Sunday, August 5, 2012

Roger Smithrud Has A Sign, And It's Just As Nice As OTHER Candidates' Signs. Yay! Roger Is Just Like A Real Candidate! Well, Except For That Whole Snowball's Chance In Hell Thing...

Contributed photo, blog post by John Hoff

Roger Smithrud, whose rightful ownership of the title "perennial also ran" is exceeded only by his eerie resemblance to a garden gnome, has a VERY NICE SIGN.

See photo, above.

The appearance of this single sign in North Minneapolis is the first I've heard of Roger Smithrud running for Hennepin County Commissioner District 2. If it's the LAST I hear, though, it wouldn't surprise me a bit.

Looking on Roger Smithrud's website, (I bet he didn't have to fight anybody hard for that domain name) we see some of the painful, cringe-inducing reasons Roger will always be an inconsequential ballot ornament and not a viable candidate...

Roger says, and I quote, one of the most important things he stands for is "Having living wage Jobs, having employer's (sic) that are capable and willing to provide living wage jobs."

Great, Roger. Perhaps you should first learn the correct way to pluralize "employers." It doesn't need an apostrophe, Roger. Thus it can be said Roger Smithrud, candidate for Hennepin County District 2 Commissioner, literally can't CORRECTLY WRITE the word "employers."

Honestly, if you're running for political office and your English skills are lacking that much, find yourself an English major to proofread stuff before you make it public. Stuff like this makes it obvious any campaign by Smithrud is "Roger against the world," with nobody assisting, no bandwagon falling in behind his compelling persona and ideas, just...


The rest of the website is similarly sad. But there is no glory in beating on a garden gnome, so I shall draw the curtain on this sad political state of affairs.


The Hawthorne Hawkman said...

There are actually about a half-dozen Smithrud signs around my neck of the woods, on Penn, Queen, Oliver, and 26th. Which probably amount to the number of votes he'll get.

Johnny Northside! said...

Doesn't Smithrud's brother own some property in North Minneapolis? Maybe Smithrud is posting sign's on property owned by his family?

Of course, LAWNS don't vote.

In fairness to Roger, however, he did wipe the floor with Lennie Chism's scalp in that Fifth Ward City Council election.

Tim Bonham said...

Except that his sign fails to include the legally required languag "Prepared and paid for by ...", from what I can see in the picture.

They take that stuff seriously. I once had to testify in the case of a candidate about lawn signs; she had to pay a major fine about them.