties with dysfunctional families and steady but not overwhelming police activity associated with the address.

Neighbors are fed up, of course, but we've been talking for YEARS about being "fed up."


Johnny Northside! said...

Info that made its way to me behind the scenes.

"Second Name is probably FRIESON, ERNEST LARNARD D.O.B. 08/18/1978"

A lot of other info in my hands, but I can only get it up so fast. On the road all day tomorrow, I urge commenters to feed into into this blog, NoMi Passenger can approve it if I'm not able to get internet access while gassing up.

Anonymous said...

So what is the criteria for "low-level problems" to be categorized into "high level Problems"?

What corrective measures are taken by the City of Minneapolis to eliminate either of these concerns?

I know that politicians, cops and prosecuting attorneys read this blog, so speak up and tell us what is being done to protect our community from this diseased social malady?

Anonymous said...

Get a life and stop tryi to degrade others.Don't you think they are suffering enough? Their own choices and actions have them thinking enough. Is it the kids fault how they were raised? Help out by being amentor for society,not just tearing ppl apart.

Anonymous said...

You may want to check with the police as to whether putting information like this out there is a good idea. They are still trying to solve this case. Circulating this kind of information, whether it is true or not, can be very damaging to the State's case in many ways.

Johnny Northside! said...

To the commenter at 8:29.

What is being done? Um...

Yeah, I'll get back to you on that after I think about it today. I don't have an answer at the moment. I think everybody is just doing what they've been doing all along, except...

The media have dug into this case more forcefully than other cases. There's a new, um, door knocking effort to get out and talk to people. OH, and a RALLY, we can't forget about the RALLY.


Oh, another thing. More information is being fed to the blogger. Yup, from where I stand I can see that happening quite clearly.

But as for what's being done, I think it's the same thing that's always being done and are we getting anywhere? Not really. There's a much louder and more forceful discussion between the "law and order" people versus the "hugs for thugs" people on the North Talk Facebook forum.

Johnny Northside! said...

To the commenter at 9:11

What impact my info could have on a police investigation is one factor to consider, and I do consider it when it's a relevant consideration.

HOWEVER, this juvenile is already in custody and already charged. There's a debate about whether to try him as an adult, which would cause his name to be released by the authorities.

I think the impact of this blog post on the investigation would be somebody who knows "Funny Mo" (Julian Anderson) could learn he's the alleged second shooter (according to my source) and go to authorities with what they know after reading these blog posts. Otherwise they won't learn his identity unless authorities release it.

All in all, I think this blog post would have a helpful not harmful impact on the investigation.

Anonymous said...

Ok, do what you want. I am just advising you to check with the police before disseminating non-public information before this this goes to the grand jury.

You say:

"I think the impact of this blog post on the investigation would be somebody who knows "Funny Mo" (Julian Anderson) could learn he's the alleged second shooter (according to my source) and go to authorities with what they know after reading these blog posts. Otherwise they won't learn his identity unless authorities release it."

This is EXACTLY why you should not do this, it provides defense attorneys with cross examination dreams of witnesses who read this information on your blog (and hear rumors in the community) and THEN provide the info to the police. I have seen this happen first hand, I assure you.

Anonymous said...

If it were me, I would just let the Mpls Homicide Unit handle the dissemination of non-public information, they are very professional and do an excellent job. I know you are trying to help, but I am telling you, some of the material I have seen posted here has the potential to open the door to a goldmine for defense investigation and cross examination. I would also take down any posts and comments containing any such information about murder cases. Also, just a warning, I know you don't give up sources which is appropriate, but whoever this person is, depending on where they got this information, they could be in BIG trouble.

Anonymous said...

Anony. 8:29 AM. The single most effective remedy would be to decrease rental property. Why is it that St. Paul can decrease student housing rentals around St. Thomas, but we can't decrease the blight of rental property and Section 8 in North?

Johnny Northside! said...

Received the following info by email from a reader.

Johnny, I have been reading your blog for quite some time. Keep up the good work! Tonight I was doing some computer work and listening to the scanner on my computer...MPD was dispatched to 2609 Colfax I think about 9:15. As I recall (I was focused on something else) the call was for an emotionally disturbed person. Isn't that the house where "Little Mo" lives? The address sounds real familiar...

Anonymous said...

why would you put up their address? are you trying to get someone killed?

Johnny Northside said...

The individuals involved in these crimes already know these addresses. It's the public and readers who need the information.

Anonymous said...

The public also needs to know who the alleged absentee landlord profiteers are who allegedly rent to the criminals who make life hell for the responsible law abiding residents.

If there are such individuals, the criminals already know who they are.

the dead baby said...

You gay for even tryna solve a case on your own , you must have no life, let others handle this before the same can happen to you, you've been looked up and info is on you now. just watch out "johnny north side' ;)

Anonymous said...

dead baby is officially a punk and has a nasty looking mother who licks butt let us please know your identity or crawl back inside of her. i will find you

Anonymous said...

I agree with the dead baby!

Anonymous said...

Pled guilty

Johnny Northside! said...

Julian Anderson pleads guilty. And so closes THAT chapter.