Thursday, August 18, 2011

Johnny Northside Location Update For Spanky Pete Rickmyer Includes Airspace Of Greenland...

Random photo (venomous snake of Afghanistan) and blog post by John Hoff

I promised, in a previous blog post, to give Level Three Sex Offender Peter "Spanky Pete" Rickmyer an opportunity to serve me with his quasi-legal, gibberish-filled pseudo lawsuit during my stateside R&R leave from Afghanistan. So I need to give Spanky regular, helpful clues about my location. Here's where I've been today...

First of all, defining "today" is difficult. I keep gaining time by running away from the sun, just as surely as I gain time by running away from Spanky Pete and his process servers. Today the sun rose upon me in Shannon, Ireland, during a layover. At some point, according to the "YOU ARE HERE" map projected on the inflight movie screen, we veered near Iceland and (it looked like to me) actually entered the coastal airspace of Greenland.

I was asleep when we crossed into Canadian airspace. Looking down below, not realizing how long I'd actually slept, what I took to be Newfoundland was, oh my word, possibly eastern Ohio. So pardon me Pete, sometimes even I don't know where I am to within several hundred miles.

But I can tell you exactly where I am this very moment: a bar at the Atlanta airport, where I just renewed the wireless internet plan for my computer so I can blog, blog, blog during R&R.

(Spanky Pete voice)

"Careful, that's not a friendly trouser snake!"

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