Friday, August 12, 2011

Level Three Sex Offender Frederick Arden Hamilton Is Reportedly A Fugitive--How Long Will North Minneapolis Suffer L3SO Dumping?

Mug shot, therefore public domain, blog post by John Hoff

It was a prolific and occasionally profane blog commentator named "Boathead" who drew my attention to the fact Level Three Sex Offender Frederick Arden Hamilton is currently a fugitive.

Hamilton, whose smirky, pervy mug shot visage causes him to stand out from all the other Level Three sex offenders dumped in North Minneapolis (and there are so many!) did not have his fugitive status listed when I clicked on his little L3SO profile a moment ago.

"Could Boathead be misinformed?" I wondered.

So I checked the state "Offender Locator" and looked up Frederick Arden Hamilton...

Well, what do you know? The offender locator lists him as "Fugitive Apprehend" while the Level Three profile is, it would appear, sadly out of date. This is so often the case with the Department of Corrections' website, which often has outdated photos, old information...

Yeah, they dump the offenders in our neighborhood and then they could give a damn about keeping the info updated.

I have seen where, sometimes, the mainstream media reports on these dangerous sexual predators going fugitive. However, this one seems to have slipped beneath the radar.

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