Sunday, August 5, 2012

Images, Aftermath Of The "Nobody Cares But Northsiders" Shooting On Penn Ave. N.

Photos contributed by Jeff Skrenes, blog post by John Hoff

Jeff Skrenes, who recently purchased a house on Penn Ave. N., and quickly received his "baptism of fire" when a shooting happened between the occupants of two cars on the street outside, recently sent me four photos of the aftermath of the incident.

Nobody was killed and the incident didn't even make "the news," except the version of the news offered up by Johnny Northside Dot Com.


...the incident is troubling because, to some extent, it's evidence of the cavalier attitude residents of North Minneapolis have been forced to develop about shootings. But now there's a missing fire hydrant where one of the cars ran over it--who knows when THAT will be replaced, or if it might be desperately needed in the meantime?--and the psychological impact of witnessing or even HEARING about this sudden, random violence in the familiar context of Penn Avenue North, a main artery running through the heart of our neighborhood.

Expressions of outrage grow tiresome from repetition. Instead, here's three more pictures of what this kind of thing LOOKS LIKE AFTERWARD.

Above, Jeff Skrenes uses his foot to point out a plastic mug he says the passenger in one of the vehicles threw out of the window after the crash. I hope Jeff snapped it up. That's a nifty souvenir, and now he's has a house to keep all his stuff.
Jeff thought these might be bullet holes, but they're too perfect and symmetrical. I figure those holes are used to bolt on those yellow flashing light things. Of course, the fact we have to ask ourselves "is this a bullet hole?" says plenty.

Here's another construction barrier--one that's not all smashed apart, like the one shown at the top--covering the place where the fire hydrant got knocked over. What looks like pieces of material from the car can also be seen.

At this time, I do not have information about who the individuals were involved in this incident. If I did, I could look up their criminal records (odds are they some) and outline this incident in the context of the stuff they've done (or are alleged to have done) before.

But at some level, what does it MATTER? This incident is not more special than many other incidents where guns are fired, property is damaged, but by the grace of God nobody dies.

My suggestion continues to be that every home owner on the Northside should purchase a security camera, point it out in the street, and hit RECORD.


The Hawthorne Hawkman said...

I snapped that picture of what I thought might be bullet holes and then looked at the other signs in the area. All of them have similar holes, so I doubt that's what these are. And I was biking to work when I saw that mug. When I came back, it was gone. I should have grabbed it while the thought crossed my mind.

Johnny Northside! said...

You could have put it next to your "Pamiko Comeuppance Day" mug.

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