Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Put This One In Your "Historypin App," Hawthorne Hawkman! North Minneapolis Prostitution From Days Of Yore...

Stock photo, (unknown if this is location described, odds are it's not) blog post by John Hoff

While I was Googling "North Minneapolis" and trying to catch up with life "on the homefront" before flying stateside for some R&R away from Afghanistan, the omniscient Gods Of Google suggested a story from 1999 about a "family run" house of prostitution...

Click here for the newspaper article, which is in that crazy "old print media now put online" format which is, well, I just find it cumbersome to read. But I took the time to read it.

As is so often true of "dead tree media," the article kept the exact location of the house a secret. Do any non-anonymous, trustworthy readers have an idea where this house was?

It was in the course of catching up that I was re-reading Hawthorne Hawkman's recent articles about the "historypin app," articles that were written in the context of Friedman's Shoe Store without making mention of their run down, dreary glass which makes that whole part of West Broadway look just plain seedy.

(Hawkman is tactful. Me, not so much)

So when I ran across the article about "North Minneapolis prostitution in days of yore," (well, 1999) I couldn't help but think, wow, put THAT in your history app and leave the money on the dresser.


Anonymous said...

I don't know the exact North Minneapolis address, but two appeals decisions are located at


I think they had more than one location, one of which was at 4237 Georgia in Crystal.

Anonymous said...

What's with your pre-occupation about prostitution. Why would you sit in Afganistan googling north minneapolis prostitutes. You can just to to if you want to save time. From what i've heard if you want some in Afganistan you're better off talking to the boys.

The Hawthorne Hawkman said...

The most recent date allowed on the historypin app is 2001, and I assume that will change to 2002 in another few months. So anything 10 years old or older can be uploaded and dated accurately on that site.

As far as my use for the website and application, I plan to use it for much older photos. Although folks should save pictures of houses in NoMi given the spate of demolitions.

Johnny Northside! said...

To the second anonymous:

Funny thing was, I only Googled "North Minneapolis" and hit the "news" function.

"Prostitution" wasn't even in the search terms.

Google spit out this article in a little list of, well, I guess you could say "historic" news articles.