Friday, August 26, 2011

5th Ward City Councilman Don Samuels Gives Weekly Address: Youth Violence

Video by Steve Hogan, 5th Ward Council Aide

In this week's video address from 5th Ward City Councilman Don Samuels discusses the recent youth violence that has occurred around the northside. While we have seen drastic reductions in crime overall, there is a crisis among the youth in our community with a deadly, devastating propensity for gun violence.

Remember, call 9-1-1 when you see suspicious activity. If a crowd of youth is gathering, go ahead and call 9-1-1 and report the gathering, it might save a life. If it turns out to be completely innocent, the worst that will happen is your block will have an extra squad car rolling by.

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Silence Dogood said...

Well Don you talk about parents to stand up and be there for their kids, but some of these parents are still kids themselves. You talk Curfew, but, I have yet to see Northside Police arrest kids for being out past curfew. There are to many people that don't care about the Northside Families then "cry because a kid died" it shouldn't have came to this for our Activist and Council folk to speak out.

Johnny Northside! said...

Silence Do Good,

I looked over your blog connected from your profile, and it strongly reminds me of other "anonymous blog" efforts by none other than Don "Shakedown Blogger" Allen.

Your spelling and grammar reminds me of him, too. Unnecessary capitalization of words. Commas where they don't belong and then missing commas where they DO belong.

Do me a favor and use "lose" and "loose" in a sentence...?

Anonymous said...

Foul Johnny, Dogood has some points-

Many of the Northsides problems can be directly attributed to a lack of social development of the "parents" who still have adolescent values. How do we expect their children (or children' s children) to aspire to greater moral values.

He is also correct in stating that there is a dramatic lack of enforcement of misdemeanor crimes and abhorrent social behaviors that reinforce an escalation to violent crime.

He is spot on that child killings in minority communities make a wonderful photo op for politicians who have always had the resources to implement real change and better law enforcement.

"Loose' the attitude regarding grammar unless you only want the opinion of WASP communication majors. After all, this format shouldn't require formal dissertation.

Johnny Northside! said...

I wasn't taking issue with most of what Silence Dogood said, but in my observation Don "Shakedown Blogger" Allen often has some things to say that one might agree with, starting off low key and sensible...

Then he goes into some kind of freaky psycho diatribe about Don Samuels not being "black enough" or Lennie Chism being fit to run for public office or some other such madness.

If it's Don Allen starting yet another blog that won't get very far off the ground, I want to know it's Don Allen before I waste time paying it any attention.

And I am an equal opportunity grammar cop.

Please note it should be "Northside's problems."

Possessive. Not plural.

JamesNeighbor said...

One of my neighbor's sons was held up at gunpoint on his front porch the other day. He's lived here for 17 years and now he wants to buy a gun for home protection.

I'm ambivalent about having more guns around, especially if kids are in the house. The perceived protection from having firearms in the house has to be balanced against the very real possibility that something horribly wrong can happen.

The neighbor thinks that his son was robbed by an out of town criminal from Chicago; somebody who knows the crime rate is down in Minneapolis in the past few years and wants to take advantage of our relatively peaceful area. So, for now, we're back in a vicious cycle. Hopefully it will be gone as quickly as it appeared.

Johnny Northside! said...

Here's how I look at the gun issue: if you're going to buy a gun for home protection, get a big ass rifle. It's not going to end up on the street inside of some kid's baggy ass pants. It's going to stay right in your home and get used for home protection.

Close friends of mine are familiar with my gigantic rifle, which is currently stored with a close friend in North Minneapolis. When I say it's big, well, let's just say that if I attach the bayonet, it's taller than ME.

Clearly, even if the rifle is stolen, it's highly unlikely to be used in a drive by, a drug store robbery, etc. As for being hidden in some kid's baggy ass pants, that's pretty much impossible.

Anonymous said...

About using a rifle, such as a 30-06 for home defense. That rifle bullet can travel 3-4 miles and pass through like 17-25 walls before it stops moving. Human flesh and bone is something it will pass through like a hot knife through butter. You're best with a shotgun, a 12 gauge loaded with #6-#8 shot and a modified choke. This is ideal for fleshy objects 3-40 feet away and the shot won't pass through very many walls before it has expended its energy.

Johnny Northside! said...

Oh, please. Note even a 50 cal can travel through 17 to 25 walls.

I'm well aware of the tendency of bullets to pass through bodies and end up god knows where. But if you're in an upstairs bedroom and shooting downward, where will the bullet go? Into the earth's core.

I totally agree that a shotgun is much better for home defense. But if all you've got is 99 bucks, and you can buy an old Russian sniper rifle for that amount, well, you just have to go with what you've got. It's much better than the 22 rifle I used to have.

However, when I come back from Afghanistan I am looking forward to buying a better firearm, and saving the Russian rifle for, like, deer hunting. So the rifle in question will most likely NEVER be used for home defense.

What kind of shotgun and ammo do you recommend?

Anonymous said...

When it comes to penetration estimates for high powered rifles, I prefer to err on the side of safety, as a 30-06 can go through about 2 feet of white pine. Here's a list of tables giving plywood penetrations for various bullets, though no 30-06.

As for the shotgun a 12 gauge with #6 pheasant loads would work well for short distances used inside a house, but for penetrating through a wall or door someone maybe shooting through towards you, I'd have to say 000 buck through a full choke would be the way to go, but it may pass through about a house and a half, whereas the number 6 will go through an oak board floor and through ceiling plaster only to mar the oak floor boards beneath, speaking from experience.

Anonymous said...

I prefer the High Standard Automatic shotgun, since it's compact.

Anonymous said...

Actually, what I prefer and what I'd suggest are two different things. I suggest a Remington model 870.

Johnny Northside! said...

Ironic that in the very same neighborhood we need to think about homeowners putting guns INTO their hands while thinking about keeping guns OUT of the hands of the youth.

Anonymous said...

Cops do enforce the curfew ordinance, when we can. It can be done on a weekday, but on a weekend, forget it!

Our staffing levels have been cut, year after year. We haven't had a new recruit class in years, and the down and dirty beat cops eventually get moved/promoted, etc.

I should note a homicide/shooting scene can tie up 10+ cops for 6-8 hours (or more).

Hell, even when you make a good arrest and get another gun off the street, the fair and "Honorables" down in the Hennepin County Government Center line up to tell you what you did wrong and why the defendant was "simply in the wrong place at the wrong time."

We're doing what we can to hold it together with duct tape, boot laces and a bag full of wishful thinking.

Anonymous said...

Man, when I was a kid hot rodding around the western suburbs, I hated cops. I had 3 ongoing speeding violations every year till my 30th birthday. But, since moving to the North Side I really feel for you guys. Seems like the cops are asked to do quite a bit with very little support. Unfortunately, these posts may be the only candid dialog the average citizen gets with NoMi patrol officers.
If you are for real, keep up the good work and expand your dialog so that local residents can get a better insight regarding how law enforcement operates and how we can help.

Anonymous said...

Nobody likes cops, they point out that you're not following the rules and nobody likes being told what to do. Cops don't even like Cops.

As funny as it sounds, cops are seen as "the man" but when we're given orders, we're the biggest bunch of pirates out there (who the hell is "X" to tell me where I can or cannot go on break!!!)

As far as most of the northside cops, we're generally a pretty tolerent group; if you're half-assed respectful and simply acknowledge that you "may have" made a boo-boo you'll probably skate with a warning.

Anonymous said...

Just a cop I have a question- Whats the deal with 911 and patrol units not being linked to city inspections or social services?

I mean, when a call goes out for criminal behavior at a location and cops see nuisance conditions and child welfare concerns, how come that information isn't automatically refereed to a City department so that it can be resolved rather than rinse and repeat visits? Why do local citizens need to call 311 the next day to report these activities? Who do we talk to to change this?

boathead said...

I am personally tired of people blaming cops for anything. This is an age-old ploy, one of many, that take the focus off of the fucking perpetrator and try to place it on our civil authorities. These are Shitcago based manipulative, and diabolically conceived, methods that remove any responsiblity of the pathetic Woman-Man-child that refuses to raise their children and never should have fucking had any to begin with. Let me make this clear that this is an affliction that affects all skin pigments and is based on the theory that any said individual will continue to be a parasitical piece of penniless shit that will mooch for their personal eternity.Good Day

Johnny Northside! said...


If your comment is in reaction to the comment above yours...

I don't know if the person who made the comment is BLAMING authorities so much as asking about a way the system might be more efficient.

On another topic...

Remington Model 870? Why? Is it cost effective? A good gun for not that much money?

Anonymous said...

Hey Boathead,

Put down the bottle and read the posts before commenting.

My point is that without contributing any documentation to resolve the social maladies or problem properties issues, repeatedly responding to criminal complaints at the same location is akin to Einstein's definition of insanity.

I know Joe Patrolman doesn't have the ability to change the system, but Somebody (Mayor, Councilperson, Attorney General, or Police Chief) must have the brains to see that law enforcement is spinning it's wheels in an effort to diminish crime.

You are right, Violent crime is a symptom of much larger social problems. But until the City starts getting serious and supporting police efforts with all the elements at it's disposal,these activities will continue and the low community livability will prevent revitalization.

boathead said...

Anonameass 9:42 needs to put the crack pipe down and possibly comprehend what the fuck generalization consists of, and also learn that projectionism is another one of the traits rhat anonameasses like to convey. I do not drink,Bitch, any more than you smoke crack,Motherfucker, and cops are always getting the short end of the fucking stick. I am tired of fucking scum-shit eating assholes whether i can see them or respond to a pussy-ass comment from an anonameass"source". I am 100 percent Pro-Cop and will continue to state that anyone who isn't, is breaking the law presently, or getting the fuck ready to. My message was, and is,addressed to all anonameasses. If you think it applies to you than by all means take it with a grain of salt and a carton of fucking Ex-Lax and proceed to defecate in your own mouth..if you think this applies to you, that is. Buenas fuckin'Noches.