Thursday, August 9, 2012

JNS BLOG EXCLUSIVE: Raid At 2711 Humboldt Ave. N. Reveals Incredible Paper Trail Of Who Is Connected To The Property...

Contributed photo, blog post by John Hoff

Yesterday morning there was a police raid at 2711 Humboldt Ave. N. in Minneapolis, complete with flash bang grenades, a SWAT team, Animal Control and (my personal favorite) a mobile crime lab. This, unfortunately, is not so unusual as our neighborhood struggles to make itself better, with the police on the leading edge of that fight.

What's notable is what the paper trial on the property revealed...

According to Hennepin County Property Records, click here, as well as City of Minneapolis property records, click here, the house is a rental owned by Donald G. Swensrud.

Swensrud is active with the Tea Party and with Landlord Politics Dot Com, a website where North Minneapolis slumlords often express issues from their own morally stunted point of view. Click here for a photo gallery at Landlord Politics where "Don" Swensrud can be seen, albeit not very well.

Looking into tax information about the property, it appears Don's "domestic partner" (unconfirmed if they are married) and co-owner of the property is Mary O'Connor.

Oh. Another interesting name. She's an Office and Administrative Specialist with the State of Minnesota since 1983. She is also the Libertarian Party Treasurer (using the home she shares with Don at 5429 Lyndale Ave. N. as the mailing address for donations) and--oh, wait for it, wait for it, this is the best part!!!!


Meanwhile, here are three more pictures of the dramatic police raid on their property rental property.

Not that Mary O'Connor and her third party quest for County Commissioner ever had a realistic chance, but it would be interesting to hear her explanation of why all those officers had to spend all those public tax dollars raiding the property she owns along with Don Swensrud.

Also, I just have to wonder if the money being paid by the tenants at that property (is has a provisional rental license, according to online city records) was Section 8 money? Or did Mary and Don stick to purist libertarian principals and demand nothing but cash earned by the honorable sweat of their tenants' brows, preferably in gold and silver coin?


Anonymous said...

She is a 29-year state employee who is running on a platform of smaller government?

Anonymous said...

"She is a 29-year state employee who is running on a platform of smaller government?"

Tea Party baby!

Means they are immune to contradictions and dissonance.
The best way to break the bad government is to LOOT it.

Anonymous said...

There seems to be a lot of hypocrisy involved with these people.

Smaller government wouldn't have the resources to put this much manpower into shielding the neighborhood, community, and their investment from their bad decision making.

Landlord Politics assumes that investors can make sound rental decisions without government oversight which is apparently not the case.

Tea Party family values frown on cohabitation as "Domestic Partners".

In fact the only unifying fabric in these peoples lives seems to be...GREED!

Is this the best that the Libertarian party can do?

I know I am going to send a huge contribution of my appreciation to their home at -

Libertarian Party of Minnesota
c/o Mary O'Connor
5429 Lyndale Ave N
Brooklyn Center, MN 55430

Maybe some of their drug dealing tenants want to contribute also?

Anonymous said...

I live in this neighborhood and want to thank Mary O'Connor for the lack of oversight in our community.

As a long term state government employee maybe your wages could be garnished to reimburse the local tax payers for the cost of cleaning up the mess you have created.

That does fit in your political agenda doesn't it?

Thanks Mary!

Anonymous said...

This is one example of why even though I have some generally libertarian beliefs, I will never be a capital "L" Libertarian. Also why I might sympathize in part with, but could never associate with the Tea Party movement.

Being a self-reliant and truly free member of society requires a bit more personal responsibility than what is exhibited here.

chouette harfang said...

Libertarians are truly cheaters in a societal fabric that at its core is based on reciprocity and a certain amount of self-sacrifice. They don't seem to understand their desire/demands to live as non-participants in this system is actually enabled by an incredible civic infrastructure (and industrial, economic, educational, etc.) that by design supports common welfare fueled by individual contributions. In other words, marching around Mpls (as a government worker no less!) and claim self-reliance while refusing to recognize the collective efforts providing the transportation, safety, food, fuel, that are only attainable in a cooperatively-acting group is mind-boggling. True libertarianism is wearing clothing you harvested, spun and wove by hand; living in a home you built from raw lumber, etc.--I highly doubt many of these Rand-ites could handle a day away from an iPhone, much less collect daily water from a stream. Forget Ron Paul's idyllic early 19th fantasy, these selfish antisocialists want to return to Plio-Pleistocene. Modern humans never would have left the savannas of East Africa without first developing these very principles of cooperation Libertarians turn the noses up at. Maybe if I met one grinding amaranth and wearing a deerskin loincloth tanned with his own piss I might change my mind.

Anonymous said...


Incident Location: 27** Humboldt AV N

Date and Time: 8/8/2012 8:00:00 AM - 8/8/2012 2:00:00 PM

Primary Offenses: Narcotics Violation

Public Information:

This is a Safe Streets Task Force narcotics investigation. Officers executed a narcotics search warrant at the above address and recovered a quantity of suspected marijuana. AP1 was booked HCJ for PC Narcotics.



Arrested Parties, if any (name - age / Address Apt No City, State Zip):

Jerrod Jackson - 32 / 002711 Humboldt AV N MINNEAPOLIS, MN 55411

Anonymous said...

Living a private lie is one thing, Promoting lies and offering yourself up as public leaders in the community are another.

Shame on you Mary O'Connor and Don Swensrud!

Anonymous said...

Narcotics? Marijuana?What?"In individuals insanity is rare, but in groups, parties, nations and epochs it is the rule."...but may be truly said of our drug policy, "Insanity is repeating the same behavior over and over and expecting a different result."
Yes --an "insane" drug policy -- executed by agencies facing no repercussions for failure, led by indifferent management, and overseen by a Congress by turns hysterical, cynical or indifferent.
RE drug war we are spending billions fighting marijuana a benign herb!= insanity,Please spend your efforts and my tax dollars fighting heroin,cocain,meth,illiteracy,hunger,This war on pot is insane .gateway drug you say ,100% of convict murderers drank milk as babies so dont give your children milk...

Johnny Northside! said...

Do you have anything to say that applies SPECIFICALLY to what I'm writing about in this post, or do you just go around copying and pasting your comments about the so-called "war on drugs" various places on the internet?