Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Word Of Another FBI Raid Monday Or Tuesday Last Week At 8AM At 3454/3456 Girard Ave. N.

Creative stock photo, blog post by John Hoff

In the wake of social media discussions about yesterday's dramatic FBI raid at 3851 Emerson Ave. N., word came in a Facebook forum about another FBI raid that took place "Monday or Tuesday last week" at about 8 am. The target of the raid was reportedly 3454 and 3456 Girard Ave. N., a duplex...

The raid appeared to involve more than one police agency and some men with jackets that said "FBI" were observed by a witness who was forced to stay inside his truck when the raid suddenly happened. The information was passed on by an individual who talked to the truck driver.

The address in question is owned by Rupel and Renette Marshall of 437 Brassie Park, Illinois according to online city property records, click here.

The address has been mentioned on the website of the 4th Precinct CARE Task Force as a problem property by reason of no rental license. Click here for a report of no rental license though out-of-state owners are listed. Another report on the same website is basically a duplicate of the first one, click here. There appear to be no other mentions of problems at the property that I can find online.

An entity calling itself "Vibe Productions" or "Vibes Productions" has used this place as its address. I would take this to be some kind of musical operation based on the name but one listing online places it in the category of bridal shops. Others say video production.

Information about this purported entity isn't really fleshed out online. Sounds like more of a dream and an assertion than a concrete reality.

Information about this raid is very thin. Anybody who has more info, please kick it my way. FBI raids on two homesteaded duplexes in North Minneapolis seems like kind of a pattern. Are we finally getting some action with well-documented problem houses? Are "controlled buys" taking place?

Inquiring minds want to know in NoMi.

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Johnny Northside! said...

This is what Mike Martin, head of the 4th Precinct, said today about this raid in a Facebook forum.

"The warrant on Girard was the FBI Safe Streets Task Force and I can't discuss the case, but it should help us reduce violence on the Northside."