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Criminal Complaint Against Demiteras Cooper Alleges Unnamed Co-Conspirator Was Triggerman In Murder Of Johnathon Harris...

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Click here for criminal complaint.

A recently-released criminal complaint against Demiteras Cooper alleges the murder of Johnathon Harris (pictured above) happened because of an argument about leaving Harris behind at a bar...

Police say on February 20 Cooper and another guy (not named in the complaint) went to an unnamed bar in Cooper's "distinctive vehicle." The mind leaps to create a picture of what a distinctive vehicle might look like, but no further details are provided by the criminal complaint. But not only does Cooper have a "distinctive vehicle," he also has a distinctive street name. He goes by "09." JNS blog is not sure if that's pronounced "zero nine" or "oh nine" or even (quite possibly) "zero niner."

When Cooper and the other guy left the bar, there was an argument about leaving Harris behind but Cooper left Harris behind anyway. The argument grew intense to the point Cooper and the other guy were in a physical altercation, apparently right near 2017 Hillside Ave. N. After the altercation Cooper reportedly drove off and the other guy went inside the house on Hillside. Later, somehow, Harris also made his way back to the house on Hillside Ave. N.

Some time later, Cooper and an alleged co-conspirator (which this blog will, perhaps for reasons of pure whimsy and quirkiness, nickname "Dashaunta" pulled up to the house on Hillside and went inside to continue the arguing, fighting and unpleasant back-and-forth. A number of witnesses say Cooper is "related" to the co-conspirator.

Inside the house, apparently while Cooper and Dashaunta were facing off against the other guy, Johnathon Harris stepped forth and made an attempt to "pat down" Dashaunta. This was apparently an attempt by Harris at peacekeeping, at making sure no weapons would be involved in the argument. The Bible says "blessed are the peacekeepers," but in a third "tragedy of Biblical proportions" in our troubled neighborhood Dashaunta pulled out a pistol and shot Harris in the chest from a distance of 2 or 3 feet. So much for peacemaking.

Witnesses say Harris was not armed and was not attempting to fight with Dashaunta. After shooting Harris, Dashaunta pointed the gun at "numerous individuals" in the house and told them not to move. Cooper and Dashaunta fled the murder scene in Cooper's distinctive vehicle.

With no adherence whatsoever to that whole stupid "snitches get stitches" thing, numerous individuals identified Cooper, Dashaunta and the "distinctive vehicle." Later, police arrested Cooper near the "distinctive vehicle" (no doubt Cooper is now cursing its distinctiveness!) but Dashaunta the alleged triggerman is still at large.

In regard to his whereabouts, the smart money is on Cook County, Illinois, a/k/a the "thug motherland."


Anonymous said...

Have you seen this yet?

State of Minnesota,Respondent,
Malo Dashaunta Gomez, Appellant.
Filed December 9, 2013
Toussaint, Judge

County District Court
File No.27-CR-11-29016

"Appellant Malo Dashaunta Gomez
challenges the sufficiency of the evidence to support his convictions of attempted first-
degree intentional murder of two
peace officers, arguing that the
circumstantial evidence fails to prove that he intended to kill or harm either officer. Because
we conclude that the circumstances proved are consistent only with
a rational hypothesis that appellant intended to kill the officers when he discharged a
firearm in the direction of an occupied squad car, we affirm."
"Appellant argues that the circumstantial evidence is insufficient to support his convictions because the circumstances proved are consistent with an alternative rational hypothesis that he intended only to discharge the gun, not to kill or harm the officers. But the Minnesota Supreme Court has in several cases “noted that pointing a loaded gun
at a person and firing it is likely to cause death, and leads to an inference of intent.”

Stiles v. State, 664 N.W.2d 315, 320 (Minn. 2003); see, e.g., State v. Johnson, 322 N.W.2d 220, 223 (Minn. 1982) (concluding that
the evidence established an intent to kill when the defendant fired shots at a police officer in a squad car, even though the shot
used was not powerful enough to penetrate the windshield); see also
State v. Angulo,471 N.W.2d 570, 574 (Minn. App. 1991) (affirming a
conviction for attempted first-degree murder of a peace officer when the defendant shot in the direction of officers who had
announced their presence), review denied (Minn. Aug. 2, 1991).

Here, the state proved the circumstances that appellant, who was standing in a vacant lot, discharged a firearm in the direction of an illuminated police squad car, where two uniformed peace officers were completing paperwork on a traffic stop. Appellant fired nine shots, four of which struck the squad; one of those shots struck the driver’s-side door, where an officer was seated. These circumstances are consistent with an inference that appellant intended to kill the officers.
See State v. Kendell, 723 N.W.2d
597, 606-07 (Minn. 2006) (noting that the manner of killing, including firing multiple gunshots, can support an inference of premeditation and intent). Appellant argues that no
evidence was inconsistent with his statement to police that he was merely “bored and . . .fired the gun up” and that he did not intend to hurt or kill the officers because he believed they had left
the squad to attend to the stopped
vehicle. But both officers testified that the squad’s interior lights were lit at the time of the shooting, and the jury was free to discredit the contents of appellant’s statement and find it unbelievable. "

Anonymous said...

Harris was not armed and was not attempting to fight with Dashaunta.

Harris is no victim. He brutally assaulted me to the point of unconsciousness. He fled, owns guns, was arrested and charged and took a plea deal. Prosecutors gave me the news today
It's sad when anyone dies but i sure won't shed a tear.

Johnny Northside! said...

In response to the commenter at 9:15 PM, are you saying there was a charge of some kind pending against Harris when he died?

Johnny Northside! said...

In response to the commenter at 7:06 PM, I had NOT seen that but your comment spurred me to write a blog post about it.

Anonymous said...

No. He took a ple deal for 3rd degree assult to avoid prison.

Anonymous said...

Ramsey county

Johnny Northside! said...

I looked on the Ramsey County Jail roster, such as it is, and I'm not seeing him...

Anonymous said...

That's because he was never sentenced. It was set to be after his female accomplice trial. Which the judge should rule this week after her 7 days. I can say a whole lot after her ruling. All this talk going around about him being a good man good father. Ha. He beat me infront a child he claimed but later found out through my case isn't his and fled leaving the kid behind alone after witnessing everything. All the gangsters take care of each other. Good people are killed every day for awful reasons...This was his fate and was going to happen sooner or later because he's s horrible person. I felt like shit when i herd his plea deal, then when the prosecutor called me with this news, i felt a huge since of relief. My scars will never heal, jada will never breath. Case closed.

Anonymous said...

Death pays all debts and this pile of shit is now rotting...unless his people burnt his ass and sent the funk up into the air with the rest of the pollution. Fuck him and I thank whoever the fuck killed him.

Anonymous said...

So to the person and/or persons who apparently got they ass "whooped" by Jada, OH WELL, get over it! You think because his life was taken, that your all of a sudden justified? You feel relief now? You might as well pulled the trigger yourself for saying some sh*t like that!
People get mugged, jumped, robbed, shot even beat up every day! Just be happy that your case even made it to court!

Keepin it real said...

^^^ Miss Anonymous you sure have alot to say, but talking in circles. Ofcourse any "MAN" that raises a women's child and then finds out its not his, after he probably bought things for the child, would feel hurt, and betrayed and Yes they would snap off and leave. Ain't too many men going to stay around when after being betrayed and lied to like that.. Common Sense never lie to a man about a child that has potential not to be his, that just wrong not just for the man, but also for that child.. You use alot of harsh words and statements towards this Man, and what you are describing mr harris to be is not in his character hunn.. So if you are going to bash a dead man put it all out there just don't beat around the bush, that makes you look real immature, maybe you are jealous of something he had going on.. OOOpps you feeling some type of way because he left you after you lied about a child that wasn't his... I bet if he was still with his kids and family you wouldn't be up on the internet for the world to see you talking Junk about mr harris.. You are a lonely horrible person for what you did and what you are currently doing... Why are you speaking anonymously? Are you scared something might happen to you for talking shit???

haters EVERYWHERE said...

2 all u anonymous ppl that has/had something bad 2 say about a dead man, u need 2 sit down & reevaluate just what ur saying & who ur talking about, apparently U DIDN'T really know him!!!!! Go find u some business & take care of UR kid!!