Saturday, October 12, 2013

Malik El-Amin Goes To Prison For Robbery, Though Not For Very Long...

MNDOC mug shot, therefore public domain, blog
post by John Hoff

This blog broke the story of how Malik El-Amin, involved in what can only be described as a violent crime spree, appears to be linked to the prominent El-Amin family of El-Amin Fish House based on addresses and names associated with property ownership. I've been told repeatedly El-Amin is the son of Imam Makram El-Amin, but I have not confirmed that to my satisfaction.

A commenter to this blog asked for a follow up to the Malik El-Amin story, and (in true reader responsive Johnny Northside fashion) I checked to Minnesota DOC offender locator where, sure enough, Malik's mug shot has been posted as well as his anticipated release date.

El-Amin isn't expected out of prison until February 11, 2016, and then he'll be on supervised release until June 11, 2017. He was convicted of robbery while in possession of a firearm.

This just doesn't seem like a very long sentence. Perhaps Malik had a very good lawyer. 


Anonymous said...

Perhaps Malik has a very "good" congressman.

Anonymous said...

The resemblance to Khalid is amazing but Khalid has a bigger head and can dribble circles around squares