Saturday, August 20, 2011

Update On The Johnny Northside "To Tell The Truth" Lawsuit...

Photo and blog post by John Hoff

Pictured above, an Afghan flag that I mailed to my lawyer, Paul Godfread, as a thank you gift for all the great work he has been doing in the infamous Moore v. Hoff lawsuit.

As most regular readers know, this blogger said disgraced former JACC executive director Jerry Moore was involved in a fraudulent mortgage at 1564 Hillside Ave. N. (because Jerry Moore was, and that makes him a low down, dirty, no-good, neighborhood-wrecking scum snake) and Moore (incredibly) sued for defamation.

The jury ruled this blogger did not defame Moore, but then the case took a strange bounce because of "tortious telling of the truth" and (as some legal experts have pointed out) a flawed jury instruction form.

Currently, we are still patiently waiting for a response to our "Motion For Judgment As A Matter of Law," supported by an amicus curie brief filed by the Minnesota Chapter of the Society for Professional Journalists. (And have I thanked them lately? Here's another public thanks)

In the interim, while awaiting word on the Moore lawsuit, I have been to the other side of the world as part of...

...a military deployment to Afghanistan. However, at this moment I am taking R&R leave so I can spend some time with my son before school starts. Yes, it's pretty early for R&R, but only so many soldiers can leave the Forward Operating Base at one time, so I volunteered to go in mid-August to early September.

As for the flag, it was mailed yesterday from a post office in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

Oh--! Heads up, Spanky Pete process servers, it's a Johnny Northside location clue!

And at this very moment, I am at an airport, eating a Rueben sandwich. Last night, in an effort to save money on hotel expen--UM, I MEAN AVOID SCARY PROCESS SERVERS!!!--I slept in my car in a parking lot on the ocean front.

Further location clues will constantly follow, so Peter "Spanky Pete" Rickmyer will have a fair and square chance to serve me with his intellectual dung heap of pseudo-legal gibberish.


Anonymous said...

Johnny, how did you manage to get leave after only 3 months overseas? I have a friend in the national guard and he wasnt able to come home during any of his four deployments.

absentcarlo said...

I just have to say I've enjoyed your blog immensely. As a St. Paulite, I wish we had some folks doing the same over here. My girlfriend in SOMI was totally skeptical about reading it but is now a big fan. I haven't kept up on the lawsuit, but the basis of it is absolutely crazy. Keep up the good work and stay safe in Afghanistan.

Johnny Northside! said...

To Anonymous,

I don't know what to tell you about your friend. That doesn't sound accurate unless your friend was in some highly critical position where he just couldn't take leave.

As for how I got leave so soon: only a certain number of soldiers can take leave at once. The period of time shortly after deployment is available for leave, but not a popular choice because, well,

1.) Hell, I just GOT here.

2.) When I get back, it will be a long haul.

Nevertheless, that period of time is available for R&R leave if a soldier volunteers to take leave shortly after getting "into theater." In fact, some soldiers can ONLY get that period of time because all the other blocks of time are booked.

Remember, only a certain percentage can take leave at once. We can't leave the FOB understaffed to be overrun by the Taliban!

Since I wanted to spend some time with my son during the end of his summer vacation, I put in for R &R leave and I got it.

In fact, I actually put in for it even before I left the U.S. because we all had to give our leave times THAT early.