Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Police Raid At 2654 Morgan Ave. N., August 17, 7:15 AM..

Contributed photo, blog post by John Hoff

The house at 2654 Morgan Ave. N. has been low key but constant trouble for a few years. Suspicious looking "no accounts" who seem to be buying or dealing drugs constantly drop by. It's not the kind of thing where you can call 911, but in the past several months a number of citizens have called the 4th Precinct CERT team to report their suspicions. The house is located directly across from the former "Salmon House," a location populated by crack addicted whores and their customers until, thankfully, it was bulldozed to near-oblivion.

I say "near oblivion" because, well, I did manage to save some fridge magnets.

On August 17, about 7:15 AM, police officers believed to be Hennepin County Sheriff's personnel raided the 2654 Morgan Ave. N. The raid was announced with a flash bang grenade at that early morning hour. One citizen of North Minneapolis who was productively up and about at that early hour, and who heard the grenade immediately thought...

...it was another house blowing up after having the copper gas pipes stolen. The citizen ran over toward the source of the sound but, naturally, police were keeping citizens back for safety reasons. The photo above is cropped and wasn't taken from as close as it appears.

A "white trash looking male" was observed to be "cuffed and stuffed." The citizen was unsure whether the male was "fully arrested or cuffed and stuffed as temporary storage while (police) searched."

The police were observed to spend a lot of time in the garage and "were even more decked out and armored up than usual raids, causing (the citizen observer) to suspect the raid was a suspected automatic weapons raid and not just the average north minneapolis drug raid."

Note in the photo, above, an actual armored vehicle. I have observed many police raids in North Minneapolis but have never seen a vehicle like this before.

Given what was observed, the citizen voiced suspicions the raid was meth related.

The property in question is owned by Williams Properties Investments of 6066 Shingle Creek Parkway, Minneapolis, MN 55430.

This is where Johnny Northside bitches about the fact city property addresses are not searchable on the city's property website by name of owner, like many other cities. This has been brought up many, many times with city officials.


Anonymous said...

Obviously it is as you found its owned by Williams Properties Investments a legal corporation in Minnesota. Not every property is owned by an individual duh!

The Good Citizen said...

@Anon- where did someone (Johnny?) say every property is owned by an individual?? I don't get the tone of your comment?

Anyways, update: there is an orange water shut off notice placed on the front window. I think the house might be vacant now, but not entirely sure. It actually looks kind of neat and tidy and buttoned up, which is not like it has been with the real-life cops episode characters that have been living there.

You know it's bad when the house looks better VACANT than it does when occupied.


- Equal Opportunity Thug Hater aka The Good Citizen

Anonymous said...

Williams Properties Investments eh? A legal corporation... Which means they are registered with the Minnesota Secretary of State??? Is this one of those wacky "Calvin" and "Ricky" Williams business schemes???

Anonymous said...

Well it looks like the morgan address has new residents living there now.I suppose they are suspected also of dealing drugs since it seems to be an on going problem ...the property now looks tacky and not well maintained as it had within the past few months when it was previously lived in by the last tenants....u say it was weapons, the upon speaking to a neighbor later commented it was meth related...where do u get your information from anyways?.. reside close to that morgan address and i also live and work in the community so i pass a few of the address's u have written about..if you are trying to b a detective get a police job

Johnny Northside! said...

The information we had is what we had and what we published. No other media source covered this raid, so this blog happens to be the ONLY information source about the raid. For that, I am damn proud because people in North Minneapolis need to know what's going on and they look to blogs like this one to fill in huge gaps left by the mainstream media.

Are you, like, 13 years old? Because you write like a child. What kind of ignorant comment is "if you are trying to b (sic) a detective get a police job" (no period on the sentence)

If you are trying to write, get an education.

Scoop said...

How is publishing inaccurate information based on "what you had" any sort of service to the community. Just because the major media doesn't cover a raid doesn't mean that its a service to just make up some stuff and publish it to get something out there. It might be better to do some footwork and get the facts so you are putting out information that will stick and not require later your readers correcting your inaccurate reporting.

NoMi Passenger said...

Scoop, what exactly are you claiming to be inaccurate? You haven't pointed to something more concrete than what is posted here.

I was the neighbor who was in the area when the flash bang went off and deputies cars were flying around the streets and alleys.

For your information, the cops there weren't giving up a lick of info not even a hint as to what type of raid.

But I've seen many a drug raid and can tell you for sure this one was much more heavily armed, including the armored vehicle, the only photo of that armored vehicle to be captured and displayed anywhere on the northside, perhaps anywhere in the City, do you know of another picture of that special operations vehicle?

Yes, you are correct that the raid *could* have been meth related, but are you stating it as a fact? You are merely quoting another person who is merely speculating themselves.

The comment thread is open to add to the discussion and certainly put some more facts out there. But the truth is if this blog post wasn't here then there wouldn't even be the fact that there was any raid at all.

You know, Scoop, blogspot is free, and you too can start a blog and tell the neighborhood stories and make it as factual as you want, or not.

But to somehow come to a neighborhood blog and state the bloggers and neighbors who contribute aren't doing enough because they aren't chasing down cold hard facts when you yourself aren't offering up anything more concrete is just hypocritical in my book.

But anyways, you got the discussion going and now the speculation that it was meth related is out there. The only reason I ruled out meth is that the cops weren't operating with the typical hazmat suits like you think of with meth raids, and they didn't condemn the house. Yet there was someone arrested, so why was he arrested?

Johnny Northside! said...

There is not a single piece of inaccurate information in that blog post. And it's not just bloggers who "go with what (we) have," the mainstream media does the same thing.

As the winner of three high profile blogging awards, including being named "Blogger of the year" twice by City Pages, I don't even remotely feel the need to explain to you how writing about a scary police raid NOBODY else wrote about is a service to the community in which the raid happened.

Anonymous said...

If you want to get more information about this raid, you can go to the government center 11th floor clerks office and get a copy of the search warrant. You need the address of the property and the date it was raided the search warrant would have been filed within a short time after the raid. There will be a host of information in the search warrant as to what the police suspect was going in there. Just a tip.

Johnny Northside! said...

Very cool. I've never dug into search warrants in a systematic way. Sounds like a good time.

But if I was on the 11th floor of the Hennepin County Government Building right now, you know what I'd do?

I'd run down to the skyway level and enjoy the first Starbucks green tea frappachino since I had R&R leave from Afghanistan.

Hell, I bet I'd drink TWO.

THEN I'd think about looking up that search warrant.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to say, I know 1st hand directly from the female who had her name on the bills and lease at 2654 Morgan. That Her boyfriend just hours before, had brought 2 handguns into her house, unknown to her. They were arrested that day of Aug 17 2011, she had broken up with him several days before hand, but early that morning of the 17th, he came to her door asking for a place to sleep, because he had no where else to go. She, out of the kindness of her heart, let him in to get some rest. All charges against her were dropped, and she has been released from jail. It turns out that he had felony warrants, and a lengthy criminal background which is public. The police had been following, and keeping tabs on him, and because he had used her addresss for a mailing address. They waited until he returned there to visit, knowing that eventually he would. Someone (maybe an accomplice or fellow snitch) had told the police that he had loaded weapons on his person and had 5 years military service served in Iraq. Therefore, the explaination for the armoured vehicle and special equipment used by the task force was due to the weapons and his military background which included PTSD. These are the facts. NOTE: to the individual who had taken notice of all her hard work around that house and sorrounding area, it is nice to hear positive feedback... I am sure it will be appreciated.