Saturday, November 22, 2014

"Nitelen Jackson" And Other Names Familiar To JNS Blog Readers Appear In New Federal Indictment Over Gangs And Guns...

Facebook images of Nitelen Jackson, used under First Amendment Fair
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post by John Hoff

The federal indictment announced today over gangs and guns (click here) was a walk down memory lane for JNS blog. Before some of those names appeared on that federal indictment, for years these were familiar figures to readers of JNS blog. 

In particular, no other media entity was writing about Nitelen Jackson EXCEPT Johnny Northside, and I wrote more than a dozen articles, click here for an example. 

I must say, my faith in Nitelen has been rewarded handsomely! His talents were discovered by this blog, but now he's on to bigger and better things. 

Here are some of the other names and links to examples of coverage on JNS blog long before they were named in the federal indictment...

* Valtrez Black, alleged to be a member of the 1-9 Dipset gang and known on the streets as "Chief," received coverage on this blog when he was alleged to have threatened a man's life over a cell phone.

* Jabari Johnson received coverage when he allegedly robbed his old prison pal...while wearing an ankle monitor! Johnson is also alleged by feds to be part of the 1-9. 

* Darryl "Dime Bag" Parker received coverage here following a drug charge when JNS documented his extensive history of arrests for alleged drug crimes, click here. Feds say Parker is part of 1-9 Dipset.

*Tywin Bender. 

Moving on to the infamous alleged "Sticc Up Boyz" who are named in the indictment--a gang that is much talked about lately in light of "Pointergate," and in the photo above you can see Nitelen Jackson doing the controversial "double finger gun pointy finger" sign of the Sticc Up Boyz--one of the purported Sticc Up Boys is Tywin Bender. 

Though JNS blog has never written directly about Tywin Bender, (except he was listed on a jail roster) I can now report Nitelen Jackson posted a lot of "Free Tywin" stuff on his social media, including the photo below. 

JNS blog was never able to learn, until now, that "Tywin" was Tywin Bender. In fact, I thought "Tywin" was some kind of deliberate urban misspelling for "Twin." 

Well, you can't win them all. 

Jail roster info lists Tywin Marcell Bender at 3737 Hubbard Ave. N., Robbinsdale, MN. 

* Dontevius Catchings, another purported member of the Sticc Up Boys, received coverage on this blog in November of 2012 when members of the Hennepin County Special Enforcement Response Team (SERT) turned his car inside out and alleged they found a carefully-concealed pistol. 

I am still trying to find out, as I was trying to find out in 2012, whether Dontevious Catchings is related to Derrick Deangelo Catchings, convicted in the murder of Rayjon Gomez, a young boy who was hanging out with members of the "Sticc Up Boyz" just prior to his death. 

Note these photos, below, but in the wake of "Pointergate" you should be very, very careful about jumping to the conclusion these are "gang handsigns." 

Moving on to other alleged members of the "Sticc Ups" named in the federal indictment:

* Cinque Owens has never been written about on this blog, though he has been on this blog's jail roster, which most recently lists "Cinque Daprice Owens" at 5300 France Ave. N, Brooklyn Center. 

The Star Tribune reported in 2012 that Owens, then 17, was a "prolific" criminal and was going to prison for 4 years. This blogger is quite doubtful about whether Owens did the entire four years. 

* Marquis Woods has never been featured on this blog, though he did make the Hennepin County Jail Roster in February of this year, where Marquis Deshawn Woods was listed as residing at 5028 Fremont Ave. N.  This is a rental owned by Blue Sky Real Estate LLC, Golden Valley. 

Feds allege he is a Sticc Up Boy. 

* Marques Armstrong, the last purported "Sticc Up Boy" named by the feds in their recent indictment, was featured on this blog's jail roster in October or 2013. Marquies Dwell Armstrong reportedly lives at 131 Christianson Court in Fridley, Minnesota. 

Every one of these names--with the exception of "Tywin Bender"-- was featured on this blog months, even YEARS before being named in the recent federal indictment. 

Where to go from here? 

Well, I guess I have to keep finding the obscure names of alleged North Minneapolis criminals who will one day achieve fame in future federal indictments. 


Naysayer said...

Tywin Bender's claim to infamy here in the hood is probably a little before your time, Johnny. He shot 12-year old Vernice Hall in the head rendering her a vegetable in front of a crowd of revelers in 2007. She was just unlucky enough to be caught in the crossfire between a couple of the Stick-up Boys (Bender is reported to have fired twenty rounds) and whoever was their target outside of a house party on 18th and Oliver attended by gangsters. If I remember correctly, the occasion, sadly, was Vernice's birthday party. The passel of witnesses either forgot that they had seen anything or kept changing their stories, so charges against Tywin were dismissed. But he has managed to spend most his time in lock-up since then for various transgressions that can be uncovered with a little searching. This is, no doubt, why he hasn't shown-up in you blog, and probably explains why you were confused about what the "Free Tywin" slogan signified.

Johnny Northside! said...

Exactly one year before my time, yes. I arrived on the scene in North Minneapolis in 2008.

Maybe with Tywin going away for a long time people will "start to remember" what they saw and clear up this shooting once and for all.

Anonymous said...

Johnny Northside I think you are such a jerk. You talk about people murders and never seem to catch the murderers. You are the fucking police and such an asshole.You need to keep my son name out your mouth or you will be sued....RACISTASSHOLE

Johnny Northside! said...

And how would I keep your son's name out of my mouth if I'm not even sure what son you are talking about?

Anonymous said...

jonny northside you dont be knowing what you be talking about real shit you fucking police ass cracker #Free Tywin fym free all my demons