Saturday, July 28, 2012

Vicki Cox-Maxwell, Alleged Ex-Wife Of Mortgage Fraudster Larry Maxwell, Writes Pleading, Whining Letter To Mortgage Fraud Victims...

409 31st Ave. N., formerly owned by Vicki Cox-Maxwell, photo and blog post by John Hoff

Vicki Cox-Maxwell, who describes herself as the "ex-wife" of mortgage fraudster Larry Maxwell, is most likely in California at the moment. She is named in the civil suit which was spawned by the mortgage fraud at 1564 Hillside Ave. N., as well as other addresses, and the resulting criminal trial which put Larry Darnell Maxwell in prison. Now identity theft victim John Foster and his wife, Melony Michaels, are suing numerous individuals involved in the fraud. In the course of those legal proceedings, Vicki Cox-Maxwell wrote an interesting letter to these mortgage fraud victims...

More on that in a moment.

Slumlord Keith Reitman has already settled with Foster/Michaels, but I suspect he may still be deposed for what he knows. Jerry Moore, the disgraced former executive director of JACC, is named in the suit as well. Moore appears to be up a legal creek with his lawyer, Jill Clark, sidelined by both medical issues and disciplinary proceedings.

In a recent motion with supporting documents, Foster/Michael's lawyer Shari Lowden asserted Vicki Cox-Maxwell had departed Minnesota "with the intent to defraud creditors and avoid service." The motion included a fascinating piece of documentation: a letter written by Cox-Maxwell to victims Foster and Michaels.

Here is the letter, word for word. It is dated May 8, 2012 but not received by attorney Shari Loweden until May 14.

Dear Ms. Michaels and Mr. Foster,

First, I would like to apologize for your loss. I can certainly understand your anger and frustration regarding this entire matter. However, just like you, I too, was a victim of my exhusbands (sic) deceptive practices. His actions led me to bankruptcy, homelessness, and mental health treatment. My life too has been a nightmare. I am just starting to feel somewhat normal again.

I would also say that if there was any possible way to redress your monetarily or physically, I would. I have no finances and have begun the long process of rebuilding and reshaping my life starting with my health. The last few years have been a nightmare and I could not fathom all the pain and humiliation included. I am looking forward to moving on however; I am not at that place now.

(JNS blog interjects to ask: What place are you at? Specifically? Could you provide the street address?)

Again, I would love to make it right with you but other than my sincere apology and prayers there is really nothing else that I can offer. Thankfully, I have family and friends here in California that I can move from place to place. Also, this address is good for me to receive correspondence but is not a permanent address as there really is not one at this time.

Again, I sincerely apologize for your loss.

(Her signature)

Vicki Cox

In regard to Vicki Cox-Maxwell being the "alleged ex-wife" of Larry Maxwell, the reason I say that is because I tried looking up evidence of a divorce. It appears Vicki Cox-Maxwell did indeed file for divorce in 2006. The case is 27-FA-06-3970. Looking at the case online but not the actual documents, it appears the case was dropped. No divorce seems to have been granted.

There was an "answer and counter petition" filed. An order of some kind was issued, but that order was only a little less than two weeks after the case was filed, and an "order for consolidation" was issued the same day. That's too quick for the order to be a divorce decree.

Furthermore, there was a an "initial case conference" scheduled about a week after the order, but it was cancelled. And that's the end of the case file.

All in all, it appears these parties did not divorce but reconciled back in 2006. No other divorce appears on MNCIS. Also, Maxwell seems to have spent the last several years in Minnesota (certainly during the criminal trial he was in Minnesota) so if he's going to get divorced, wouldn't it happen in MINNESOTA?

What I speculate happened is that Vicki Cox-Maxwell feared Larry Maxwell was going to drag her down in his wake. So she left town. She left town so fast and so completely she didn't bother to get divorced.

And now she refers to him as her "ex-husband" hoping to make her wish an unquestioned and accepted fact but I ask, "Where is the proof they are actually divorced?"

Vicki Cox-Maxwell makes it sound as though she is just one step above complete homelessness, sleeping at the homes of family, trying to rebuild her life. With no proof except my instinct and gut feeling, this blogger speculates Cox-Maxwell is a "kept woman" somewhere, still enjoying the unearned luxuries of dishonest money. Nothing has changed except the face of her man.

If anybody knows her location, whisper it in Johnny Northside's ear.


Anonymous said...

They almost divorced back in 2006 but stopped the proceedings.

Johnny Northside! said...

So you say and it seems to be what I am seeing as well, but what else do you know? Is there anything juicy in that old not-quite-a-divorce file?

Anything worth digging up?

Anonymous said...

Is this journalism dedicated to your son as you claim in your headline or National Enquirer tabloid trash? Who cares about juicy things from their divorce file? What does that have to do with the mortgage fraud lawsuit?

Johnny Northside! said...

Well, until I go get the file and see what's in it, I won't know what it has to do with the mortgage fraud lawsuit.

I mean, for all I know (without seeing the file) Vicki Cox-Maxwell made a bunch of allegations in the divorce proceeding which touch upon Maxwell's fraudulent activities.

And, like I always say:

Inquiring minds want to know in NoMi.

Anonymous said...

lunchmeat larry lets loose "I've been vexed by vixen Vicki vehemently" sponsored by Maxwell (in the big) House. Flintstone, when i get out i'm gonna' get you if it's the last thing i do! mushrooms dancin' in muh head. mio dios! george clinton loves you.