Friday, October 18, 2013

More, Um, "Dope Fresh Tunes" From Nitelen Jackson, a/k/a "King Nite," Incarcerated Northside Wannabe Rapper...

Video embed from YouTube, blog post is by John Hoff

Nitelen Jackson, who is currently incarcerated, is a Northside criminal whose use of social media is prolific and has been extensively documented by this blog. But even Johnny Northside wasn't aware of the full extent of Nitelen's social media usage until I stumbled upon some of his videos on YouTube in the course of researching his (reputed) sister, Exotica Taylor, love interest of another thug who busted a man's skull over a stolen gun. 

I already commented upon his misspelled song "Evervyday," but for readers who love this kind of glimpse into another world, here are a few more videos. The song above, entitled "So Sick," is a kind of anthem to...

...graphic sexual acts and misogyny. The lyrics "I'm so sick" appear to have two layers of meaning, including "I'm actually sick, look here, I have the sniffles" and "I'm a pervert, in a cool way." There is possibly a third layer, where "sick" is synonymous with "cool," like when Nitelen says, "Everything I do they wanna broadcast."

In another song called "Just Us," (apparently meant to have a double meaning with "Justice," Nitelen raps about how "On the block, it's just us (racial expletive)."

The video below appears to be older than the other two (based on the fact Nitelen doesn't have his distinctive neck tattoo) and shows an earlier, more pure form of spontaneous rapping by King Nite and two individuals whose names are "Lil James" and Sean, calling themselves the "Alley Boyz."

Nitelen begins rapping in the video at 2 minutes, 24 seconds, saying, "I'm from a city where don't nobody last long, dead or in jail or your only two options."


Well, this is the reality Nitelen is creating for himself. When he gets out of jail, he'll be rapping about jail, beyond a doubt.

Nitelen's musical career, such as it was, has been cut short by incarceration but rapping doesn't seem to have been the main focus of his life, anyway. Actual criminal activity, not merely rapping about it, seems to have been the main focus of Nitelen's life.

The videos in question are the product of a prolific YouTube member called "Dlo Slaughter," whose many videos document local youth (certainly not just Nitelen Jackson) engaged in attempts at music. And many of the videos are Dlo Slaughter's own musical expressions. There is quite a bit of skill evident in the videos, however, if any of Dlo Slaughter's creations have become big hits, even in a YouTube viral sort of way like "Hot Cheetos and Takis," I am not aware of any such success.

In this sort of "self portrait music video," below, Dlo Slaughter documents his morning hygiene to the tune of "Get On Up" by James Brown.

There are few lines more revealing than Nitelen's assertion that his two choices in life are "dead or in jail."

And few lines that pack so much falsehood into so few words. This is your reality, Nitelen. You are the one making it, and nobody else. 

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