Friday, December 27, 2013

Dude In North Minneapolis Gives His Old Prison Pal A Ride, And Prison Pal Allegedly Robs Dude WHILE WEARING AN ANKLE MONITOR...

Creative stock photo, blog post by John Hoff

According to a recent criminal complaint, click here, Jabari Roosevelt Johnson robbed his old prison pal in North Minneapolis...WHILE WEARING AN ANKLE MONITOR.

The story goes like this: An adult male whose initials are LB was visiting his girlfriend in North Minneapolis. LB runs a clothing store in Winona, Minnesota but in the not so distant past LB was in prison.

While incarcerated, LB met Jabari Roosevelt Johnson and was friendly with Johnson, at least while the two were in prison. So recently, when LB was in North Minneapolis and ran into Johnson, LB spoke to Johnson and talked about how he (LB) had turned his life around...

The two talked for a while. The next day, still in North Minneapolis, LB saw Johnson standing at 26th and Emerson Ave. North. Johnson flagged down LB for a ride. Johnson showed LB he was wearing a house arrest ankle monitor and needed to get home quickly.

LB agreed to give Johnson a ride home, but Johnson just needed to make a "quick stop" on the way. They stopped somewhere near 17th Ave. N. and Vincent Ave. N., and LB followed Johnson. An unknown black male was standing there.

Both Johnson and the black male pulled out guns and said, "You know what time it is."

The duo took LB's phone, $1,100 in cash, and his wallet with two credit cards and a drivers license.

Apparently, Johnson thought LB (now a successful businessman in small town Minnesota) still adhered to the No Snitching Code. But LB walked into a police station and made a report like a good citizen. His only really dumb mistake was having ANYTHING to do with bad associations from his past, no, not even to tell them to turn their lives around and give them a ride.

When police arrested Johnson, he reportedly offered to "give up" three individuals if police would only let him go.

Thus it would appear that defection from the "no snitching" code is spreading like sniffles in daycare.


Johnson's address listed on the criminal complaint is 1321 Newton Ave. N., an address which has been mentioned before on this blog as the last reported residence of Daryl "Dime Bag" Parker. 


Anonymous said...

What a surprise. Criminals don't have any ethics. They're like lobsters chopping each others' claws off.

Anonymous said...

Except for when they do and you wouldn't know it cuz they don't snitch each other out, or GET caught. There are smart criminals out there-or maybe I should say 'here.'

Johnny Northside! said...

The link in this blog post was broken but has now been fixed.

Also new and improved bigger lettering.