Sunday, August 12, 2012

What Facebook Tells Us About Kalvin White, Latest Victim In (Likely) North Minneapolis Gang Violence...

Facebook photo from Kalvin White's Facebook, used under First Amendment Fair Comment and Criticism, blog post by John Hoff

Kalvin White,  was not a prolific user of Facebook. His last posting was on July 11, when he posted a picture of a black luxury 4-door car by "AT&T social net," so apparently with a cell phone. The photo is small and does not replicate well. The vehicle can be seen in some other photos, however, and appears to have been a source of considerable pride...

"Grind hard shine hard thats (sic) the motto" Kalvin wrote. The slang word "grind" is commonly understood to mean working hard in the drug trade, but in my extensive observations of "thug social media" I've seen it used to mean working hard at any kind of hustle.

Yesterday, with Kalvin's body barely cold on the slab, a Facebook user named Keith White Iholdtwentyfifthdown (I hold 25th down) wrote, "we ever got this car we comeing (sic) for it."

"Hell yea LOL," replied Tanisha White.

"On the G," added Keith White.

You can't help but think these other individuals named "White" are relatives of the slain individual Kalvin White. And the use of the phrase "I hold twenty-fifth down" is interesting. Does it refer to 25th Avenue North? Is this a territorial claim in the drug trade? So does "40 The Prince"(a name used by Kalvin White and/or his band) refer to 40th Avenue North?

Posing by what appears a hot tub behind a privacy fence, Kalvin wrote, "Focused on da future aint concerned wit da past." This was July 10. He had exactly one month of "future" left when the photo below was posted to Facebook. Note the colors he is wearing. Red, black and green. These are the colors of the Almighty Black P-Stone Nation.  However, the use of a 6-pointed star on a profile image prominently displayed on his Facebook page appears to reference an OPPOSITE affiliation, since "Stones" (also known as "Moes") use a 5-pointed star.

See previous discussion in previous blog post. 

The photo below is the obligatory "Free My Incarcerated Friend" image one sees circulated on Facebook and sometimes put on tee-shirts. It was posted July 1, 2010 by Thomas Starface (sic) Webster.

Kalvin White appears to be in the middle, Mister Charming there flipping the bird. Yes, one might think, please free this man and also his BIRD which wants to flip free, free as a BIRD.

The same Thomas Starface Webster wasted no time adding the image, below, to his own Facebook profile.

Given the fence in the background and the clothing, this photo was taken at the same time and place as the photo at the top of this photo. In regard to THAT photo, Webster wrote, "Yes Sir red and black DOWN draw." As previously noted, the colors red and black are two of the three colors of the Almighty P-Stone Nation. The other color is green.

This tribute pic, below, appeared among Thomas Starface Webster's albums.

In the photo above, we see the "sweet ride" which appears a handful of times on Kalvin White's own Facebook page. Indeed, a photo of that vehicle was the last thing he ever posted. Here, below, is another photo of the sweet ride.

In comments recently posted to this pic where it appears on Kalvin White's Facebook page, Vanessa Akastayfocus wrote, "omg kenya they took him somebody took him ,......i need yall i need yall....yall are a piece of him.....please help me!!"

Kenya Taylor replied, "Tears I fuckin,lost another brother I cnt take dis inbox me ur number"

Here is another image of the "Sweet Ride," (my term) along with a female who appears to be a romantic partner or interest of Kalvin White.

A Facebook friend named "Eyeballs Gutta" commented, "dat lac sittn rite" in response to the photo above.

The same female appears in a somewhat blurry photo which appears to have been taken in an auto body shop. Note the rims in the background. On July 3 of this year Kalvin White wrote, "My boo impatiently waitin for the rims to get put on the lac."

Kalvin White noted on his Facebook that he works at "Best Ever Entertainment LLC." According to the Minnesota Secretary of State's Office, no such limited liability corporation is registered in the State of Minnesota. This entity has a "community page" on Facebook, but it contains nothing.

Some songs can be accessed through the "40 The Prince" Facebook page under "Band Profile." The song "To The Ceiling" appears to reference money that has been stacked very high through "hustling." The song also talks about a nice car, having a lot of "bitches," and smoking "purple dro."

The last song listed, the prophetic tune "Shoulda Been Dead," appears to have the following lyrics, as close as I can figure them out.

Follow the footsteps of a soulja
Let's go
Shell casings flying close to my head
I thank god, because I coulda been dead
They said I shoulda been dead
Shell casings flying close to my head
My mama told me that I coulda been dead
Shell casings flying close to my head
I thank God 'cause I could have been dead...


New lyrics might be added now, something along the lines of, "Oh, hell, looks like I'm DEAD."

It seems just days ago that people were going door to door saying, "Enough is enough" with murders in North Minneapolis.

Oh, wait. It actually WAS just days ago.

How long will it be before the companions of Kalvin White try to use his violent death as some kind of hook to promote mediocre music singing the praises of the same bad lifestyle choices that killed him?

I suspect it's happening even as I type these words.


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