Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Spear Still Sticking Out Of Slumlord Keith Reitman's House Months After North Minneapolis Tornado...

Photo by Megan Goodmundson, xoxo, blog post by John Hoff

In a previous blog post, North Minneapolis "super citizen" Megan Goodmundson documented the "debri spear" sticking out of a house long after the North Minneapolis tornado. Megan didn't name the slumlord owner in question but...

...given the distinctive "Keith Reitman blue" color of the house, it wasn't hard for readers to guess.

Megan checked on the house recently and sent me the photo, above.

Yup. The spear is still sticking in the house.

Well, I say, the race is on. Which will happen first? Will Keith Reitman pull the spear out of his house? Or will Friedman's Shoe Store fix its ugly, disgusting "butt glass?"

I hate to say it, but my money is on Slumlord Keith Reitman.

(Blogging from the scenic Mississippi Gulf Coast on R&R leave)


Anonymous said...

You can always spot Reitman's shit - he uses that butt ugly blue gray!!

Silence Dogood said...

I think that most of the slum lords know what they are going to do with the properties, hopefully collect the insurance money and sell the property to a better landlord.

Well, if they were smart they would.

Anonymous said...

No Way Dogood,

If they had any insurance on the property they will pocket the cash.

They will wait for the city to force them to make repairs (which may never happen)and throw some ugly patch job on the structure. In the mean time they will continue to rent the house as is under section 8 and collect huge subsidies for their paltry investment...