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Background On Jamica "The Driver" Holden, "Den Mother" Of Alleged Baby Killer Stephon Shannon, Age 17, And Ideas About How To Stop The Bullets...

Photo from Facebook profile of Nitelen Jackson, photo is entitled "RIP Skitz," used under First Amendment Fair Comment and Criticism

(This post has been corrected. Jamica Holden is not the mother of Stephon Shannon. Rather, he was a young man allowed to hang around her house, therefore she was like his "den mother." The criminal complaint quotes Shannon calling the woman his "mother" but digging by mainstream media has revealed this statement to be a lie)  

(Additional correction, August 9, 2014. The sentence above said "allowed to hang around "his" house." It should say "her house. Correction is being made today and noted)  

Dysfunction Piled On Dysfunction

Nizzel George was probably too young and innocent to be aware of it, but his world was a human Dagwood sandwich of multi-layered dysfunction. His grandmother and father both had run-ins with the law, as documented by mainstream media, click here. Some of his other relatives have criminal records, too, but mainstream media probably won't bother writing about that and I haven't gotten to it quite yet.

Quite YET.

And then, on the other side, there is accused shooter Stephon Shannon. Again, there is ugly history and dysfunction. Stephon was part of a group of kids that "hung out" at the home of Jamica Holden, who was a witness in a trial over a notorious murder incident that happened in Robbinsdale. Click here for the article, which I first became aware of from an anonymous commenter to this blog, and thank you for that.

Think of it like the cub scouts, only it's the hood scouts. Jamica was like the "den mother."

Holden Testified She Received Items From The Murder

Describing Holden's role in the murder trial, the article says in relevant part:

Holden testified she drove Watkins and Hemphill. She also said Watkins wore a T-shirt that night with skulls on it and gave her a wallet that had belonged to Jamis Marks as well as a ring and a coat. Heather Marks testified that her wedding ring and coat were stolen that night.

The rifle, car, ring and jacket were not in evidence at the trial. Only the wallet was recovered.

The article also explains Holden's relationship to another witness in the trial.

The prosecution's case relied heavily on three witnesses: Watkins' former girlfriend Jamica Holden, her brother Tavon Timberlake and jail inmate Milan Busby.

Holden's rap sheet, which follows, shows NOTHING but charges related to driving, and one of those charges shows up as "Jamica Cillene Timberlake," her former name.

Hennepin Criminal/Traffic/Petty Downtown
Crim/Traf Mandatory
Under Court Jurisdiction
Traffic-Drivers License-Driving After Suspension
Traffic Regulation - Vehicle Registration - License Plate Violation

(Found guilty only of driving after suspension. Got ten days, but all stayed, and a year probation)

Crim/Traf Non-Mand

(Pled guilty. Paid $200)

Ramsey Criminal/Traffic/Petty Downtown
Crim/Traf Mandatory
Under Court Jurisdiction
Traffic Regulation-Uninsured Vehicle-Driver Violation
Traffic Accidents - Collision with Unattended Vehicle - Notify Victim or Police
Traffic-Drivers License-Driving After Suspension

(Found guilty only of driving after suspension. Got 30 days, all stayed, supervised probation for a year, various fees, most of which were stayed, but despite most of the fees being stayed she still owes $156 on this old charge)

Hennepin Criminal/Traffic/Petty Downtown
Piper, David L.
Crim/Traf Non-Mand
Under Court Jurisdiction
Fail to provide proof of insurance whether or not the owner
Driving after suspension

(Only convicted of the failure to provide insurance. Sentenced to 90 days, only had to serve 10 days, which was done under "sentence to serve." Got a year probation which she is on right now, and will be on until 6/18/2013)

Holden, Mother Of Another Murdered Minor

Jamica is the mother of Juwan "Skitz" Osborne, who was 16 when he was shot and killed last September. According to a Star Tribune article, Osborne's friends started calling themselves the "Skitz Squad" and spending a lot of time at Jamica Holden's house at 4501 Camden Ave. N. The photo above was found on the profile of Nitelen Jackson, the subject of recent blog coverage, and was titled "RIP Skitz." Nitelen's relation to Osborne is unknown, and may be minor, but the photo is informative and so I am using it to illustrate this blog post in the same "sideways" position it appears on Nitelen's Facebook photo album.

The house at 4501 Camden Ave. N. is a rental owned by Cel Monton, LLC. The address was recently mentioned on Johnny Northside Dot Com as the "listed" address of Jaszarell Ladawn Talford, who was picked up on "probable cause" for a weapons charge.

Glory Properties LLC, WTF?

Morally, there is no difference between the bullets fired into the house where Nizzel George was killed versus the bullets fired into Jamica Holden's houses. There are other ways the homes are similar, as well. Both are rentals owned by god-knows-who, (not the "usual suspect" slumlords like Keith Reitman) and neither owner appears to live in North Minneapolis.

Nizzel's grandmother's house is at 4515 Bryant Ave. N. and is a rental owned by Glory Properties LLC. The meaning of this name is unclear though four out of five readers are inclined to agree it's a stupid name. The address for this "glorious" Limited Liability Corporation is PO Box 5032 Hopkins, Minnesota. According to the Minnesota Secretary of State's website, the glorious manager is Daniel Yesnes, and the glorious registered office address is 14114 Canary Lane, Minnetonka.

Murder, Murder, Attempted Murder, And Also Murder

What bitter roles Jamica Holden is playing. Witness at a murder trial. Mother to a murdered young man. Friend and informal "den mother" to another young man accused of murder. And keep in mind that before Juwan "Skitz" Osborne was killed, he was already limping around from a bullet wound (that's attempted murder!) and staying at his mother's house, the same 4501 Camden Ave. N. that was hit by bullets and sparked the retribution against the house where Nizzel was killed.

In the article about the murder of Juwan "Skitz" Osborne, his mother Jamica Holden was quoted as saying, "I have nothing." Well, it turns out she had something. All those friends hanging around, invoking her son's name. Did Jamica DISCOURAGE this? Apparently not.

Yesterday's wailing mother of a victim is today's "den mother" of an accused murderer, but while readers are capable of making the connection in "comments" to articles, and "comments" to a blog, the mainstream media still hasn't made the connection in published follow up articles to this crime. Indeed, there is a tremendous failure on the part of the mainstream media to follow up, to dig, to investigate, to make connections, to tell North Minneapolis citizens who exactly is shooting at who in what appears to be a shooting war between at least two and possibly more than two North Minneapolis gangs, loosely formed and constantly morphing though they may be.

The Public Deserves To Know As Much As "Funny Mo"

SOMEBODY is shooting in North Minneapolis and SOMEBODY is shooting back. According to a criminal complaint filed in Nizzel's murder, even an unnamed juvenile named "Funny Mo" knows who is on the "other side," which is why he raised his gun up at a convenience store, which was the little "tipping point" setting up this domino effect of bloody retaliation which, I suspect, is still not at an end.

How is it "Funny Mo" understands who is on what side? How is it shots are fired in this war but no mainstream media appear to know, care, or write about this war until a child is killed?

Indeed, there is little effort by the mainstream media to dig deep, to put pieces together, to analyze who the sides are and what are they fighting to gain or to keep. If there are other "multigenerational" families of deadly criminal dysfunction, like the Gomez family, click here, it's left for a blogger to dig into that story and try to connect the pieces and, of course, take the heat.

Whatever We're Doing, It's Not Working.

This blog makes a public prediction that in the next year, another small child will die from gunfire in North Minneapolis. It's not hard to predict a march will follow, (perhaps it will be a march in March!) speeches will be made, soul searching will take place. But nothing changes. (I may need to get one of those "counter" widgets, like on the North by Northside blog to track the termination of employees in Councilmember Hofstede's office)

If there are to be solutions to prevent this horrible-but-sincere prediction from coming true, these solutions must be forceful. Sloganeering and marching may prevent a retaliatory shooting from taking place a week later, but have little long term impact on what appear to be cycles of shooting, psychological seething, and ultimately taking steps toward retaliation with bullets, setting up a new cycle.

This blog suggests more cameras. I also suggest the mainstream media stop "playing nice" and begin using tactics from the Johnny Northside playbook.

Beyond that, I have one more suggestion: every North Minneapolis home owner, get yourself some video cameras with a lot of data recording capacity and turn those cameras toward the street in front of your home and behind it. This blogger recently completed that step and I will blog about it.

Save The Children...From Jamica Holden

But what can you do about a mother like Jamica Holden, who can't keep one of her kids from being murdered and some kid who hangs at her house all the time from being arrested for murder? (It is unknown if the 15-year-old alleged accomplice is related to Jamica Holden or not since no name has been released)

Jamica Holden probably shouldn't have her own offspring in her care, nor any other children. It's sad, and she's probably had a hard life, but at some point society must cut its losses and look out for the next generation.

Yet there are at least dozens and probably hundreds of Jamica Holdens in North Minneapolis. We must be supportive of the efforts of Social Services to remove children from such toxic and dysfunctional homes to be placed in foster care. Decent neighbors need to make reports to Child Protective Services when they see problems. Calling the police on curfew violators (Click here for info) should be seen as an act of protection and tough love, not being a big meanie.

And let me make it clear I'm not only coming down on Jamica Holden. Nizzel's family appears dysfunctional as well. Other small children were on "Grandma's big green couch" with Nizzel when the bullet killed him. Every one of those children present during the murder is probably better off in foster care.

Get To The Bottom Of Why Bullets Are Flying

This is a seven-layer-chip-dip bowl of human dysfunction, no matter which bullet riddled house you care to focus upon. There's no neat and easy method for bloggers and the mainstream media to scoop our way to the bottom.

But one thing that needs to be said: the bullets which kill people are only slightly more revealing of motivation than the bullets which wound people, and bullets that don't hit or kill ANYBODY were fired with the same motives. But the media's bloodlust focus on "if it bleeds, it leads" stories do not provide helpful information about what's actually happening, who is shooting at who, and why. We need stories about shots fired. We need the names of victims who were only wounded.

We need this stuff to figure out who the heck the sides are and what they're fighting over. Oh, and WEAPONS ARRESTS. We need to know the names of everybody getting arrested for carrying weapons in North Minneapolis.

Before another small child dies in the next year.

I don't even WANT to say "I told you so." I want to be able to say, "I was wrong, and no small child died in the past year." But the clock is officially ticking, and (sadly) I don't think I will be wrong.


Tealady said...

Did not read the whole article. Sorry. Just wanted to get this other info to you. It just amazes me how the lies flow:
from pi-press article

She is not his mother and apparently is no relation. Birth records identify his mother as LaVina Nicole Shannon, 34, of Minneapolis. (AKA crack ho)

This is going to be a messy one, layers and layers of crime and filth.

Trying to find out who "Funny Mo' is.

Johnny Northside! said...

I am all over that name, thanks for the link.

By the way, BEHOLD THE SOURCE OF MY (EXPLETIVE) CONFUSION. Below, a quote from the article you linked.
The criminal complaint against Shannon says that when police questioned him about the home, he listed it as his residence (and told the judge Tuesday that's where he lived) and referred to the woman who lived there as his mother.

Anonymous said...

You should look into George Watkins and Keith Hemphill and see what type of people Jamica Holden is bringing around her kids (and maybe that will give us some insight into the life of kids like Stephon Shannon and why they end up they way they do) On another note, the jury did not believe a word this woman said and acquitted George Watkins, and the charges against Hemphill were dismissed because she was not credible.

Anonymous said...

Also, I wonder how many "calls for service" there were to this address? You can get that from the MPD records unit, its public data.

Anonymous said...

My name LIF: First, I would like to say that I am addicted to this Blog. I read a lot of comments where everyone is attacking Johnny Northside for this Blog! Well stop giving him stuff to Blog about!! Point Blank!! We should be mad at ourselves for our Actions!!! Let's make a liar out of him! No we for some reason we think all of this madness and cool! Not! I also would like to say I am a black mother who was born and raised in North Minneapolis. With that being said, I have read Blog after Blog, comment after comment, about all of the Gang ties,murder, shootings etc.. I am most pleased with this article on Jamica Holden (whom I knew from growing up as Jamica Timberlake)
I like the fact that we are now focusing on the true and relevant issues of the problem in North Minneapolis. THE PARENTS!!!!! This is a cycle!! This will continue to happen until we get to the root cause of the issue!! Would you like to know what the root issue is?? The issue is the Mental Stability of our black race! We have mothers who have grown up all their lives, never taking the time to work on their Mental Issues. All of the killings and Shooting is a small result of that. Let's not forget the rapes and all of the other Crimes as well. As Johnny Northside has stated, we can have March after March, We can yell and scream, we can do all of that, but until we start focusing on the issues at hand, all of that is just a show!!!! As a black race we have been taught to "Keep the White Folks out of our Business", "What goes on in my house stays in my House", "If you tell anything, the white folks will come and take you out of the home" etc! So with those sayings embedded in us, we tend to keep all the things that mentally keep us down and things that should have been addressed and told to someone, quiet! We harbor all the sexual abuse, all the abuse, all the abandonment, and we carry all of that throughout our lives, and then Society gets the blunt of all of it! It may seem like, okay you have went through all of those things, but that doesnt mean that you should go out and shoot someone? I totally agree! But, we have to think about it! When a mother has been sexually abused by her father as a child and teenager, and her mother knew about it, and then she has to go on with life and carry that burden of not telling anyone, as if nothing ever happened.She lives life thinking it is her fault. So know she starts to indulge in Drugs, she starts to have kids that she is not able to take care of. So now we have her kids growing up with any and everyone sexually abusing them, now we have young men who have been abused and misused, now trying to prove their "Manhood" by carrying a Gun, and joining a Gang!(will continue Post)

Anonymous said...

My name is LIF: (blog continued)The cycle will continue to go on and on and on, because that is all they know! It's sad! If they only had 1 positive person in their life! Their lives would be different!I believe it should be MANDATORY for people to get their Mental Issues taken care of! Right now it is just an Option! And, until we get these MOTHERS to take care of their Mental Health, they will continue to breed children with Mental Issues as well! I attended school with Jamica Holden (Jamica Timberlake). She actually is a sweet person, if we could get past her Mental Issues. I remember as a kid she was almost bald and the kids would tease and laugh at her. She tried to make herself look girly by wearing headbands, but kids could still be so cruel! Her bald head came from some type of nerve disorder where should we sit and pull her hair out strand by strand! NOT CUT, she would pull her hair out at the roots strand by strand! That was relief to her! So with that came Low Self Esteem, Depression and so forth! So know when any Man comes along, no matter how GRIMEY, TRIFLIN and downright BUMMY, if they were a criminal (Don't talk about my slang), would come along, we would think they were our Knight in Shining Armor! (We just wanted to feel Love)(Then we have kids with these BUMS)(Notice I said we, because I have struggled with Low Self Esteem, Depression, Unworthiness)(Thank God I am Healed) Many are not that fortunate! Think about it! Any person who could sit and pull their hair out at the root, with their hand is Mentally Ill!! Any person who could shoot in to a house, Is Mentally Ill!!! I have come to have somewhat of a prejudice against my own race! I feel really bad for feeling that way though! I think if as parents we take more responsibility, pay more attention to our children. We can stop and head off a lot of issues that would arise in the future. I love my parents dearly! I wouldn't ask for better parents. But, if they would have paid attention to the change in me all of the anger, the Low Self Esteem, the promiscuity, the Depression, having 6 kids by the age of 24( NO, my children are not running around here killing anyone). My oldest is a Cheerleader, Runs Track, and has a job. My oldest son is a Football Player, Basketball Player, and has a job. My middle son (whom we call Brainy), is a Straight A student, attends honor classes, and has a 4.0 GPA. Just maybe they would have realized that I had been raped by a friend of my Aunts at 8 years old, by my brother (numerous times). By the way my Aunt told me I was being "FAST" at 8 years old. (Fast meaning, I basically wanted this 40 year old to rape me, and I went looking for it)So at that point I thought being raped was my fault and that I couldn't tell anyone, I thought I would be in trouble with my mom and dad. I thought I would be taken from my mom and dad by the "WHITE FOLKS"! My Aunt was upset with me, so I felt why wouldn't my mom and dad be mad at. So I carried that burden from 8 years old until I was 30 years old. That is when I was able to tell someone I was raped! Does anyone understand the Mental Torture that a person could live with? It was pure hell in my mind!!

Anonymous said...

My name is LIF: (continued) I know I have said a lot and probably jumped around a lot, but I wanted to get my point across. I am at work so I am typing quickly. Now with all of that said, we have to reach these Mothers. We have to get them STABLE mentally, so that that can pass down mental stability to their children. We have to heal the black community, before anything changes. We can have as many Marches as we want! It's not going to work. We can have stiffer Laws all we want. All that is doing id putting away those ones! What about the ones that are coming up after them? What about the ones that the Crack Addict mother continues to have? Do we have to have more dead bodies before someone understands that? Somehow, some way, having your Mental Health taken care of should be Mandatory, not optional!! Our lives are depending on it!

Anonymous said...

That's typical for JNS. He trashes other media for not getting it right, but he's just tabloid trash.

FlowerPower said...

Johnny, I applaud your raising these vexing questions, but surely you are aware that the issues you raise are not considered newsworthy by the mainstream media; hence their reluctance to track-down and report the facts accurately. For most of their readers it is simply about guns in the hands of criminal teens. While everyone deplores the inevitable carnage, especially when the victims are small children caught in the crossfire, few have an intense interest in the convoluted back-story of inter-generational social dysfunction and untreated mental illness as a root cause. It is just too complicated a social issue for most good people to wrap their minds around. Effective intervention to break the cycle of violence would require massive social dislocation and institutionalization, which would outrage civil libertarians and liberals alike, and bring new accusations of "racial profiling". And, it would be horribly expensive in the new age of austerity, self-reliance, and "social realism".

I venture that most readers are of the opinion that these people made their own beds, as the saying goes, and it is simply best to let the police and courts try to tidy-up the "who-done-it" aspects in the aftermath of mayhem when it erupts, which it inevitably does. And, maybe prayer will help to protect the innocents. Until these criminals start preying upon the good citizens of Wayzata instead of one another in NoMi over trifles, apathy along with a small, fleeting dose of sympathy for the unlucky bystanders who catch a fatal bullet will rule.

Johnny Northside! said...


I want to make it clear that I am an equal opportunity blogger. I simply call 'em as I see 'em without regard to race. Few seem to notice or credit me when I blog about evildoers who are WHITE PEOPLE, like certain sex offenders, Keith Reitman (a slumlord) and various mortgage fraudsters.

I print the jail roster without regard to race, the whole damn roster.

But, you know, you're making your points and I have no problem publishing your points.

Johnny Northside! said...

To the commenter who called me tabloid trash...

Inquiring minds want to know, in Nomi.

Also, if errors come to my attention, I put everything else on hold to investigate whether there has in fact been an error, and, if necessary, to correct.

I think even the police sitting in that room assumed the young man was telling the truth when he called Jamica Holden his "mother" and this assumption made it into the criminal complaint. I've given the matter some thought and...

Well, the young man is ashamed. He's ashamed of his biological mother and doesn't want to be associated with her, so he claims Jamica Holden as his mother. What kind of mother would make you want to say JAMICA HOLDEN is your mother, well...

As they say on Facebook, all the time:


Tealady said...

In reply to:

That's typical for JNS. He trashes other media for not getting it right, but he's just tabloid trash.

If you are referring to my statement of

"It just amazes me how the lies flow"
was not a statement directed to JNS about his writings, it was about the lies all of the these players tell. They lie about everything to everybody including themselves.
Once I posted the link to the article that was published after his post went up, he made quick and a rather clever and probably very accurate change in calling her "DEN MOTHER" instead of mother.

Anonymous said...

LIF I get what you are saying, I am a woman of color who has struggled with some of the same issues, but what I will never understand is why bring children into the mix when we can't take care of ourselves? This is what is giving these people all the ammunition and the nastiness to blog about...people's choices to bring children into the chaos. The children who turn into the criminals these people are blogging about and trashing on this site. This is what I will never understand.

Tealady said...


While reading your post, I could not help to think of how very, very brave you are. It must have taken a lot to post all of your private deep hurt like this. I am glad you did. Many woman, black and white need to over come struggles from abuse and being raised in a dysfunctional homes. To want better for the children we create than what was thrust upon us. Keep on.

Tealady said...

to Anonymous who replied to LIF

"This is what is giving these people all the ammunition and the nastiness to blog about...people's choices to bring children into the chaos."

You do realize that not talking or not being aloud to talk about issues is the major component that fuels all dysfunctional behaviors...right!

chouette harfang said...


Thank you for your bravery in telling your story. It brought tears to my eyes. You are an amazingly strong person and I bet your children are ever grateful for it.

I hope your post will be the catalyst for opening dialogue and people coming round to help their neighbors in NoMi (some already do).

Take Care,

family said...

jus wondering why LIF felt she needed to air things about Jamica's childhood but yet your annomous. hoes are just sad now a days and you call yourself her friend??? lmao

Anonymous said...

this is LIF @family said.... Was I trying to "air" Jamica's business? No, not at all!! But, this is exactly what I am talking about. Everything has to be a secret in the Black Community! That is why we have all of the Killings, Rapes etc. Nobody wants to talk about the real issues. I aired more of my business than Jamica's. Why do that? BECAUSE WE NEED TO BREAK THE CYCLE! IF SOMEONE IS HURTING YOU, IT'S NOT A SECRET! I was pointing out the fact that let's not beat Jamica up, she is a victim as well! Yes, she should pay for her role in any of theses deaths, I just wanted to point out that we need to dig deeper anf find the root cause to all of this Insanity! Bottom Line, it's Mental Illness. Yes, I choose to post as Anonymous. With that said there is a reason for that. I am in the process of Writing a book about my life, I would like to start producing plays for the kids in North Minneapolis. I would like for them to have a way to be heard! Whether that be through Poetry, Song, Dance or whatever. I just don't feel anyone should have to live with the Torment! It needs to come out, and it is hard to just speak that to someone. So lets' find another way!I will reveal myself at that time. I don't want to make this Blog focus on me. It's not about me! I simply told (a very small part) of my story so that the readers can get an ideal of what I meant and what my position was. So if you felt any disrespect family said. Sorry for that! By the way I never said I was her friend. I attended school with her for a few years and got to know her that way. Not that I am better then anyone, but I choose not to associate myself with people who are going through things like this. I don't want to be a statistic trying to be friends with someone who lives this type of lifestyle. I will help where I can, but not a friend! Again, Jamica is Mentally Ill! She needs help, and as long as we continue to keep our silence about that, we will continue to eulogize our babies, and attend Court Proceedings for the rest! Let's Keep it real Family said! It sounds like you might need to speak and get some things out in the open. I have a Group for Women, who would like to Conquer their mental issues!!! We don't have to accept what is dealt to us, and we don't need to bring our kids up in this type of environment. As beautiful Black Women, Let's get it together! Let's remember I use to be a Jamica. No, I didn't have anyone of my children die or I didn't go around robbing and stealing. But, I have 3 "babie daddy's", 1 use to beat me everyday for 8 years, 1 was a Crack Addict who is in jail for 24years(who also beat me), and the other is a Stone Cold Alcoholic, Oh did I mention that I had a man kidnap me and my kids for 3 days?) Come on I'm not talking about something I know nothing about! I'm 34 years old and that is not even 1/2 of my story! I USE TO BE A JAMICA! WHY BECAUSE I DIDN'T CARE ENOUGH ABOUT MYSELF, I DIDN'T THINK I DESERVED ANY BETTER! Always remember: STABILITY BRINGS ABILITY!! We could do and ACCOMPLISH anything if we were Mentally Stable!

Anonymous said...

this is LIF.....@JNS, I understand that you don't want to say this is a Black or White Issue! Well I will say it! This is a Black/African American Issue! However you would like to call it, just call it what it is! People don't want to be defined as a Racist, well I don't feel I am a racist, I feel I am a Realist! I tell the truth. Every Race has some issues that are more prevelant within that Race! Well this one is our's. You don't really see any other races running around shooting in to houses because a person was born on the "LOW END" rather than the "HIGH END"! Come on now! Only we could thing of such a trivial reason to shoot in to a house! When we as a race can stop blaming "THE WHITE MAN" for our issues, then and only then will we began to be able to heal from all of the hurt that was caused by our own people. It really boils my skin to hear "US" not accept responsibility for our short comings and faults. Example.. My kids use to be so uptight and nervous. If the wind blew they would be scared. Why? Because of the environment that I, ME, ME, ME put them in!! They are children! I am supposed to protect them, yet I put them in harms way! I put them in a predicament to be kidnapped, and for them to have to see their mom with swollen eyes and busted lips! That was ME!! That was my fault!!! I had to come to understand that I did that to them, I had to take responsibilty for that, regardless to how low I felt, how depressed I was, how bad I wanted someone to love me! I had to take responsibilty for all of my actions. Once, I started having kids it was my responsibilty to make sure they grew up different from then how I grew up. I had to seek out the help I needed, so that my children could mature in to productive citizens, so that they could live a life of peace and joy! I am so angry at all of these kids out here doing this killings, but most of all I hurt for them! No one took the time to get them and their parents the help they needed!!! I guarantee every kid that is in jail for murder, has a parent with a criminal History! Well I am determined to break that Cycle with my children! It's sad but not one of my children see their father's, they call my husband their father. If they have nothing positive to offer my children, They don't need You!

Anonymous said...

Tea Lady, you say to the Anon Commentator:

"You do realize that not talking or not being aloud to talk about issues is the major component that fuels all dysfunctional behaviors...right!"

But you are obviously not familiar enough with this blog to see what goes on here with some of these cmmentators. The mocking of the presumably young black commentator's language (laughing at them for "not speaking English"), the harassment of murder victims' families, the absolute disassociation with and cruelty by some North Minneapolis residents, who post on this blog with their neighbors who have, lived lives like LIF. If you read prior postings, you will see some commentators going to far as to advocate against certain people "breeding" (called Eugenics which is illegal in America).

While I agree that JNS is equal oppprtunity, his is not a blog where a majority of the people "talk about this issues" leading to poverty and crime in our community. This is a blog where some commentators mock and degrade mostly black people. SO don't think this is a thoughtful place for such a conversation.

LIF, I don't think that all of this excuses peoples extreme conduct, thanks so much for your thoughts and words and attempt to humanize out neighbors who have lived different lives.

Anonymous said...

So many psychology majors commenting here. So many sit in judgement but only know half of a story.. You all assume that Jamica was a "DEN MOTHER" as you say, but how do you know that she wasn't just a mother to children who didnt have a mother at home or Lif a mother like you who let men abuse them all thier life,while the children sat and watched,and that is why she let the kids stay with her. How do you that she wasnt the one that was trying to keep them that they wouldnt share the same fate as her son..because she has a record??? Get the hell outta here with that.. that is all nonsense.. because he told the officers that he lived there means she's grooming him to be a murderer??? He stated that he lived there because he was living there, this is a true statement, he did not live with his biological mother.I dont know Jamica personally but I do know these boys. With some of these kids you dont meet them until they are in their teens, by then the damage is done.. yeah you can talk to them and help them and try to show them the right way to go but at the end of the day.. they go home alone.. they walk the streets of the northside alone ...& trust when I say the mpd are not here to serve & protect any young black teenagers.. like it or not its the truth I have seen with my own eyes and heard with my own ears some of the statements made by some of these officers.. they should be brought up on charges but thanks to our justice system the officers are never in the wrong even when they have video showing the truth,, smdh.. then when they are gunned down what will your story be?? All of the work they did on bettering thier life will be left out..SMDH at some of the grown ups that say a change is needed but degrade and criticize the people they need to help change.. would you seek help from a teacher that put you down at school all the time??? I dont think so...same game different field. Alot of these kids went to elementary school with each other and have been friends ever since..some havent seen each other since elementary school but have kept in touch in other ways... I am a mother with my own kids/teenagers but I am also called mother by countless teenagers who respect me and look up to the positive things I do in my life, & yes I allow friends to spend the night, friends with no place to go shelter until they can get back on their feet, or have been put out by mothers with better things to do than be a mother( when I say friends I mean friends of my children) Does that make me a "DEN MOTHER" as well?? Did Jamica losing her son make her turn into this evil person who shouldnt be raising children, I dont think so did it make her bitter?? who knows not me & sure as hell not you assuming negative ppl. Unless you have felt that loss you can never know how she feels..not that u even care, You throw around the word "mentally ill" like every mother that has a teenager who isnt living a model life by your standards is mentally ill, thats like the doctors saying every child with xtra-energy has ADD..sickening! I have personally known teenagers with mothers who are not addicts, strippers, thieves, drug dealers..etc.. and they still have the same problem with their children..

Anonymous said...

As a mother and an ex NoMi resident I say this.....ignorance breeds ignorance!!! I am a mother of four beautiful bi racial girls and I left Minnesota entirely and came back to where I grew up to raise my children! Why? Because when I lived there my house was shot at numerous times....I had to give medical treatment to several gun shot victims while waiting for an home was raided based on past tenents....and when I moved my house became the object of some crack heads idea of easy money where while attempting to break in he shot at my mother and did fatally shoot my dog! I dealt with slum lords and rival gangs shooting in the neighborhood where I was raising a family. While I dealt with and understand many peoples frustration towards the mpd they have a point....why bother believing anything they are told when they ask if you recognized a shooter and you say no but two hours later down the street someone else is getting shot! Be real....I have seen it with my own eyes!! Hood justice solves nothing but perpetuates the cycle. I am determined to raise happy, healthy, well adjusted and productive members of society and if I do say so myself I am doing a damn good job! My eldest has graduated and going to college, my second eldest is an intelligent child with a higher IQ than most who is involved in sports and is the community service officer for FCCLA. That child has also chosen to spend her summer working 40 hours a week for the fed government! My youngest two are still to young to do much besides sports but that they do! The things a person goes through in life may to some extent define who they become as adults but it is no excuse to become a career criminal! It is no excuse to sit around crying about what you're going through if you are not actively trying to change your life! I am so sick of people saying this happened and that happened and that is why I am who I am! I am so glad all my hard earned tax dollars can support you while you sit on welfare and whine about what you don't have! I have been raped and beat, I have been cheated on and lied to, I have suffered through countless deaths, I have had my house burn down and lost everything! Ya know what? I don't cry about it I don't whine to whoever will listen I hold my head high and demand that my children live life by the highest standards possible! Get a grip on life because no one but you can change your life!!

Tealady said...

In reply to Anon on July 6, 2012 @ 11:59 am

I am aware of what is posted here. I have been reading this blog for a few years and have only recently started posting. The murder of Nizzel is what prompted me to post here.

While I do not have a crime blog of my own (I have wanted to start one over on this side of the river, I simply do not have the time to do this). I have been active on public forum sites for over 10 years and have been doing essentially the same thing Johnny has been doing, in other words, digging up the background of the actors involved and posting them on a public forum. So I am very well aware of the content of what and how far some commenters will go with their opinions. My comments can get brutally honest also.

Nizzels' murder did not happen in that one split second when the bullet went into his little body. It was generations in the making.

You wrote that you feel this blog harasses the families of murder victims. By looking into the background of the families we begin to see a pattern of lifestyles that lead to events of this nature. It needs to be done, the public needs to know what they are up against. While your opinion is that JNS is not the place for thoughtful conversation on the subject of murder. Murder is not a thoughtful crime. Murder is a brutal, disgusting and awful. If posters express that it is indeed brutal, disgusting and awful then more power to them. It is the truth. It is time to stop the excuses and the standard defense dialog that I have been reading for the last 10 years, it is time for the truth of why and who is doing all this crap and make moves to stop the madness.

Can you please give me a link to the posts that contain the comments on Eugenics please, I have not read those and can not seem to find any of them. If you are referring to comments like "If you can't feed them, don't breed them" equating a comment like this to advocating Eugenics is huge stretch.

Well I guess I am done now and I await the standard retorts of:
"Bet you would not say that to my face"
"You don't know that"
"Think before you speak"
"get those words out a yo mouth"
"Yeah you big hiding behind a computer screen"
and my personal favorite
"who are you to judge"

Anonymous said...

Hi Tea Lady,

It is more a don't let them breed discussion. Kinda scary. Who gets to choose who can and can't breed....

It is found under Johnny's post about his favorite fb photo of a thug brandishing a weapon at a curb side memorial. I cannot actively link through Johnny's comments, so just use the search function at the top left.

Another faithful reader.

Anonymous said...

To TeaLady:

"I believe the question of who shouldn't breed is a legitimate one given the enormous social costs of the carnage caused by immature social misfits enamored with firearms. I think the solution to this question is much like credit scoring to qualify for a loan. Only those with a sufficiently high reproductive score should be licensed to procreate. The construction of the scoring procedure should be a matter of public policy and protective of basic human liberties (the right to bear children is not protected by the Constitution). Most other productive activities requiring protection for society involve some sort of licensing--why not childbearing and rearing?"

Johnny Northside! said...

I have to wonder if these pro-eugenics comments are being submitted by a troll so they can scream about "Look what Johnny published."

The whole discussion is highly impractical and far removed from the issues at hand but, well, at least you can SPELL.

Anonymous said...

That Eugenics comment was published on a prior blog post. I pointed to it in support of my comment to Tea Lady that it is hard to have a frank discussion about poverty and crime on this blog when there are commentators like this here.

Anonymous said...

I think you are very brave to pour your soul out like that. You are so right about the secrets and the pain however it happens a lot in white communities too. We were conditoned to mind our own business (I am 55) just like you were. I just don't want you to think it is only your community. It is prevalent in all communities unfortunately and until we start talking it won't stop. I had a friend for years that she wouldn't admit what happened and when I realized she set her own daughter up with the same fricken sick bastards I lost it. I cannot forgive her for doing that to her daughter. Her daughter is bipolar and a self cutter and I can't blame her. Her own Mother let the crap continue! I just don't understand. But you are right we need to get the children to release their awful pain in any way we can. Dance, cry whatever and get them away from their dysfunctional families. I am so happy you are writing a book and I have a feeling I know who you are just through a niece that loves you dearly. I wish you the best.
MCullen NE

Anonymous said...

The hide it and keep the secrets is why the Catholic Church got away with protecting it's perverted priest molesters for so long.

The witnesses and fellow church people blamed the victims for what had been done to them. They said the victims were crazy or just looking for money. Also that the children had "seduced" or "enticed" the priests. So yes it happens other places.

Social Realist said...

If those of you who are so quick to dismiss even bothered to inform yourselves of basic facts, you would quickly realize that my licensing-of-parents proposal is not about eugenics—a program that aims to improve the genetic composition of a population through selective breeding. Check with Wikipedia or any other basic informational source as to the meaning and history of this pejorative term. In contrast, my proposal is totally about behavior, and has nothing to do with improving the gene pool.

Procreation and parenting may be considered an inalienable right in the canons of the Catholic Church, but is not a protected status under U.S. Constitutional law. Therefore, it is a privilege subject to social legislation, and in the spirit of the American ethos--anyone can earn the privilege of undertaking such a responsibility through demonstration of the predictive characteristics that leads to the type of behavior that we expect, if not demand, of decent parents. If anything, this should be an inalienable right to which children are entitled in my opinion--parents with a high probability of meeting certain minimum behavioral standards. No one is precluded on the basis of proscriptive criteria, such as race, creed, political affiliations, etc. Therefore, it is much like a credit score, which predicts future responsibility based upon relevant past behavior and circumstance. Assuming a mortgage on real property entails the same type of long-term commitment to responsible behavior as being a parent.

I believe that we all want the same thing—an ex ante assurance of non-default in meeting minimal parenting performance standards. But, unless it is treated as a privilege subject to qualification, rather than an inalienable right, one cannot expect, or even demand, performance, except through the workings of the criminal justice system ex post facto--an arrangement that simply victimizes the children of the deadbeats.

Anonymous said...

Look Ima Make This Real Simple I Sha'karies Laird Am The Little Sister Of Stephon Terrel Shannon And He Did Not Kill That Little Boy Dont Even Know How To Shoot A Gun Yall Need To Stop Accusin My Brother And Look Into These Other Little Boys That Actually Do Have A Criminal Record My Brother Is A Boy Caught Up In This Dog Ass System Smh Yall Got Him Messed Up On God I Love You Brother <3

Tealady said...

First of all Sha'kariesl, could you please not type capitalizing the first letter of every word, it is not the proper way of communicating in writing. Thank you.

If you are his younger sister that means you are at the most 16 years old, so I will make my question very simple to you.

Were you there at the time of the shooting?

If not, then you do not know if he did or did not shoot that gun. Saying he "Don't Even Know How To Shoot A Gun" only reflects your immaturity and lack of knowledge of firearms. From what I have seen most of these little punks don't know the first thing about the weapons they are running around playing gangsta with, so your whole point is irrelevant.

We are not accusing him of anything, the state of MInnesota is accusing him of murder in the first degree, we are merely having a discussion about the murder of a 5 year old child.

I would also like to ask you where was your mother and father when your brother was out allegedly shooting at the house?

Curiouser said...


Any relation between Stephen Shannon and Andrew Shannon, one of the Valleyfair parking lot attackers back in 2008?

Andrew Shannon was listed from Hopkins, but that was four years ago.

Their mugshots look very similar...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

For the record Jamica Holden (Timberlake) is in custody for attempted murder for fatally stabbing her ex-boyfriend. If the authorities would of put this animal in a cage a long time ago maybe this crime would have been prevented.

Johnny Northside! said...

In custody where? Not in Hennepin County, I just checked. Not in the Minnesota prison system, I also just checked, and found the goofy looking mug shot of Patrick Carl Timberlake but no Jamica Holden, and no Jamica Timberlake.

In custody WHERE?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Jamika Holden be in Anoka County Jail Right now!

Anonymous said...

Jamika has a new mugshot! Like that two tone with that big ass highlight?

Click her name here

Location: Jail
Arrest Date: 10/20/2013
Incarceration Date: 10/21/2013
Sched Rel Date:


Assault-2nd Degree-Dangerous Weapon- FE {609.222.1}

Domestic Assault-Misdemeanor-Intentionally Inflicts/Attempts to Inflict Bodily Harm on Another- MS {609.2242.1(2)}

Bail Amounts:

NEW - $30000

Johnny Northside! said...

Ah. Anoka County.

Well, I have to admit, anonymous commenter(s), you came through with proof.

Anonymous said...

Yes, us anons could make you a rich man in the information department(and I have no idea if it will fill your bank account) if you humble up.
I know a lot about a lot and my 5 year trial of studying you, and wondering if you are worth it,is just about up.
July 5th 2012@9:41 George Watkins and Keith Hemphill murdered a man on Zenith ave no. in Robbinsdale on Jan 1 07 or 08 during a home invasion and THIS is the type of killers that she brought around the killer that she spit out of her body. ...both

Johnny Northside! said...

I am as humble as can be. I asked you for the proof, you came up with it, and I did a separate blog post about it and acknowledged where the lead came from.

If you have good info, post the info here. Find an appropriate blog thread for the info, pretty please, but if you can't don't let that stop you. The media doesn't serve our neighborhood and we have to be our own media. The blogger of this blog is not the only media, here. The readers, themselves, are also to some degree the bloggers on this blog by the info they add.

Anonymous said...

Watkins was acquitted even though everyone knows he killed the husband of that lady on Zenith avenue north.
Watkins is out on parole since Oct. 4th and the whole damn city should be on alert for this murderer.
The whereabouts of Hemphill are unknown buy my guess is that him and Watkins are planning their next home invasion while Holden awaits her turn in jail because she got these guys off...karma.

Anonymous said...

Google Robbinsdale New Years home invasion and it seems Watkins grabbed miss Marks by the hair and dragged her around before Jamie Marks got murdered and somehow both got off. looks like he just was let out of jail for his last actions and comes out as dangerous as hell.

angel said...

U really sad. U need something tk do wit ur self other that riding micas heel. Pathetic lonely hoe

Anonymous said...

Lif, your a true joke. You speak on a woman who when a child pulled her hair and call her mentally ill. Your a funky hoe. You got raped, so your mentally ill cause you wanted it. You had to. And then your low self esteem ass got you and your dysfunctional children kidnapped. What type of men do your crazy ass like. Ms. Holden has lost her child and you act as if she's a devil. We all have a past that could be consider dysfunctional. But Lif your a real dysfunctional piece of shit. I don't feel sorry for you or your fast ass. Your auntie knew you were no good even at 8 years old. And at 34 you still ain't shit.

Anonymous said...

How many killers you spit out your rotten womb?

Menace said...

You people are so backwards. Trying to tare down a woman for the actions of young teenage men. Really. How many kids of y'all are out on the streets doing whatever? And Lif, your a joke! Who cares what Ms. Holden did as a child. Are you serious? But here you are with all your dysfunctional men who you enjoyed in you and your children life. Kif your the community real problem.

Menace said...

What did that guy do to them teens. Maybe it was karma he got.

Johnny Northside! said...

I have ZERO kids "out in the streets doing whatever." You think the rest of the world mirrors YOUR dysfunction?

Johnny Northside! said...

And the word is "tear" not "tare." Maybe take some spelling lessons from somebody reading at third grade level?

menace said...

Aahhaaa, Johnny boy your mad. This menace, I read and spell better then any of your children. Your really bored. Get a life. And LIF, your too funny, maybe you can tell that ratchet story to some one else. Rape victim, please. You can not rape the willing. Northside is no different then the other sides. Johnny, maybe you spit out some real messed up children, you serial killers, or molesters. You know a catholic priest or something like that.

menace said...

Your so stupid! Fatally stabbing her ex. What? That would mean she killed him. She didn't. You people are retarded. His ass should have been killed, along with LIF, and her crazy men. How can a mother stop a murder? Tell all the mothers of every slain chold the secret to keeping them alive. Cause you can not stop death. Whatever shape form or fashion death is automatic.

Johnny Northside! said...

First of all, "You're so stupid" not "Your so stupid."

Secondly, a typo was corrected today and is noted in an addendum in the body of the post. The word "his" was changed to "her."