Saturday, October 12, 2013

Fifth Ward Candidate Brett Buckner Owed A $3,039.73 Judgment To Carefree Travel Services, Never Paid It, Owed $1,927.98 To Liberty Credit Services, Never Paid THAT, Either...

Image from Facebook page of Brett Buckner, used under
First Amendment Fair Comment and Criticism, blog post
by John Hoff

As soon as I caught the slightest rumor that ousted JACC Director Jerry Moore might be associated in some way, shape or form with City Council Candidate Brett Buckner, I started digging up what I could about Buckner. Quickly I found out that birds of a non-judgment paying feather seem to flock together...

Jerry Moore, as every reader of this blog knows, owes me $3,799.69 from a judgment against him left over from the time he tried to sue me for defamation and was less than successful. Recently, I heard Moore seemed to be associating himself with Buckner. My first thought was, "I wonder if BUCKNER has any unpaid judgments?"

Yes. In fact, the amount is almost eerily similar. Way back in November of 1995, Brett D. Buckner who lived in the 55411 zip code was sued by Dennis Thompson, who was doing business under the name Carefree Travel Services. Buckner's co-defendant was a guy named Michael Shelton, but final judgment was only against Buckner.

The judgment of $3,039.73 has the notation "EXPIRED" on the MNCIS system, though I see the judgment was docketed on March 11, 1996. So it sure looks to me, based upon what I'm reading in this online court system record, that Brett Buckner owed a judgment of $3,000 plus change and never paid his judgment. The case is 27-CV-96-003658.

Oh, but there's MORE. In 2001, Liberty Credit Services, Inc of Apple Valley obtained a judgment against Brett Buckner for $1,927.28. What happened to THAT judgment? Once again, it's "expired" though there was an order for disclosure filed in 2006. Kind of like the order for disclosure I recently obtained against Jerry Moore.

The Liberty Credit Services Case is 27-CV-01-006748.

It is possible, however, that Buckner came into some assets in 2012, when he applied to probate the estate of his deceased mother, Dora C. Buckner.

A commenter on Northside politics sent me the following text message about Brett Buckner:

He has never ever ever ever done a single successful thing. Not a job. Not a volunteer project. Nothing. Everything he does ends in some kind of less than fully completed or fully successful status.

To which I say: That sounds like hyperbole. It seemed like Buckner was right there holding out his eager paws to obtain his dear departed mother's assets, and that probate looks like it was all neatly wrapped up, so there's THAT.


Anonymous said...

Do some digging about Brett and the NAACP. Rumors are swirling about fraud upwards to a million dollar's

Anonymous said...

Who gives a fuck?Johnyy you are one nosey worthless bastard piece of shit you disappear or go back to oregon or whereever your ignorant ass came from

Johnny Northside! said...

Who gives a (expletive)? According to my blog stats, a number of people and I assume it's mostly potential voters in Ward 5.

Johnny Northside! said...

Dollar's, you say? With a possessive s?

I am not aware of any such rumors swirling. Who is starting these rumors? Spreading these rumors? Oh, wait, let me guess...

Did Brett Buckner forget to pay off Don Allen before starting a political campaign?

See, the difference between what I do and what Don Allen does (besides glaring quality control issues) is I care about truth and relevance, not whether I can uncover some info and then shake somebody down using the information as leverage.

Anonymous said...

"April 7, 2004 Column #7: No compassion at city hall
On the NAACP"

"May 5, 2004 Column #9: Dark tunnel of deceit and deception The story behind the story of the Mpls Branch NAACP's collapse"

Anonymous said...

If Jerry Moore is still in town, it would seem to increase the odds that you'll eventually get paid off (for the judgment you have against him). Remember that you can re-file it as its ten year expiration date approaches. I believe that interest and filing fees will accrue. A unsatisfied judgment will continue to suppress Moore's credit history/score. Presumably he will care about that eventually.

Anonymous said...

You do not need to post this, but do be attentive to possibly being involved in another defamation lawsuit, with Don Allen also involved, this one NOT as codefendants where one can turn on the other.

Anonymous said...

he is a buckner and Goodrich is rolling over in his grave

Johnny Northside! said...

I have no idea what you're saying, but I assume when the name "Don Allen" is in the comment, it's probably Don Allen also doing the typing.

Johnny Northside! said...

I am getting conflicting information about whether Jerry Moore appears to be working on Brett Buckner's campaign. A source I trust sent me these two messages:
Johnny - there is no way Jerry is working on Brett's campaign maybe Blongs but not Jeffs
I meant not Brett's

Anonymous said...

Johnny's getting sued...must be a slow news day when people are predicting that Don will soon owe you money that he won't bother paying either.