Thursday, October 17, 2013

JNS Blog Working To Dig Up Current Status Of North Minneapolis Mortgage Fraudster Ed Boler...

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A very interesting conversation is taking place behind the scenes about Ed Boler, a convicted mortgage fraudster who, along with Susan Newell, was tried for mortgage fraud and then RETRIED due to a hung jury. Prosecutor Brad Johnson, who also got a conviction in the Larry Maxwell mortgage fraud case, was sent in as the "clean up hitter" in the Boler/Newell case.

So what is going on with Boler these days? (I'll leave aside the question of what's going on with Susan Newell) A commenter to this blog asserted Boler has a new job involving property in another state, click here and read the comments.

That anonymous, ALL CAPS comment sent one of this blog's behind-the-scenes Santa's research helpers running to dig up information. Suffice to say I should have something interesting in the near future, but there DOES seem to be something to the rumors.

In the meantime, my researcher discovered an old link with the Boler and Newell criminal complaints was dead. Well, I can't have that. The historical record needs to be available for those who care to dig into that golden era of mortgage fraud which changed the face of North Minneapolis.

Here is the criminal compliant for Ed Boler, click here.

And here is the complaint for Susan Newell. 

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