Thursday, October 17, 2013

Jerome Lance Kingrussell,The "Imposter Foster" From Larry Maxwell Mortgage Fraud Case, Has Been Apprehended From His Fugitive Status And Is Facing Revocation Of Parole...

Minnesota Department of Corrections Mug Shot, therefore
public domain, blog post by John Hoff

Jerome Lance Kingrussell, the  infamous"imposter foster" from the Larry Maxwell case, was already sitting in jail when this blogger learned of his "fugitive apprehend" status. As of this moment, the MN DOC website still erroneously shows Kingrussell as "fugitive apprehend" but a look at the jail roster confirms he is, in fact, jailed on a Department of Corrections hold and was picked up October 9.

I spoke to Melony Michaels, one of Kingrussell's victims from the mortgage fraud, who expressed how frustrating it was to have to "babysit the justice system" to make anything happen or even learn when criminals are released. Kingrusell was...

...given yet another chance to be a free man, after blowing a previous opportunity, and has blown this opportunity as well. Michaels related to me that she spoke to Kingrussell's "worker," who a few weeks ago seemed to know little to nothing about Kingrussell and just told Michaels "a lot of crap" about how people in the justice system get a lot of chances and, really, it doesn't do anybody much good to sit around incarcerated.

Now Kingrussell was reportedly involved in an assault and battery while allowed out of prison. He didn't follow supervision, didn't follow rules, didn't remain law abiding. The word "restitution" appears to have never crossed his mind since Kingrussell never obtained a job.

Kingrussell's worker thought this was a "nice guy, quiet, makes bad choices but he's not really dangerous." Now the worker reportedly sees Kingrussell "in a whole new light." Michaels reports there is an internal administration hearing scheduled and word is it's "very unlikely" Kingrussell will be allowed more supervised release.

However, in a bitter and ironic turn of events, it appears that Michaels (who, along with her husband John Foster, was a victim of Kingrussell's fraud) won't be allowed to attend the revocation hearing or speak to the committee deciding Kingrussell's fate about why this crook should have the book thrown at his (now) bald head. The person who is the alleged victim of Kingrussell's assault and battery will be allowed to speak, but nobody else. (JNS blog is trying to see if I can dig up any criminal complaint naming Kingrussell in an assault and battery)

Kingrussell now faces a prison sentence. Michaels believes Kingrussell won't be eligible for early release until March of 2015 and then will be on probation (which he won't follow) until March of 2018.  However, this blogger isn't holding his breath that Kingrussell will, in fact, go back to prison and won't be given yet another chance.

On the jail roster, Kingrussell's home address is listed as 1900 Chicago Ave. S. This, however, is not a real home address but some kind of "recovery center." 

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