Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Is Jerry Moore Working For A Fifth Ward Political Campaign And If So Which One? JNS Blog Is Determined To Get To The Bottom Of This And Also Get That $3,799.69 Jerry Moore Owes Me...

Photo from Facebook page of political candidate Brett Buckner,
used under First Amendment Fair Comment And Criticism, blog
post by John Hoff

As I previously reported, click here, a rumor was passed to me from Source A (a known, credible person) to Source B (an even more well known and equally credible person) that Jerry Moore appeared to be working for Brett Buckner.

Now Source B and also "Source C" are telling me THAT IS NOT CORRECT. In fact, both sources suspect Jerry Moore is, in fact, working for the campaign of Blong Yang, whose domination in the Fifth Ward yard sign war is undisputed. And, in fact, Source B passed on scuttlebutt from one of the political campaigns in Ward 5. At least one Ward 5 campaign believes Jerry Moore is, in fact, associated with Blong Yang. I'm told Jerry and Brett Buckner "don't get along" so while Jerry may very well be spotted talking politely to Buckner, at length (Jerry is known to be incredibly long winded) that doesn't mean Jerry Moore is WORKING for Buckner.

SO WHAT IS GOING ON, HERE? This blogger has caught the rank odor of Jerry Moore in Ward 5 and that would be the same Jerry Moore who owes me $3,799.69!!!!!!!! from the blogosphere trial of the century.

Somebody, tell me something. Tell me if Jerry Moore is working for one of the campaigns and, if so, which one. If any campaigns wish to disavow association with Jerry Moore (which would be a very good idea) then, please, contact me or comment or something.

BY GOD!!!!!! I will get to the bottom of this. I will find Jerry Moore because when I do, I will find my money. 


Blong Yang said...

Johnny Northside, you're a hard person to get a hold of, so here's my response:

Your sources are absolutely WRONG on the Jerry Moore connection. I guess they're not very credible. I mean, if you want dirt from my campaign, just come and ask me.

Spreading lies and rumors seems to be a common thing, at least from that one campaign. I can guess which one. I don't know Jerry Moore. And, I can flat out say that Jerry Moore has not and will not work for me. Hopefully that's clear.

Anonymous said...

We need a council person-alderman who can neutralize the repetitive exchange of banality that exists between the two most troublesome races on this continent-planet; North American Whites and Blacks think that it's all about them.
I truly would love to see both races abolished for eternity and then start over [:)]!$#!$#@!#@.How refreshing if our Asian brother won.

Johnny Northside! said...

Your comment about banality is so stupid and odd that I'm publishing it, even though I'd normally reject it as racist commentary. Your comment appears to be an example of the very thing you're complaining about. How tired I am to check my comments box and it's the same crap about race, race, race and much of it appears to be from the same commenter or a very limited pool of commenters.