Monday, August 13, 2012

Strange Clothing Color Choices For Kalvin White, Latest North Minneapolis Murder Victim...

Facebook images from profiles associated with Kalvin White, used under First Amendment Fair Comment and Criticism, blog post by John Hoff

In a perfect world, a person could wear any kind of color they liked and that would be just fine. Some dude wants to wear a pink shirt? Hey, it looks GOOD on you. Some young person wants to get all dressed up in red or blue and walk to a corner store in North Minneapolis? Just make sure the clothes are CLEAN. Hey, it's getting cold outside. Better put on your hoodie.

But it's not a perfect world. In fact...

...the colors red and blue are associated with gang affiliation. So are 5 pointed stars, and 6 pointed stars. Other symbols reference gang affiliation, too. You're either on one side, or you're on the other. So choose your ensemble carefully before you go out walking.

But riddle me this...

How is it that Kalvin White, who called himself and/or his musical group "40 The Prince," can be seen on Facebook posing in RED, wearing BLUE, and also using a 6-pointed star on what appears to be an album cover? These outfits are not chosen by accident.

I don't have an answer. At first I thought this guy might be affiliated with the "Moes" or Almighty P-Stone Nation. I don't think that anymore, not after I notice that prominent use of a 6-pointed star. But Moes wear RED. This guy Kalvin White is pictured wearing red, but also wearing BLUE.

In fact, he published a photo of his girlfriend (he called her his "boo") wearing BLUE.

Has Kalvin White been switching gang affiliations? No. That doesn't happen, at least not from one side of the great divide to the other.

Has he been trying to affiliate with both side? Well, I think that's closer to the truth, but here's my speculation...which I admit is speculation.

Kalvin was trying to make music for BOTH sides. He was using the colors and symbols of BOTH sides, as though reaching out to both sides.

Note the two "album cover" images above, one in red, one in blue.

Did this guy actually think warring street factions who, for example, shoot into a house and kill a 5-year-old child were going to say to one another, "Yeah, sure, we're killing each other, but we can all enjoy the music of 40 The Prince. He knows how to keep it REAL."

Incredibly, this seems to be something Kalvin White was thinking, as evidenced by the "matching album covers" above with a very deliberate use of a 6 pointed star.

So why is he dead? Is this a case of "pick a side, you can't be on both sides"" Was it the result of some kind of musical "diss?" Mistaken identity? Drunken gunplay during the music writing session and now nobody will open their mouth?

We wait for answers from the police and prosecutor. In the meantime, what this looks like is a guy who tried to be friendly to both sides in America's "red versus blue" gang divide.

And that guy is now dead.


Anonymous said...

Reading what you write means every minority person belongs to a gang, and about 50% of the white hip hop youth must also be in a gang based on the colors they wear.
What you write means nothing except that you must be on crack.

Anonymous said...

Did you ever think of this possibility? Maybe, just maybe he wasent a gang member at all!

Anonymous said...

You are such an idiot. I suppose you think this guy is a gangster just because he's wearing a read bandana.

Johnny Northside! said...

Address his use of a 6-pointed star instead of coming up with lame, off topic examples.

What is he, JEWISH? What is he doing with that 6 pointed star?

It is clearly a gang reference.

Tealady said...

I actually think the 6-pointed star is a pretty addition to him emblom, but I really like the pistols better, it just says "I am not a gangster" so much better than the star.

Tealady said...

The six pointed star is used by the Gangster Disciples. Usually an exact copy of the star of david, to pay homage to the co founder David Barksdale. Taken Directly from Wikipedia, here is a link kids

What is meant by the number 40 in the 40 the prince emblem? hmmmm, could it be as easy as a reference to a 40 oz of yummy cheap beer? Could it be referring to a 40 caliber gun? I believe the guns shown on the emblem are 44's, I could be very wrong here on this one.

Maybe it is 40 mg of Oxycontin or could it be the price of a gram of coke. Anyone else have any ideas on what the 40 could stands for.

Johnny Northside! said...

(Sarcasm font)

Because his friends who say there was no gang influence are SOOOOOOO forthcoming with their information.

Anonymous said...

Are you and your racist counterpart Tealady not aware of the fact that there is an African American Jewish comminity here in MN and in America?

Johnny Northside! said...

Oh, so the Star of David on his little logo thing, there, references THAT, huh?

(Smiling behind my hand, trying to act all serious)

Tealady said...

Anonymous said...
Are you and your racist counterpart Tealady not aware of the fact that there is an African American Jewish comminity here in MN and in America?

What does having a AA jewish community in MN and American have to do with this? How is talking about the symbol of Jewish people through out the entire world, being ripped off and used by the GD's being racist?

I am really confident in making the statement that Black Jewish people as well as the vast majority of other Jewish persons in the world really are not thrilled with the whole idea of it.

Try again.

As a side note to Johnny, I guess I am no longer a newbee commentator on your blog, I have officially been called a racist.

Anonymous said...

Who know what it references. The point is, you just automatically assume it is a gang thing because he is a young black kid.

Tealady said...

Anonymous said...
Who know what it references. The point is, you just automatically assume it is a gang thing because he is a young black kid.

What is suppose to be assumed? It is young black kids who are shooting each other in North Minneapolis, what is the reason for this. If it does not have anything to do with gangs and a thug lifestyle then what is the cause of all of these young people getting killed?

While some of the things that are written and discussed here may sound harsh and insensitive, the bottom line is at least it is still being talked about. Main steam media has all but forgotten this guys murder. It's been 6 days since he was shot down and no reports of anyone in custody.

Really, just put a great big WHY in your head. Why was Kalvin White shot and killed while sitting on a porch in North Minneapolis, why? Was it a gang thing? Was it a random thing? Was it a triangle thing?

Don't fault others for caring about the why of these murders and asking questions about why they are happening.

Can you tell me why?

Anonymous said...

My comment was in response to JNS's comment: "What is he, JEWISH? What is he doing with that 6 pointed star?" You racist jerks.

Mel said...

Since you have so many police friends why don't you go ask one of your buddies if this guy is a known gangster.
Any cop knowledgeable in gang identification will tell you that it takes more than just one thing, like the 6 pointed star, to classify someone as a gang member.
At one time the 6 pointed star was closely tied to gang membership. But with the hip-hop movement many gang symbols have been borrowed and the use of the 6 pointed star is as common as sagging.
I live on central Minneapolis and just about every white kid gansga wannabee has a 6 pointed star.

But let's focus on Kalvin who you tie to gang membership. What gang do you suppose he belongs to?
Let us look at gang symbols in general.
Folks Nation uses the colors blue and black, the 6 pointed star is one of their symbols, and they wear their signs to the right.
People Nation uses the colors red, gold, and blue, the 5 pointed star is their symbol, and they wear to the left.

Let’s look at Kalvin and the evidence presented. In the photos Kalvin is seen wearing a red shirt and black shorts and red underwear exposed due to his sagging, along with a red/black hat (which are also the Chicago Bulls colors), and red/black shoes.
Those colors would indicate that Kalvin is in the People Nation (Vice Lords, etc.). But wait, the People Nation uses the FIVE POINTED STAR.
In another photo Kalvin is wearing a red jacket with gold trim and black pants. Again, red & gold are People Nation colors along with the 5 pointed star.
And in yet another photo Kalvin wears a blue shirt with gold trim which makes no gang connection.
Now the 6 pointed star that Kalvin displays in his "40 the Prince" logo is tied to the Folks Nation.
So, Kalvin's use of the 6 pointed star does not match the colors he is seen wearing. In other words there is no gang affiliation determined by the evidence.
But let's look closer at Kalvin. I even went to his MySpace and Twitter pages and looked at those photos.
Do you see any indication of gang membership visible in those photos? Do you see any tattoos on his arms or neck? Look real close and do you even see an earring in either ear? Is he flashing any gang signs in even one of the photos? The answer to everything is no.
Go ask your cop friends and they will tell you that hard core gangsters wear their colors with pride. They have tattoos on their hands, fingers, neck, arms, chest, and back; wear bling, and proudly display their gang symbols like a bandana in a left or right pocket, and in their photos they can be seen flashing gang signs with their hands.
Look at Kalvin. This guy is squeaky clean as it relates to signs and symbols of gang membership.
Just because someone wears certain colors doesn't mean shit anymore. There are so many variations of gang signs and colors that even the bangers don’t know what the colors mean.
And as the cops will tell you, since the cops have had “gang sign” dictionaries for years, many new gangsters don’t wear colors to avoid detection by the police.

The evidence shows only one thing, and that is that Kalvin White was a hip-hop DJ who made mix tapes, and used a six pointed star in his logo, as part of his connection to hip-hop.

Your determination that he is a gangster is based in racism and ignorance, without any supporting facts.
I suppose you think that because he drove a Cadillac he was also a pimp?
It's Aryans like you that make NoMi a sad community to live in.

Now I have addressed what he was doing with a 6 pointed star.
Kalvin's memory doesn't deserve to be tarnished by an ignorant Caucasian blogger like you, who knows nothing about the cultural aspects of his own community.

To you all blacks are thugs and criminals, and this blog is filled with racism towards the African American community. You will deny that. But show me one article where you have trashed an Asian or Hmong American? There are none, because your Aryan heritage shows through in a blog where you only defile Blacks and Jews.

Anonymous said...

Tealady, same you breath (or words). John Hoff couldn't give a rats ass about the murders in north Minneapolis. All he cares about is getting readers to his blog, and harassing people who dare to stand up to him, like Jill Clark, who by the way, won the lawsuit against Hoff.

Johnny Northside! said...

Mel, to some degree I don't think we disagree. He appears to be REFERENCING these symbols by what he wears when he poses in pictures and, most tellingly, in the symbol on those two "album cover like" photos, which features a crown (that's a known gang symbol) a six-pointed star (ditto) and, well, the two handguns are just in the symbol as ornaments, I'm sure, but their presence says a lot.

I don't think ANYBODY (not even somebody who tries to be a cool singer and entertain everybody) is fee to safely "reference" these gang symbols, or make these clothing color choices, and not somehow stir up gang activity, perhaps even among associates. Who knows? Like the headline says, strange clothing color choices.

In regard to the previous poster, who writes a whole lot like James Everett writes on the North Talk FB forum, I assure you I give a "rat's ass" only I make a point of correctly using the possessive apostrophe on the phrase.

Johnny Northside! said...

Oh, also, in regard to the lawsuit...

We'll see if Jill won when the Court of Appeals makes its decision. Then we'll see if the trolls are crowing or not. We will see.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mel!

Johnny Northside! said...

What a shame Kalvin isn't here to explain it HIMSELF. But he's dead.

And WHY is he dead?

Seems to have a lot to do with bad lifestyle choices, and these choices are evident in his clothing, in the symbol superimposed on two of his pictures featuring known and obvious gang symbols, in the words of songs that came from his own mouth, "Shell casings flying past my head, I was almost dead" or words to that effect.

Johnny Northside! said...

Oh, and by the way:

Here's an article about somebody with what appears to be an asian name. First one I could grab out of the grab bag, just for you.

Also, ask yourself if the lily white skin of Peter "Spanky Pete" Rickmyer or various mortgage fraudsters has kept me from writing about those individuals. I publish the ENTIRE jail roster. I don't pick the colors out like a rock star who is picky about his M&Ms.

Anonymous said...

How about we end the negative display of debates. Why do we not just join forces and walk the blocks and stamp out the violence? All the blah blah & yadda yadda yadda does not seem to do anything but get the tail feathers in a molt. Why don't we be adults, call a "I am so fucking tired of this shit" truce and go about taking the neighborhood back by standing tall & proudly while working to end the slum land? When do we meet together to stand up against this North Side No Pride? I don't see you out protesting or walking south of Penn. When do we work together to make it safe for all and stop making derogatory comments about fellow human beings?

Johnny Northside! said...

To the poster above: Are you the same poster as further above calling me a racist?

Because, if so, you called me a goddamn racist and then a little while later you're all, like, "Let's join hands and blah blah whatever."

Are you aware of how FUCKING SICK some of us are of being called racists for stuff like, gee, getting on a public Facebook forum and venting about the incredible stupid SHIT we have to put up with in this neighborhood? Violations of basic norms of civilized behavior like, "Thou shalt not shit behind thy neighbor's garage in an alley and wipe yourself with a bunch of napkins from a fast food place?"


Are you aware of how ridiculous that sounds? Who wants to "join hands" with somebody who calls you a racist at the drop of a hat and the top of their lungs? Who accuses me of only writing about black people when I write about fucking WHITE motherfuckers like Paul Koenig, Spanky Fucking Pete, and a host of others that I deal with and blog about ALL THE TIME? Keith Reitman, Jill Clark, Jill M. Waite, the list is LONG and it is white, white, white, many of the bad actors I write about ALL THE TIME, cripes, "THE MADNESS OF JILL CLARK PART TWENTY-TWO."

As for "out protesting or walking south of Penn," I'm not even sure what you mean by "walking south of Penn" or why that's a productive or necessary thing? Maybe I prefer to DRIVE? It's so much easier to call 911 from inside the safety of a car.

In regard to protests, I think what I do is much more effective than the protests which take place after shootings where people walk, waving signs, and "petition the thugs with guns for redress of grievances."

boathead said...

The six-pointed star denotes membership in the Gangster Disciples. Usually accompanied by the numbers 9, 7 and 4 these numbers represent I,G and D, the 9th, 7th and 4th letters of the alphabet which stands for the Insane Gangster Disciples.
Stars and forks also represent the parent gang. The most absurd irony of all is the number 360 is supposed to be represented to show their all-encompassing knowledge. The first time i read this,(source:Discover magazine) about the 360, i threw up all over myself and now my unique tee-shirt pattern is all the craze. Shitcago..i keep tellin' ya'! Good Day....wait, i'm not done. To all of you contradictory, mealy mouth, miscreants, i will guarantee it is your sorry stank asses whom reek of rouguish racism and not John Hoff. The truth hurts like a goddamn son of a bitch, so keep on kicking them right smack in their germ infested nuts and drive on, John. Good Day now,dammit.

Anonymous said...

Nope wasn't me. Just a home owner who did have his BBQ stolen from his backyard. Someone even tried to take my dog last week. No, just an invested home owner in Jordan who dislikes the fact that people are trying to play the race card with what you do. I would like to step outside and see more than people smoking / selling dope. I want what you want. I was just tired of the race thing. Was not pointed you nor did I post earlier.