Monday, October 14, 2013

Juicy Scuttlebutt Surfaces On JNS Blog Comments About Fifth Ward Candidate Brett Buckner And NAACP Funds, Al Flowers, Blah Blah Blah, As This Blogger Tries, Dutifully, To Act Somewhat Interested...

Photo of Brett Buckner, candidate for public office, obtained from
his Facebook page and published under First Amendment Fair Comment
and Criticism, blog post by John Hoff

Brett Buckner, in my opinion, doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell of winning the Fifth Ward City Council seat, but since he's a candidate he's fair game for talking about. A commenter--whose knowledge of Buckner is longer than my attention span directed toward Buckner--posted some links to articles mentioning Buckner's past.

Something about the local NAACP? This is the kind of thing which gets folks like Don Allen all worked up, and Al Flowers, and other folks who are involved in that organization but I confess this blogger doesn't really follow all the twists and turns. It is, however, my role to highlight and disseminate relevant info, so here you go...

The article liked HERE contains the following (mildly) interesting info:

Candidates who won three of the four contested offices, Vice President, Secretary, and Assistant secretary have close ties to Alfred Flower, being, respectively, his mother, wife, and daughter. Flower was beaten up by Minneapolis cops and prosecuted on the basis of a police report initiated by members of the outgoing NAACP executive committee under the leadership of Al Galmon, then Brett Buckner, who arranged for Flower's expulsion from the NAACP on the basis of allegations contained in the police report that led to the beating and prosecution. Flower was found not guilty of all charges filed against him after a brief deliberation by an all-white Hennepin County jury.

Are your eyes glazing over, yet? I know mine are. Most of the articles I write are fun, but this one feels like algebra homework. Who can follow this pointless madness?

Oh, by the way, OBVIOUSLY the article should have spelled Al Flowers' name as "Flowers" not "Flower." Flowers, as most JNS blog readers know, is the renowned "Mayor of Crazy Town" who yells, shouts, disrupts, sues, but lately seems to be playing a more sedate role.

The article linked HERE actually makes mention of "Misuse of Funds by NAACP Brett Buckner." There is mention of lawsuits. Well, if there were actual lawsuits involving Brett Buckner and the NAACP, I'm not aware of these lawsuits...UNLESS these happen to be the same unpaid judgments I wrote about in an earlier article. I guess people who know and care (eye roll) can continue to comment on the subject and enlighten me, much against my will to be enlightened and pay EVEN MORE ATTENTION TO THIS NONSENSE.


The format is not convenient, but if you go to that link, scroll down, and read columns #7 and #9 you will have all the details about Brett Buckner and the "dark tunnel of deception."

OOOH!!!! I'm going to read all about it!!!


I'm going to read all about it LATER.

Please, god, don't let this topic get hot and force me to pay even more attention to it. 


Johnny Northside! said...

I am getting conflicting information about whether Jerry Moore appears to be working on Brett Buckner's campaign. A source I trust sent me these two messages:
Johnny - there is no way Jerry is working on Brett's campaign maybe Blongs but not Jeffs
I meant not Brett's

Anonymous said...

Don't know about any of the other campaigns but Mr. Moore is NOT part of the Buckner Campaign. It was a connection created by Mr. Northside with no valid evidence beyond him "saying" that he supported candidate Buckner.

Johnny Northside! said...

And when did Jerry SAY that, exactly, and to whom did he say it?

Johnny Northside! said...

While I am feigning interest, I may as well post a link to this article from 2012, written by Lisa Clemons (sister of Al Flowers) which more or less takes Brett Buckner to task for what happened with the NAACP money.

It was published on a Don Allen blog but since the (purported) author of the article is Lisa Clemons.