Monday, July 9, 2012

Ernest Frieson, Reported Father Of Accused Shooter Julian "Funny Mo" Anderson, May Have Three Paternity Cases In Cook County, Illinois...

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So in regard to Ernest Frieson, who is reportedly the father of Julian "Funny Mo" Anderson by a woman named Ihisha Chantella Anderson...

Looking up child support cases on a courts website for Cook County, Illinois, where I figured I might GET LUCKY, I have turned up what appears to be at least three cases involving attempts to establish paternity and/or obtain child support. The reason there's some doubt in my mind about the number is one of the purported mothers, "Kimberly Jones," may or may not be the same woman named in a later case involving a "Kimberly Allen."

The Cook County website is far inferior to MNCIS in many ways, including the fact DOBs are not listed for parties in cases. This makes research more difficult. There is a remote possibility the Ernest Frieson named herein may not be the same guy EXCEPT in regard to the case involving Ihisha Anderson.

In that instance, we know it's the same guy.

Judge for yourself if he's the same guy. Here are the cases and what little info is available on each case.

2012D050032 ALLEN KIMBERLY vs. FRIESON ERNEST 01/09/2012

Is Kimberly Allen the same woman as Kimberly Jones, listed below? It seems likely, because both the Kimberly Jones cases were "dismissed for want of prosecution." I doubt this was lack of motivation by the authorities.

More likely Ernest Frieson just couldn't be located...kind of like finding "Blue Plate" brand mayonnaise anywhere north of the Mason Dixon line.

VERY HARD. I'm just saying.

2010D051591 HAYNES NIESHEAL vs. FRIESON ERNEST 07/22/2010

There was a petition to establish child support (7/22/10) and a motion for expedited child support which was "spindled." (7/29/10) Orders for witnesses to appear, procedural stuff, blah blah, and then a "finding of parentage" on 12/10/10. It must have been agonizing to wait from July to December just to get THAT far. It took until April of the next year (4/11/11) to have a judgement and an order for child support.

2001D091715 ANDERSON IHISHA vs. FRIESON ERNEST 11/19/2001

This is the mother of Julian Anderson, "Funny Mo." But it's not clear whether this case involves Funny Mo or whether Ernest Frieson may have more than one child by Ihisha. After all, there is documentation that mentions "children," plural, click here. 

This case shows a "petition for child support" and a summons. That's it. It doesn't say how the case was resolved.

2001D091485 JONES KIMBERLY vs. FRIESON ERNEST L 10/16/2001

1999D053033 JONES KIMBERLY vs. FRIESON ERNEST 08/19/1999

Both cases were dismissed for "lack of prosecution."

The quest to dig up background info on the individual my source has named as "Funny Mo" continues.

Meanwhile, no mainstream media has even NAMED Funny Mo, let alone followed up by digging into his background. Keep checking Johnny Northside Dot Com for further info.


king boogie said...

what the fucks does this mans cases have to do with what his son did?

Johnny Northside! said...

Because he sounds like the kind of guy who is dropping children all over the place and not taking care of those children to grow up right. This appears to be evidence of that.

By the way, were you being clever when you said "what the fucks" in regard to three paternity cases, or was that just an accident of expressiveness?

Anonymous said...

I was admiring the silent contraction and possessive use.

I suppose there is a term for when fucks is used instead of fuck. Maybe it has to do with the plural cases forcing the plurality of fuck.

Bonus correctness points for only using one ?

Johnny Northside! said...

Note the subtle anti-capitalist message in the use of no capital letters.

Also, I find myself wondering, Do we even NEED apostrophes anymore? Can't we understand meaning from context?

That is to say: Cant we understand meaning from context?

Let us rid ourselves of all punctuation but question and exclamation marks!!!!!