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Jill Clark's Advocate Diana Longrie, What We Know, And A Lot More We Don't...

Facebook image from profile of Diana Longrie, "Diana Longrie for US Congress," used under First Amendment Fair Comment and Criticism, blog post by John Hoff

This blog has already touched upon "Who Is Diana Longrie," the controversial former Mayor of Maplewood involved in what was been labeled the "Maplewood Meltdown" of that city's municipal government.

Apparently fond of spectacular meltdown situations, Longrie recently stepped into the Jill Clark health and law license disciplinary mess, taking on at least one of Clark's civil cases and, at one point, acting as Clark's advocate in proceedings.

Behind the scenes, one attentive researcher has been forwarding me links, shared below, and also passed along an interesting piece of gossip...

There was apparently a rumor Longrie was, at one point, contemplating running for judge.

She's certainly not doing that at the moment, no, rather she's making a "pissing in the wind" run for Congress against a perfectly satisfactory incumbent in her own party. All the same, my behind the scenes source wonders if the whole "I want to run for judge" thing is one of the connections between Longrie and Jill Clark. Due to a conservative streak among many members of the judiciary and bar association, it may be that slightly more than 50 percent of lawyers believe "you shouldn't run against a judge unless he's a really bad judge."

"Really bad judge" being defined as, "The entire bar association thinks the judge is bad and officially rates him/her as a bad judge" not "He drives Jill Clark crazy but crazy is pretty much her status quo."

So merely having some enthusiasm to run for judge against an incumbant--simply to contemplate it as a desirable course of action--would put attorney Diana Longrie in a philosophical frame of mind shared by (sort of) attorney Jill Clark.

HOWEVER, Longrie is not running for a judicial spot so if there's any truth to the rumor, well, what of it? Something to file away in the back of one's mind if the issue comes up in the future.

My position continues to be "Longrie and Clark must have made contact with each other over that lame case "Ramb Enterprises Ltd vs Patricia M Gearin, Wipers Recycling LLC." Longrie used to represent Gearin and Wipers Recycling. Now Clark represents them, or did until being placed, it appears, on "disability inactive" status.

At some point Longrie and Clark must have talked and it was like, "Diana, I feel like I've known you all my life! You're like the imaginary friend I never had! Let's dress my kitty cat like a baby!"

"No, no, I want to play LAWYER!" cries Longrie.

"Let's pretend the kitty was a BAD kitty!" Jill suggests, compromising.

"And we'll defend him!" Longrie agrees.

"FRIENDS FOREVER!" the two cry, together. (Caught in their embrace and wearing an ill-fitting dolly dress, the cat lets out a piercing shriek and fights to run away)

That's pretty much how I picture it.

In the meantime, one of my helpful behind-the-scenes researchers sent these links outlining "Who is Diana Longrie?"

1.) Minnesota Independent compares Longrie's reign in Maplewood with Sarah Palin's governance of Alaska, and not in a good way, click here.

2.) Here's an article from a blog in Maplewood--very sad that it's so inactive lately--which is about Maplewood trying to "back out of a ditch" from the Longrie Reign of Terror, click here. 

3.) There was another blog called "What's Left of Maplewood" which raised its voice about the issues surrounding Longrie in a style that is hard to imitate, but makes me think, "If Johnny Northside was in an alternate universe, and was known as Johnny Maplewood, he (um, I) would write like this, click here.

4.) Here's an article, click here, which outlines Longrie's political evolution. Apparently she has been, at one time or another, a republican, a democrat, and a "crossover" candidate who sought the support of the Independence Party.  To this I say: Longrie, my seat at the Green Party table is now empty and you can have it if you like.

5.) Here is a PDF of the court case which outlines many of the issues which swirled around the Maplewood Meltdown, click here.

A question was raised by my behind-the-scenes researcher and I think it's a good question, so I'm throwing it out there:

Are there any more connections between Jill Clark and the people involved in the "Maplewood Meltdown" BESIDES Diana Longrie?


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2500 idiots voted for Longrie. You could run a Dalmatian, and with the firehouse vote get more than 2500.