Sunday, July 29, 2012

Something Is Amiss At 2131 Lyndale Ave. N., A Dark Pit Of Despair Even In The Best Of Times...

Photo and blog post by John Hoff

Nothing much positive ever seems to happen at 2131 Lyndale Ave. N., arguably the most unsightly house on Lyndale Ave. N., slummy crown jewel in Bashir Moghul's empire of slum.

This blogger has, in past blog postings, written about the Curtains Of Despair which hang in the windows of this house...a small but highly symbolic indication of how bad and chaotic the conditions probably are inside. Predatory offender Carl Lamont Donnell, when jailed, was listed as one occupant of the home. Fairly typical of the way Bashir Moghul screens his tenants. Neighbors living nearby have constantly reported drug dealing, as documented by Hawthorne Hawkman writing as a guest author on this blog.

Well, tonight it appears some other bad thing has happened in association with this property...

Tonight, when I drove by, there were about a dozen individuals sitting out in front of the property. They were sitting a little bit south of the property, actually, but closer to 2131 Lyndale Ave. N. than the property next door. On a small boulevard tree--so small it looked like it was planted in the last year, and was barely capable of standing up to hard wind, let alone having crap hung on its limbs--there hung mournful decorations, prominent among them a portrait of a female.

The photo of the female looked, from a distance, like a mug shot. A bright orange shirt was one reason I thought it looked like a mug shot. The fact she wasn't smiling was another. Who honors the dead with a MUG SHOT? Who is so far down to the bottom the only portrait available on social media is a MUG SHOT?

As I pulled off to the side and photographed the mournful scene, a young man seated on a chair threw a gang sign.

I have checked the news repeatedly but have not learned of anybody being killed in association with that address. If anybody knows anything, feel free to comment.

Really, this is just the kind of thing you expect at that property. Which of the following things would surprise me if I heard about it happening at 2131 Lyndale Ave. N.

A.) A young child falls down the basement stairs and has her leg chewed off by a pit bull. Nobody knows who the child is and says she didn't live at the property. The pit bull disappeared between the arrival of the ambulance and police. Nobody will say where it is.

B.) The house simply explodes and debris fly as far as Merwins Liquor which, to be fair, is merely a block away. Turns out it wasn't natural gas, except in the most literal sense. Methane build up from a broken toilet, still being used by occupants, is blamed.

C.) Bashir Moghul comes to check on the property and gets wounded by gunfire.


Do you really have to guess? The correct answer is NONE of these things would surprise me about 2131 Lyndale Ave. N.

But if somebody knows what is up there tonight, please contribute your comments.


Anonymous said...

Is Bashir Moghul the same as Tony Moghul? I know Tony owns properties in North and works at a local charter school as the "dean." Just wondering. Sorry, don't know anything about the property.

Anonymous said...

And what the fuck are our fearless city leaders doing about it? Fucking nothing.