Tuesday, July 24, 2012

"Decent People" Forced To Witness Drive By Shooting Among "No Accounts" At Intersection of Hillside Ave. N. and Irving Ave. N.

Stock photo, blog post by John Hoff

Despite numerous rounds being fired, nobody was killed in a drive by shooting on Sunday, July 22. And because nobody was killed, mainstream media didn't bother to report anything.

But among the "decent people" in North Minneapolis who constantly plot how to make their neighborhood better, the gunfire is a hot topic of discussion on Facebook. The following letter describing the incident was emailed to city council members and reposted on Facebook...

Here is the letter sent to council members, verbatim.

Dear Council Members,

I write this email, not seeking anything other than informing you all of an incident this evening. I do not have the energy to give input beyond letting you know what happened. I am counting on you all as elected official to find out what happened.

This evening, my husband took my 3-year old son out for a ride on his tricycle. As they approached the corner of Hillside Ave and Irving, my husband waived to the neighbor on the corner then heard the sound of 12 gunshots north of where he stood (closer to our house, at the top of the hill, if you are familiar with our street). He decides to return home with our son.

Before he could do that, a dark blue sedan rushed down the street with the car alarm activated. The car abruptly stopped, the passenger (a young male) jumped out of the car and started running towards Broadway, cutting through neighbors yards. Within 10 seconds, a white SUV appeared, accelerating towards the dark blue car, pulled out a gun and fired 10 shots. All of this took place within three feet of my son and husband. When they returned home to me, my son told me that he was on his bike when the people scared him by pushing a button and making a loud noise. He was inconsolable. Lt. Greg Reinhardt and his team arrived at the scene and categorized it as a domestic dispute with a man firing at his ex-wife and son in response to the wife and son firing at him.

It may have been a domestic dispute – but as far as I am concerned it was an act of terrorism! Have you ever tried to calm a toddler down after witnessing something so scary happened it was beyond his comprehension? What does a domestic dispute become when it endangers members of the public? I need to know what house to associate these people with on Hillside. I know they are friends with Morris Klock’s tenants at 2015 Irving Avenue. I need to know what happened because long after the police left, momma shooter was walking down Hillside with a blanket and bag and a slender teenage boy. I simply do not have the luxury to contemplate the sociological aspects of this – I need to know what action was taken. I need to know what slumlord to call regarding his out of control tenants.

I need answers, I cannot give them, I live here and I do not understand what is going on… I can tell you this…it’s no (sic) safe to walk the streets here. If we choose to stay in North Minneapolis, is this how my son is support (sic) to grow up?? I cannot even comprehend it…I grew up in Eagan, I did not even know what a drive-by shooting was until I saw it in the movie COLORS. After 12 years here, I have seen more violent acts than even Hollywood could conjure up for one movie and I still do not understand why it still happens. All I can think is that I cannot raise my child here, it is not safe. I need to know if all of you understand how CLOSE my son came to being shot tonight. I need action and information specific to this case.

(The resident signs off by mentioning she has been a resident of North Minneapolis for 12 years)

There was a lot of discussion about this letter on Facebook with various opinions offered. Here are some facts and details I feel are worth highlighting.

1.) A realtor was "four doors up from the corner" at the time, showing a house. The realtor witnessed the person "presumed to be the mother in this story" vomiting on the boulevard.


Vomit in the STREET, you nasty no accounts, where the rain washes your barf into the gutter.

2.) A neighbor next door to the house where the shooting happened was raking the lawn at the time.

3.) There is talk among the "decent people" in the area of organizing a block party so the solid citizens can network more effectively.


Anonymous said...

I am curious why you put the term "decent people" in quotes.

Anonymous said...

Assault 2---w/a Dangerous Weapon / Discharge Weapon

22XX Ilion Ave Sunday 7/22/12 2017hrs 12-228157

Officer arrived on the scene of “Shots Fired” as the call was being dispatched. No suspects or victims were on the scene. A car with 4 females pulled up & advised officer that they witnessed a shootout between a male in a white SUV & a maroon Lumina. The Lumina fled the scene being chased by the SUV. Later, officers were flagged down & given a completely different story by a female who admitted driving a male from the scene in the Lumina. Officers confirmed the possible gun play was due to an argument between the various parties. Officers were unable to confirm any evidence of weapons being involved. All parties were sent with the promise of arrests if officers had to return. See related incident below, #12-229021.

Assault 2---w/a Dangerous Weapon

Hillside Ave & Ilion Ave Monday 7/23/12 1636hrs 12-229021

Officers were dispatched to the above location on a person with a gun & met V1/male, 17 yrs, who was inside the Laundromat. V1 stated he was threatened by known S1/male, 41 yrs, after a related shots call in the area where S1 stated he was going to get V1. V1 stated he walked out of the alley & observed S1 in a Chevy Tahoe. S1 looked at V1, slowed down, & pulled out a sawed-off 22 rifle with wood stock. S1 pointed the gun directly at V1 & as V1 ran, he heard 3 shots in quick succession. V1 ran around a house & observed S1 drive off at a high rate of speed. V1 stated he thinks S1 is trying to kill him & has been stalking him. V1 stated he was going to go with his grandmother to get an order for protection against S1. It should be noted that S1 was in a white SUV & he’s the same party involved in the related incident above…see CCN # 12-228157.

Anonymous said...

There are no decent people in NoMi. According to this blog NoMi is inhabited by prostitutes, drug dealers, thieves, thugs, gangsters, and criminals; all provided housing by slumlords.

Anonymous said...

Your story would benefit from a picture of Hillside and Irving, rather than your "stock" photo.

Anonymous said...

This city and its leaders are a joke.

Johnny Northside said...

I'm sure the story WOULD benefit from a photo of Hillside Ave. N. rather than a stock photo but my obvious answer is I didn't have one handy.

I think what I need is a stock photo of slumlord Morris "Cuckoo" Clock.

The phrase "decent people" is put in quotes because, like the phrase "no accounts," it verges on a "term of art" used by this blog to describe two separate social groups, and yet my usage of the phrases is novel enough and unique enough to this blog I feel I must quote mark the phrases...rather like the "janky" gun used in a shooting in North Minneapolis, or the shooting that happened because somebody was driving a car "janky."

Anonymous said...

The term "decent people" is in quotation because there are no decent people in N Mpls, have you read this stuff on here? This blog is about tearing down the black community through humiliation, information gained through connections to the MPD, hacking software, etc.

Anonymous said...

Tearing down the black community, Anonymous 8:50 PM? I don't think they need JNS's help.