Thursday, October 17, 2013

Christian Byrd, Yet Another Criminal From Illinois To End Up In Minnesota, Charged With Being A Prohibited Person In Possession Of A Firearm...

Chicago bus station, stock photo, blog post by
John Hoff

In the case of Christian Byrd, click here for criminal complaint, we see three negative social patterns illustrated with stunning simplicity, as follows...

1.) No account dirt bags like to leave Chicago and make a life in Minneapolis. Everybody says it's for the easy welfare benefits here in "Money Soda."

Far be it from me to disagree with EVERYBODY.

2.) Marijuana is a gateway drug for harder drugs.

3.) Criminals prohibited from possessing firearms don't actually obey the law about not possessing firearms.

Anyway....Byrd was pulled over in South Minneapolis and the car smelled like marijuana had been legalized, though just inside THAT CAR. Officers also found crack cocaine. In the trunk, officers found a shotgun.

Byrd has been convicted of attempted robbery, but the conviction was in Illinois. He's not allowed to possess a firearm.

The local address used by Byrd is 1507 Newton Ave. N., Apt. 2, which is owned by Assertive Minneapolis Properties LLC. This is the same entity that was responsible for packing 24 people into ONE DUPLEX known as the "Hillside Hotspot." 

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Anonymous said...

Too bad Illinois isn't in another country because we could just deport them.