Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Northside Progress Busting Out All Over As Slumlord Keith Reitman's "Blue Twins" Demolished...

Photo by Jeff Skrenes of North By Northside, blog post by John Hoff

Jeff Skrenes of the North by Northside blog was the first to tweet the information (on his NXNS Twitter account) that slumlord Keith Reitman's ugly "blue twins" at 2522 and 2520 Penn Ave. N. were demolished today.

Watch North by Northside blog in the next day or so for video and other information about the demolition.

The ugly "blue twins" were historic buildings which still had some potential until slumlord Keith Reitman neglected them into the landfill. Readers will recall Reitman's "blue twins" were the "winner, winner chicken dinner" of this blog's contest to determine what should Johnny Northside's next obsessive blogging target be.

With the blue twins now reduced to splinters and rubble, I will be announcing a new contest in the near future. Readers and fans are urged to put on your thinking caps in regard to which North Minneapolis livability issue is the most deserving of this blog's highly-focused, creative and critical attention.


Anonymous said...

Keith, Thank you for the wonderful contributions you have made to our community!

Anonymous said...

Keith, in this case, you were the worse!