Sunday, July 22, 2012

YouTube Video Appears To Show Julian "Funny Moe" Anderson In Action...

YouTube video embed, above, blog post by John Hoff

Julian Anderson, age 15, a/k/a "Funny Moe" has been revealed by this blog to be the second (accused) shooter in the murder of Nizzel George, age 5.

Now one of my alert behind-the-scenes researchers has turned up YouTube video which seems to be "Funny Moe" in action. In the video, which is only 26 seconds, Funny Moe fights somebody nicknamed "BD Hagi."

One of the participants in the fight is wearing Golden Gopher apparel, like that worn by BD DQ Ynt (Donquarius Copeland) the accused killer of Rayjon Gomez.

During the video, something can be heard yelled about "Facebook." The scuffle, which appears half real and half staged, takes place in what appears to be the middle of the street. I would assume Funny Moe is the guy in light colored clothing, since the other guy's name is "BD" something and the particular group using "BD" as a label wears Golden Gopher apparel. But I'm not sure enough to bet anything on it.

In case this video is taken off YouTube after it appears here on Johnny Northside, I have already made a copy.


Anonymous said...

You should forward this video to the Minneapolis Police Department so they can arrest whomever they can identify in not only this video but the other two videos on this person's YouTube channel. We do not need these types of things going on in our neighborhoods... and "friendly fighting" or not, these types of things leads to real violence including knives and guns, and drive by shootings which eventually leads to killings, so my main point is we need to get these thugs off the streets. They are up to no good, and shouldn't be free to enjoy their free time if this is what they do with it.

Ray said...

I just subscribed to that channel. Did you see the other fights in the two other videos? Definitely some gang initiation bull sh*t being refereed by the older jerks. You can learn a little from the comments too. Apparent the females are named Armesha & Nekayla..?
Judging by comments which appear to have knowledge of the performers and or #'ing "crip", interesting or connected channels would then include:

They don't have many videos, but you can read their comments in their feeds. Interestingly, after stating an intention to "have hella videos of my 4 year old son, Deshawn, on here", "Miss Roro" has deleted many videos probably out of fear or incrimination.

Anonymous said...

clothes are clothes , every teen wheres gophers stock and funny mo is the one in the gophers gear sir , stop making assumptions!

Anonymous said...

I for one think it is wonderful that these young men hold our higher education system in such a lofty regard as to cloak themselves in all this branded attire.

Knowing how business savvy the U of M is, Perhaps they could come out with a line of thigh hugging sweats and a matching backpack with a handgun holster sewn into the lining?

Anonymous said...

The youth of today is society’s downfall….they are all pimples on the ass of life!

Johnny Northside! said...

ALL of them?

I can't possibly include my own kid in that generalization.

chouette harfang said...

A pimple is merely the spawn of a clogged sebaceous gland.

To all the "Boomers" who insist on blanket-trashing Gen X and Gen Y: simply raise your hand over your backs and make several lowering motions, making sure to contact hand to shoulder. Atta boy/girl....nice pimple you've raised there.

Ad hominen attacks on literally millions of people born after you are lame at best. Having said that, I will still make the following points: Boomers have spent most of their lives exceptionalizing themselves--God HELP us when they start dying and then begins a twenty-year media fixation on the "End of the Boomers." They also turn into frothy, foaming beasts when you point out this hypocrisy in their blame games. It's ridiculous to piss all over these kids when they are the PRODUCTS of SHITTY PARENTS.

I hope you enjoyed that bodily fluid-soaked rant, Anon 2:14.