Sunday, February 23, 2014

Murder Victim Johnathon J. Harris Was "Jada Harris" On Facebook, Where He Posted Images Of A Hard Working Man Who Loved Children, A Second Shooting Suspect May Be At Large...

Facebook photo used under First Amendment Fair Comment and Criticism, and JNS
blog asserted public safety exception to copyright, blog post by John Hoff

Numerous online "RIP" tributes have confirmed that Johnathon J. Harris, a murder victim who was shot at 2017 Hillside Ave. N., went by the name "Jada Harris" on Facebook. Though the name "Jada" looks like a female name, it may be a nickname of "Johnathon" based upon the way a child might attempt to pronounce the name. There are numerous pictures of children on "Jada's" Facebook profile, none of which will be published here.

Though Harris had a rough criminal background he did not appear to revel on Facebook in any criminal activity unlike so many others whose homicides have been featured on this blog...

The photo above was the last photo posted by Harris to his Facebook page on January 25 and had the following (almost) indecipherable caption: "Just brup my son put him on his ones , lmmfao"

The following pic, a much more complimentary likeness, is being used in numerous online tributes with some Facebook users temporarily substituting the image as their own profile pic:

Some tribute pics are floating around with commentary added to the photo above, as follows:

One Facebook user expressed disbelief and said he was planning a trip to "Vegas" with "Jada."

Harris had a sense of humor about himself, as evidenced by this photo with the following caption: "Da only pussy he laid next to all night,lol"

There are numerous photos which appear to show building and carpentry activities, including the exterior of this house which seems quite familiar:

On Facebook, Harris listed his employer as "Sentac Construction" and listed MCTC "Career Services" and the words "Automotive Technician." His hometown is listed as "Ford Heights, Illinois" which is a suburb of Chicago. Thus was fulfilled a prophesy made by JNS blog that a Chicago connection was going to turn up as soon as I had more opportunity to dig.

Harris also posted a few dog pictures, including this one:

Harris also posted the following disturbing image:

Harris was not a prolific or daily user of Facebook, but his last comment posted on February 18 did seem to allude to enemies and bad blood: "U know shit just make me stronger n shit on dem hater . Real nigga shit"

Indeed, it was the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche who famously said that which does not kill you makes you stronger, however, well, the saying depends on not being killed.

Meanwhile, I have persistently heard both from an informed source and from Facebook chatter that a second suspect was reportedly involved in the shooting but is NOT in custody. In fact, I actually have a first name but I am sitting on it for now since I am detecting confusion about the identity of the individual. If anybody wants to drop some dimes in anonymous comments, well, see that comment box below? You can totally fit some dimes in there.


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Last name Gomez fyi.

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When you live your life outside the law and choose to run with feral humans, sooner or later someone will take you out. Very few criminals get to die of old age in their own bed surrounded by a loving family.

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