Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Tarrence Antwon Brown Came In Second In A Foot Race With MPD, His Prize Is A Charge Of Gun Possession...

Creative stock photo, blog post by John Hoff

A short while ago I asked for a criminal complaint in regard to Tarrence Antwon Brown but, by mistake, I received a complaint for another guy named Brown whose crime took place in South Minneapolis.

So I wrote about the OTHER guy named Brown, who committed (allegedly) felonious dry humping. Then I created the world's first internet "meta tag" for felonious dry humping.

But now I finally have the criminal complaint I wanted all along for Tarrence Antwon Brown, who also goes by "Terrence." (Not so much an alias as a spelling variation) According to a criminal complaint filed back in May, Brown fled on foot when he saw a police officer and tossed aside a pistol during the chase.

Brown is a convicted felon and not allowed to play with guns...

Brown's address is listed as 2515 33rd Ave. N., a homestead owned by Debra M. Peterson of the same address. The incident which led to the foot chase was a report of shots fired in the vicinity of 3214 Queen Ave. N., a rental owned by Rjg LLC of 5065 Johnson St. NE, Fridley MN.

It was Officer Ledman who gave chase and made the collar. I have no prize to give Officer Ledman but  eternal blog glory.

Enjoy, Officer Ledman, enjoy.

I serenade you with a YouTube embed of "Theme From Chariots of Fire."

As for you, Tarrence Brown, you couldn't outrun somebody named LEDMAN? I can't even look in your direction, I'm so vicariously embarrassed for you. Next time just give up and save yourself the humiliation. 


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

That's on gdk my nigga

Anonymous said...

Get ur shit Right before you go posting shit
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