Friday, October 18, 2013

While He Continues To Owe Me A Judgment Of $3,799.69, Jerry Moore Lives Large And Posts Pictures Of His Life On Facebook...

Photo from Facebook page of Jerry C. Moore, used under First 
Amendment Fair Comment and Criticism

Somebody in my social circle sent me a link to the Facebook profile of Jerry C. Moore, who appears to be one and the same with Jerry L. Moore. Just like the fraudsters who (along with Jerry) were involved in the mortgage fraud at 1564 Hillside Ave. N., Jerry finds it expedient to make adjustments to his name, in this case a new middle initial.

Jerry Moore sued me for defamation for saying he was "involved" with the mortgage fraud at 1564 Hillside Ave. N, with which he was involved. For a while, I owed Moore a $60,000 judgment. Then the State Court of Appeals reversed and it's Jerry who owes ME, to the tune of $3,799.69. I have been trying to find Jerry, trying to get my money, and I will be turning over internet rocks until I have my money. The latest rock I am looking under is the Facebook profile of Jerry "C" Moore.

That's "C" for "I C you, Jerry Moore."

Oh, and he likes the nickname "J Moe" on Facebook. You would think the former head of a Northside neighborhood association would be reluctant to identify with the nickname "Moe" and all the gang violence associations with "Moe" on the Northside but, well, those of us who knew Jerry well and saw through his smooth veneer always figured Jerry was down with the criminal element.

I can't see Jerry's Facebook profile from my own profile because he has me blocked, however...

He doesn't have the whole world blocked, and somebody else gave me a peek through THEIR Facebook profile.

In fact, here, have a look yourself:

The link won't work if you don't have a Facebook profile.

So what do we learn from Jerry "C" Moore's Facebook profile? Well, he seems to be on good terms with somebody named Jovita Whitehead.

Jovita? That's MY MONEY Jerry is spending on you. I'm just saying.

Here's Jerry with Jovita.

Jerry says Jovita is "rocking those Michelle Obama bangs."

People who interact with Jerry on Facebook include Shirlynn "I'll Show You Crazy" LaChappelle, Kenya McKnight Natalie Johnson Lee and (oh, my word!) Donald WR Allen.

Readers will recall Jerry Moore sued Donald WR Allen along with this blogger, but Allen turned Judas and testified against me just to get himself out of the lawsuit. Back when Allen was my co-defendant, he was saying a lot of stuff about how he was getting married to Enid Logan (now Enid Logan Allen) and, oh my word, he was worried about the lawsuit and its impact on his pending wedding.


 Johnny Northside went on to win the lawsuit overwhelmingly and dirty double dealing Don Allen has cemented his historical reputation as the Benedict Arnold of the blogging world. But now Allen is so comfortable with Jerry they are Facebook friends. Jerry is also Facebook friends with Northside political candidate Brett Buckner, which is pretty interesting. I'm still trying to figure out if Jerry is working for one of the Fifth Ward campaigns and being Facebook friends with Buckner is a clewwwwwwwwww.

Here'a Jerry at some kind of family dinner. Looks yummy. I would like to have $3,799.69 so I could buy something yummy.

Here's Jerry Moore all dressed up and at a concert with the same Jovita Whitehead. Nice threads, Jerry. WHERE IS MY MONEY!!!!????

Sadly, there isn't very much material on the profile of Jerry C. Moore so my fun will last only as long as this one blog post.

After that, I'll need to look under a different rock. 


Anonymous said...

Say what you will about him, the lady looks pretty hot. I wonder if she knows about his domestic assault arrest?

Anonymous said...

wait, that guy that's taking the selfie at the dinner table with everyone else in the background - he looks familiar. Like... featured on this blog familiar? Who is that?? Is it the lamont litterbug guy?? I don't know who it is but he looks familiar. (in a bad way)

Johnny Northside! said...

No way. You're kidding me. That's Lamont "Litterbug" Nelson? No way. Tell me more.

Anonymous said...

He is NOT familiar in a bad way!! Gossip is really lame. That is Manu who works at the North side neighborhood Hub. He is also on North talk and North vent posting events for the kids and opportunities for the community.

Anonymous said...

That's' Lester Moore; no less no Moore. In certain circles Jerry uses his born name-Owen. Owen Moore more than he knows.

Anonymous said...

Nobody cares if this fuckstick owes you money, you crybaby little bitch!

Anonymous said...

This is the epitome of the pot calling the kettle black JNS is the worlds biggest hypocrite, did'nt you lose a judgment and dont you owe money too.....GTFOH you lame ass hack

Johnny Northside! said...

Nope. I don't owe money on a judgment.

Also, "worlds" should be possessive, with an apostrophe.

How exciting to be the world's biggest ANYTHING. Are you going to call Guinness or should I? Maybe they can document me and the "Northside Nail Lady" during the same trip.

Anonymous said...

@ November 4, 2013 at 5:39 PM


Johnny Northside! said...

OH, hey. If you see Brett Buckner you might ask him about the two judgment HE owes.