Monday, July 9, 2012

Marcus Harcus, AKA "Bendele Hama Mbenge," Drops Out Of State Rep Race Against Joe Mullery, AKA "JOSEPH" Mullery, Like My Blog Wasn't Going To Find THAT Out...

Photo from Marcus Harcus campaign website but the truth is I swiped it from the North by Northside blog rather than go looking for it, blog post by John Hoff


I did some digging and I'm pretty sure his full name is "JOSEPH."

But seriously, folks...

Marcus Harcus was running for State Rep against "Joe" Mullery until Harcus recently dropped out, barely bothering to disseminate word to voters and so Jeff Skrenes of North by Northside blog stepped to the forefront to inform the public, to the extent the public cares.

Reading the statement released by Harcus (as quoted on North by Northside) I was surprised by its tone. It was the kind of apologetic, taking-time-for-family, cryptically worded bunch of bullcrap you'd expect from some serious and promising political candidate who was caught behind the scenes bopping an intern, not a Facebook statement released by a second rate, wannabe candidate who never had a chance against Mullery, who was barely noticed IN the race and won't be missed much OUT of the race.

So what's the POINT of releasing a statement like this rending your political garments and putting ashes on your forehead?

Or is this what Harcus thinks you're SUPPOSED to say when you drop out of a political race? If so, Marcus would do well to use the "not a scandal behind the scenes, just never really had a chance" script instead of the "I hope my opponent keeps his promise not to make this torrid affair public" script.

North by Northside had mostly kind words for Marcus. This blog, however, is more known for frankness than kindness. To Marcus Harcus, who said he "felt like a loser" in this race, Johnny Northside replies...

Trust your feelings, young Skywalker.

Trying to determine if something juicy was going on behind the scenes, I went to my beloved MNCIS website to look into criminal cases and then, finding nothing like that, I thought I'd take a shot at civil cases.

Nothing current shows up, though some of the old stuff is interesting.

My word, turns out Marcus Harcus has another name, which is "Bendele Hama Mbenge." A change of name case shows up (27-CV-00-001813) in the year 2000. Confusingly, it appears from the case that "Marcus Henry Harcus" petitioned for a new name. And the new name was granted. The "Petitioner" and "Requested Name" are clearly labeled. Marcus Henry Harcus asked to have his name changed to Bendele Hama Mbenge and the request was granted.

This leaves me wondering, "If Harcus was granted a new name, why is he still known as Marcus Harcus? Why is he RUNNING under that name?

Another case shows up where Marcus Harcus and a co-plaintiff named Zakitheia Mearidy sued defendant Park Co-op Apartments. Looks like a run-of-the-mill civil matter.

More interesting is a case where Marcus Harcus sued "We Win Institute" in 2004. We Win is some kind of "fun, productive activities for African American children though everybody is welcome" organization, click here for their website.

Unknown why Marcus sued them. Worth looking into.

Hennepin County was listed as an "Interested Observer" so clearly something, well, INTERESTING was happening in the case.

At this point, I am not sure how many races Marcus Harcus has run. Three consecutive losses in roughly the same geographic location makes you a "perennial also ran" in my book. Harcus is either there already or one race away. I'm going to look into this and try to come up with the specific number though, of course, readers who have some insight should feel free to comment.

Meanwhile, according to his Facebook, Marcus Harcus has turned his attention to beer brewing.


Emily Lilja Palmer said...

I'm surprised by your tone here, John. I can't imagine what Marcus has done to you to deserve such derision. Marcus dropped out of the race for state rep because races take a lot of time and money, and he didn't have enough of either. Marcus's problem is not that he isn't or won't be a good public servant, but that he's inexperienced, and the political system is set up to benefit insiders. After he ran against Barb for city council, I remember wishing that she - or someone - would take him under their wing and mentor him. That's what he needs - just experience and guidance. I was supporting him for state rep because Bobby Joe was willing and able to mentor him, so it seemed like a great opportunity for someone who is young, smart, and passionate. I will support him again 2 years from now, too. He's no also-ran.

Emily Lilja Palmer said...

I'm surprised by your tone here, John. I can't imagine what Marcus has done to deserve such derision. He dropped out of the race for state rep because races take a lot of time and money, and he didn't have enough of either. No surprise there. After he ran against Barb Johnson for city council, I remember wishing that she - or someone - would take him under their wing and mentor him. I supported him for state rep this year because Bobby Joe Champion was willing and able to mentor him, so it was a great opportunity for someone young, smart and passionate. I will support him again in 2 years. He's hardly as also-ran.

Emily Lilja Palmer said...

(Sorry if you got 2 versions of this - the log in was confusing & I thought my first comment had been lost.)

Johnny Northside! said...

"Races take a lot of time and money, and he didn't have enough of either."

So he shouldn't have been running in the first place.

In regard to his "problem" being that he's inexperienced, do you really think "inexperience" makes for a good public servant? He should get himself on various committees, take on various projects for the public good, accumulate supporters that can fill a campaign war chest with money--even if that takes years, a decade--and then run like a SERIOUS candidate.

North Minneapolis is filled with wannabe candidates who think running for office is along the lines of buying a scratch ticket at the gas station. HEY, I MIGHT GET LUCKY!!!! It's embarrassing to watch, like YouTube video of inexperienced trampoliners.

Why my critical tone? To discourage the NEXT MHarcus from cluttering up political races with inexperience and amateur hour political moves, right down to his "wrong script" concession speech which literally made me run straight to MNCIS wondering, "WTF?"

In regard to his name change activities, I catch the faint whiff of a "thug hugger." There's just SOMETHING about those name change activities that make me think, "This guy is a political extremist trying to pass himself off as a moderate, making a grab for the reins of power."

He's not somebody who represents my home owner interests, my interest in a nicer, safer neighborhood. He represents being "down" with the "hood."

"MARCUS HARCUS IN THE HOUSE." Actual quote from one of his sites. Well, it might have been "DA HOUSE," which would be worse.

In short, I smell a "thug hugger." And I make no secret of how I feel about thug hugging in my neighborhood, plagued by crime and murder and random bullets killing kids. Some political candidate in North Minneapolis hugs a thug and Johnny Northside is going to "dial in his range."

Word. To your mother.

In regard to MHarcus running against Barb Johnson and you wishing she would take him under her wing, well, generally one doesn't find mentors by running against them. More like by joining the campaign staff and shining. But, well, that's something "amateur hour" political analysts don't comprehend or they wouldn't even speak it out loud.