Monday, August 20, 2012

Now Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Blogging; Lawyer Fees Sought Against Level Three Sex Offender Peter "Spanky Pete" Rickmyer...

Contributed photo of Peter "Spanky Pete" Rickmyer, blog post by John Hoff

To anybody coming to this blog as part of the wave of recent publicity surrounding the Appeals Court Decision in Moore v. Hoff, see this previous blog posts about that topic including link to the ruling.

And now back to routine blog business...

Peter Rickmyer, a/k/a "Spanky Pete," the Level Three sex offender known for filing frivolous lawsuits against numerous citizens in North Minneapolis, including this blogger, may finally be facing the end of his long, litigious trail...

After he was declared a frivolous litigant by the district court, unable to file any more lawsuits without a lawyer signing on, what did Pete do? He went out and found a lawyer who was half-sane at best, Jill Clark, who was also the lawyer in Moore v. Hoff. Rather than filing something halfway competent on his behalf, it appears Clark more or less just signed off on Pete's bizarre word salad.

Now with Jill Clark in the midst of a spectacular lawyer discipline and (purported) health crisis, no other attorney seems to be coming to Pete's rescue. The coterie of loser lawyers surrounding Jill Clark have, to varying degrees, leaped to the assistance of Clark herself and recently sought approval to file a crazy "mass evacuation to federal court" document on behalf of every Clark client, criminal and civil, including Rickmyer. But unlike the specific rescue attempt launched for a case filed on behalf of Eric Yzaguirre, no substitute counsel seems to be leaping to the assistance of sex offender Peter Rickmyer.

And, based on recent filings, Rickmyer appears to be floundering and facing a severe financial spanking of lawyer fees and likely dismissal of his case.

A recent order, click here for a PDF of that document, directs victorious defendant Michael Browne to submit documentation of his extensive attorney fees.

In the meantime, a letter from the courts directed to Jill Clark says, in effect, hurry up and get some substitute counsel because this matter will be heard on October 10 in regard to a motion to dismiss. Here is an actual order for the hearing, though it says much the same thing, click here.

This blogger is planning to join that motion. So far, however, Clark's people haven't even successfully served this blogger with the lawsuit. I would probably post "Where In The World Is Johnny Northside" location clues, but it's no fun when the other side isn't even TRYING.

(Pouty face)

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Anonymous said...

Mark, Nancy, and Sue say hello Peter. You put us through hell over the years and you will not be allowed to do it anymore. Best of luck,John in your work to free us of from this sexually perverted child molester.