Friday, September 11, 2009

More Details On The Raid At 2651 Logan Ave. N.

Photo by Jordan Neighbor

Last night "Jordan Neighbor," a frequent contributor to this blog, learned by text message of the raid on 2651 Logan Ave. N., (click here for previous post about the raid) and rushed out to witness it. According to Jordan Neighbor, there were two squads and a SWAT van outside of Logan Ave. N. and, additionally, Jordan Neighbor noticed a squad had been strategically positioned at...

...27th Ave. at the alley between Newton and Morgan, presumably to "catch the run off" from the pending raid.

Jordan Neighbor did not witness anybody arrested during the raid, or any evidence removed from the house. This morning, as I reported on my "NorthsideJohnny" Twitter profile, broken windows were seen at the house. Of course, the house already had a few broken windows but there were more. So I called it in to 311, along with telling 311 about the orange extension cord hanging from a second story window and going into a first story patio door.

The neighborhood is really looking forward to seeing some resolution with the ongoing problems at 2651 Logan Ave. N., but neighbors are really grateful police hit the place last night.

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