Monday, April 4, 2011

JNS BLOG EXCLUSIVE: Spanky Pete's Handwritten Missive To Judge Blaeser--Smoking Gun Proof Why He Went To Prison: FOR THROWING PAPER AT THIS BLOG!!!!

Contributed image, thanks for the vodka, blog post by John Hoff

Ever since Level Three Sex Offender Peter "Spanky Pete" Rickmyer went to jail on or about March 10, and faced revocation of his parole, which ultimately did happen and he went to Lino Lakes...I suspected the reason for his incarceration involved an attempt to slap paper on this blog: some kind of bat-guano-crazy request for an "injunction" to keep this blogger from publishing photographs of his creepy face.

Peter Rickmyer--whose real name is Peter Richard Stephenson, and heaven only knows why the Department of Corrections (DOC) allows Spanky Pete to get away with using an alias--isn't ALLOWED to pursue lawsuits (or injunctions, attempts to obtain writs of mandamus, or other lawsuit-like actions) because he's been declared a frivolous litigant under Rule 9. This is, so I've gathered, an extraordinarily rare legal event. Your odds of meeting a "Rule 9 frivolous litigant" are about as great as your odds of meeting an albino snapping turtle.

Recently, I was unable to confirm the reason for Spanky Pete's incarceration when I was provided a document from his court file, visible above (click to make larger) in which Rickmyer alludes to...

...his attempt to obtain an injunction, which Rickmyer says was done "in the spirit" of Judge Blaeser's Rule 9 order.

Judge Swenson will apparently decide whether Peter was "in the spirit" during the Order To Show Cause hearing on April 11, at 9 a.m. Rickmyer is represented by attorney Jill Clark.


Anonymous said...

Ok I admit I don't understand the legal aspects or what this letter really said in order for it to be called a smoking gun?
Can you explain the significance of it?

EAT THE RICH! said...

It's too bad they don't declare Jerry moore a "frivilous litigant," he certainly meets the definition as far as I'm concerned. Sueing someone for telling the truth, THAT'S FRIVILOUS!!!

Johnny Northside! said...

The letter alludes to how Rickmyer was trying to follow the "spirit" of the judge's Rule 9 order, an order that declared Rickmyer a frivolous litigant, unable to file lawsuits.

In the letter, Rickmyer mentions the attempt at an "injunction" and how he was trying to follow the "spirit" of the judge's order when Rickmyer pursued an injunction and tried to make a filing with the court.

So Rickmyer is in jail for trying to get an INJUNCTION. What injunction? The only injunction he's after lately has been against this blogger, saying this blogger is "taking pictures" of Rickmyer and this interferes with Rickmyer's "thinking" and he (Rickmyer, Spanky Pete, Pete the Perv) must constantly look "forward, backward, side to side" to see if he is being photographed.


Rickmyer is in jail--prison, now--for trying to throw his "injunction suit" against this blogger.

Yeah, I know it's crazy. We weren't sure why he was in jail, specifically, though it was suspected the reason involved the crazy paper he threw at this blog. This letter was the smoking gun proof.

boathead said...

Peter, Peter, injunction eater head swiveling side to side, don't you worry and don't you fret' cuz you ain't served your full time yet. The day will come, and soon i mean, that the perv is gone till 2016. Lino more, Moose i explain? Lakeside living is societies gain..... Ralph Waldo,Emerson Avenue North. P.S. His last name is Stephensen....i know, i know, he's only Rickmyer when he can't think. Good Day. No more poetry, unless i'm slammin'. Whooo!