Monday, July 9, 2012

"Calls For Service" At Problem House 2609 Colfax Ave. N., Where Julian "Funny Mo" Anderson Reportedly Lives...

Creative stock photo, New Orleans police department in action, blog post by John Hoff

Julian Anderson, age 15, named by my source as "Funny Mo," the second juvenile accused in the murder of Nizzel George, age 5, reportedly lived at 2609 Colfax Ave. N.

One or both of his parents lives there. His parents are Ihisha Chantella Anderson and Ernest Larnard Frieson. According to my source, the housing is funded through Section 8.

Like many "problem houses" where there is constant low-level drama involving frequent police calls, the house in question has been on the radar of the 4th Precinct Care Task Force, who are the source of a document with recent 911 calls to the address.

Here are the contents of that document...


Run date: 7/6/2012

Date range: 7/5/2011 through 7/5/2012 Call count: 24
Pct 4


Date/time Problem Disposition Case # Apt./Flr.

8/29/2011 1:26:24 AM Notification Information 11-259055

9/21/2011 9:10:40 AM Domestic Abuse-In Progress Unfounded 11-285338

10/28/2011 3:12:22 PM Unknown Trouble No Service 11-326418

11/3/2011 10:43:28 PM Notification Advised 11-333240

11/29/2011 12:34:52 AM Sound of Shots Fired Report 11-357330

11/29/2011 12:04:29 PM Receive Information Information 11-357646

12/9/2011 1:03:09 AM Notification No Service 11-366367

12/30/2011 4:30:54 PM Attempt Pick-Up Gone on Arrival 11-386523

2/11/2012 6:09:21 PM Domestic Abuse-In Progress Report 12-041219

2/18/2012 8:05:55 PM Suspicious Person All OK 12-048467

2/21/2012 2:31:35 AM Notification Message Left 12-050706

3/8/2012 7:59:57 AM Domestic Abuse-In Progress Transport 12-067284

3/9/2012 7:53:42 AM Domestic Abuse-In Progress Report 12-068394

3/18/2012 11:57:53 AM Notification Assist 12-079768

3/22/2012 10:47:13 AM Domestic Abuse-In Progress Booking 12-084649

4/10/2012 8:43:49 PM Fight Assist 12-107284

4/10/2012 8:52:47 PM Sound of Shots Fired Booking 12-107294

4/11/2012 12:31:52 AM Notification Advised 12-107551

5/1/2012 4:57:04 PM Suspicious Person Report 12-130534

5/10/2012 4:58:38 AM Domestic Advised 12-140522

6/17/2012 11:43:39 AM Domestic Abuse-In Progress Booking 12-185868

6/17/2012 12:04:37 PM Unknown Wireless/Cell Phone Cancel 12-185884

6/26/2012 11:20:30 PM Attempt Pick-Up Assist 12-197335

(This call reportedly involved trying to pick up "Funny Mo" for an assault incident, presumably pointing a gun at rivals from YnT ("Young And Thuggin") at a convenience store but that is unconfirmed)

6/29/2012 2:35:12 AM Notification No Service 12-199979

Another NOrth Minneapolis Absentee Landlord, The Blogger Sarcastically Feigns Surprise

The home in question is owned by Ella G. Gorshteyn. The taxpayer is listed as Gf Properties, LLC. The Minnesota Secretary of State's website lists the manager of this entity as ALEKSANDR GORSHTEYN, 6931 COUNTRY OAKS ROAD, EXCELSIOR MN 55331.

Other online information lists him as a real estate agent at Algo Realty in Excelsior.

The Gorshteyns join a long line of wannabe slumlords who thought they'd profit from being absentee landlords in North Minneapolis, oblivious to the fact that when something awful happens at one of their "out of sight, out of mind" money-making properties, their names would be forever associated with the incident on the pages of Google, for as long as humanity uses the internet.

Too late for the Gorshteyns. Let others take warning from their example.


Anonymous said...

Why weren't they burnt out before the shooting?

Johnny Northside! said...

Not sure what you mean by that but it sounds illegal and bad. Do not suggest such things.

Johnny Northside! said...

Not sure what you mean by that but it sounds illegal and bad. Do not suggest such things.

Anonymous said...

I don't think they would allow such things to happen in Excelsior on the sunny shores of Lake Minnetonka.

Why do we allow it to happen here?

Maybe instead of protesting the violence here, we should organize a vigil in the neighborhood of this slumlord!

Anonymous said...

How come our police can't put 2+2 together and get social services to step in before someone gets killed?

What steps has have been taken by the City Council to pull this guys other rental licenses?

Anonymous said...

Seems like there is an ongoing problem with people who can't afford rent, yet have plenty of income for guns, drugs, liquor, and other vices.

This history of police reports should surely have disqualified this residence for section 8 funding.

As a Community we need to start exerting pressure on HUD to do a better job of monitoring Section 8 qualifications.

Anonymous said...

Your A Fcking Stalker . Smh Suggestion Maybe Next time Yhu Shouldnt Be So Federal . Friends Might Change There Feelings Toward trust When It Comes To you . Just Saying

Johnny Northside! said...

Help me understand your urban street dialect. I've noticed your use of the word "Federal" in this comment and another comment.

What do you mean by the word "Federal?" I have the sense you're not using it the way I use the word. Help me understand. I don't understand but I really WANT to understand what you're saying.

Anonymous said...

basically they are calling you the police ....but honestly I like your work you don't cover up nothing and address everything relevant to our community


Anonymous said...

I understand that this juvenile has gotten himself into some serious trouble;however, to me it seems like your putting yourself above everyone. Being overly supportive of a legal system that doesn't always serve justice, although it often tries, isn't going to make any positive change. If your child was caught jaywalking would you publish all the times you grounded him? I think it's very low to call children under 18 out, they are not fully developed. Let the courts handle themselves as you don't appear to centered on justice as much as getting your blog some popularity. I'm not sure if your a religious man but let he who has not sinned cast the first stone.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 10:05 A.M. No, I'm the Fed. Keep writing.

Johnny Northside! said...

That's the nature of being a Fed. There's just so MANY of us.

One big red, white and blue wall of federalism.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I live next to another one of the Gorshteyn's properties that is in Eden Prairie. You hit the nail on the head, 'Slumlord'. Its amazing how one home can tarnish a good neighborhood. Wonder why none of their rentals is located near their pristine neighborhood in Savage (check out HN County Assessor).

Anyone know why they haven't lost their renters license?

Johnny Northside! said...

What is the specific street address of the property in Eden Prairie?