Wednesday, July 4, 2012

More Info On Spanky Pete's New Restrictions, Turns Out It Was In Response To An Attempt To Slap Paper On This Blogger!

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This blog recently reported on a new court order restricting "Rule 9 frivolous litigant" Peter Rickmyer from filing more crap in court, click here. Having lost his right to file new lawsuits without an attorney signing off on the suits, Peter Rickmyer (a Level Three sex offender) attempted to file something in an old and closed case.

I attempted to search the case number on MNCIS but for some unknown reason it wasn't showing up. Turns out it's a case involving this blogger...

On December 16, 2009, Rickmyer attempted to file a complaint this blogger was somehow "harassing" him by, one presumes, truthful and relevant coverage about his one-man lawsuit campaign against the world at large and his strange, creepy presence at various court hearings.

The case was given the number of 27-CV-09-30329 but was dismissed by Judge Patricia L. Belois without any input from me, the respondent. Indeed, I wasn't even aware of the case until a long time after it happened and was never served.

On 5/29/2012 Rickmyer attempted to file something in the case AGAIN. I was at Camp Shelby, Mississippi preparing to deploy to Afghanistan and, once again, didn't learn of it.

Rickmyer's most recent attempt to file something in the twice-dead case was what caused the recent enhanced and "clarified" restrictions. It was ALSO an attempt file something against this blog which sent him to prison for 90 days.

Pete's inability to learn based on repeated failure apparently stems from the fact the man simply has a screw loose. This blog reports on Creepy Pete when this blog has news about him. If Pete wasn't filing frivolous crap in court, there would be little or nothing to report, except perhaps the odd fact a Level Three sex offender keeps showing up to watch court proceedings instead of doing anything productive all day.

In fact, Peter Rickmyer was spotted by a mainstream media (MSM) reporter at the Amy Senser trial and was also present at the Minnesota Court of Appeals in St. Paul during the appeal of the Jerry Moore versus John Hoff Blogosphere Trial of the Century. I'm told he was at the city council proceedings in regard to slumlord Mahmood Khan and shook the hand of at least one person from the Jordan Neighborhood who didn't know who he was. (And this good citizen wanted to perform some obsessive hand washing when he or she found out the identity of Creepy Pete)

The people in the Department of Corrections who are in charge of parolees seem incapable of making Spanky Pete do anything productive all day long. They might be trying but I don't see any tangible results.

On the bright side...if you want to characterize this as "the bright side"...I doubt Spanky Pete can abide by the restrictions placed on him, and it's only a matter of time before an attempt to file something sends him back to prison on a parole violation.

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