Saturday, February 1, 2014

Devon Parker, Accused Of Shocking Murder Of A Good Samaritan At 3739 Aldrich Ave. N., Documented His Thug Life On Facebook As "Von Freeda Real" (Seriously)

Facebook photos used under First Amendment Fair Comment and Criticism, and
JNS blog asserted public safety exception to copyright, blog post by John Hoff

Devon Derrick Parker, accused of murdering a 69-year-old grandfather and Good Samaritan who let him inside his house after Parker claimed he was being chased by people who wanted to kill him documented his thug life on Facebook under the handle Von Freeda Real. 

Click here to check out his Facebook profile. You will need your own Facebook profile to have much luck.

I know what some of you are thinking. "Von Freeda Real?" Why would a North Minneapolis thug...

...use a name that sounds like an 1800s New Orleans brothel madame with a shocking secret? It is indeed one of life's little mysteries. Apparently, when Devon picked the name he was unaware that "Frieda" or "Frida" is a female name and a fairly well-known one at that, click here for one example , here for another, and here for yet another. 

To be perfectly fair, I did find a famous male named Frieda; British celebrity hairdresser John Frieda. Note that Frieda is his LAST name. Doesn't count.

So. Yeah. "Von Freeda Real." However, the original URL of the Facebook page is

So apparently there was a different name used at one time. I have confirmed to my satisfaction this is the page of Devon Derrick Parker. In face, I have word that Parker's mother is friendly with K.G. Wilson, a minister who reaches out to people making dead end lifestyle choices mostly in North Minneapolis. 

Here is Parker with a woman I assume is his mother. 

Here is more family.

Usually, JNS blog will show more restraint when it comes to publication of photos showing third parties along with a suspect. But given the nature of the outrageous charges, a line has been crossed and it impacts my coverage of this story. 

Spread the word on the thug communication wire: 

You find yourself accused of killing a citizen (a SOLID CITIZEN of North Minneapolis instead of just another criminal thug lowlife) and any picture of you posing with your mama, sister, baby brother, and/or the half a dozen people all  known as your "cousin" is FAIR GAME. These are the people who should have exerted moral influence but (allegedly) DID NOT.

Here is the most recent image, posted in late January. Look closely at the photo. See the empty plastic baggie in the seat? Nice. (Sarcasm font) I'm sure it contained a chocolate brownie cooked by his mama. (End sarcasm font) 

And speaking of MAMA! OK, I can't confirm this is Parker's mother but check out the photo anyway.

Yup. "Mama" (or whoever she is) throwing a gang sign. That photo tells me all I need to know, actually. Now here's where the rubber meets the road with the new JNS blogging standard which applies when decent home owners have been killed:

The Bible says "Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he was old he will not depart from it." The opposite is probably true much of the time, as well. I don't know who this unfortunate little guy is; but he's on Parker's Facebook page, the photo is therefore published to the world, and it's fair game for fair comment and criticism. 

Here is the inevitable "smoke pillow on the lips" photo. Some thugs have DOZENS of photos like this. 

You know what I'd like to see? Smoke pillows in the shape of animals! Like, OK, can you do a BEAR? 

Bottoms up.

Based on the little placard in the upper left and the color of the counter, this photo appears to have been taken at TCF Bank. Wow, look, that's got to be, like, $1,060!!! You could buy, like, a crappy but semi-dependable car with only light body damage with THAT kind of serious money!  

I'm not sure if either of the two guys in this photo are Parker, but I have a message to the guy on the right:

(Joke font) K.G. Wilson called. He wants his pants. (End joke font) 

Yesterday, at least one commenter was griping because I drew comparisons between Devon Parker (who didn't show up for a probation hearing and had a warrant issued the very day he allegedly murdered Thomas Sonnenberg) and Glenn D. Smith, (Chief Chuck So Iicey Smith) who was released from jail a couple days ago despite serious (but NON-MURDER) charges.

Well, guess who is Facebook friends with Derrick Parker? Yes, turns out Glenn D. Smith and Parker are not only Facebook friends but Smith comes up in the number two friend position, second only to prominent rapper "Chief Keef." 

How about that? Birds of a feather, all flocking together. 

I'm not done talking about Parker and publishing photos. Not by a long shot. 


Anonymous said...

I'm sure he is just saying Free da Real(as in he knows he is about to go to jail)and VON is what he goes by as in DeVON. It is pretty funny sounding though. I don't think he will be changing it anytime soon.

Johnny Northside! said...

Racist comment rejected.

Anonymous said...

Very disturbing photos, Johnny, but thanks for sharing. Unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

you rejected my comments he said that they were racist dude I'm never look at your site again

Anonymous said...

Is that Sydnatta flashing whatever kind of sign with Devon? Now last is Tate and used to be Parker? This picture might look similar but ymmv.

There's more.

Just_Disgusted said...

ok-JNS once upon a time portrayed the murder of a very good friend of mine as just another statistic. This friend of mine was not perfect but was not far from It and was loved by everyone he knew, and any one who may of judge him and got to know him fell in love with him, and JNS tore his character based on facebook hype, stereotypes with little facts of the individual and his character, and the comments revealed that he was loved by many and outraged by JNS blog, which in my opinion proved that the character in which JNS displaye was false. HOWEVER-- n I repeat--however-- I completely 100% agree with the display of this bastard and his family. He nailed it on the head! These are the people that give any one of color, or from the hood, or ghetto or smoke weed or sag their pants or what ever stereotype you want to fall for a bad name. These are the people (his mama included) who use tax payers money to pay for they "laviously" lazy life style of doing nothing but soaking up section 8, and ripping n running these streets. 6 degrees of separation and you never know who know who. I can tell you bout this fool, but the apple don't fall far from the tree. HIS MAMA is to blame, and should give up ALL RIGHTS to her other children to avoid raising additional dangers to society. Her section 8 should be revocked. She is the reason Hard working people who ACTUALLY need help from the system just long enough to make ends meet CANT GET IT. their whole family should burn in hell. I mean that. JNS do further back round checks on the Step daddy, the momma and the rachet daughters and you would see exactly the environment in which Devon was raised. I met him, and to be honest he didn't seem that wacked out to do something like this, but he was sketchy, and that gut feeling was enough. Since I heard this story my heart aches for the family who loss a man who was only trying to help, and angers me of these fxxxers who have no benefit to society, but soaking up benefits that hard working people who deserve and need it could benefit from. These people are the THUGS in which youi talk about on the north side. the whole drunk family. I hope that CPS takes a look at the "MAMA" and take away them babies, and I hope HUD look at her criminal history and the police calls at her residence and snatch away her section 8. I truly in my very core hate these people, and it is not just THIS family, but every one like them, who gives others bad raps because of still photos, certain slang/lingo, or family up-bringing. If you knew half the story of my life and I died today I would be tore to pieces by your blog, im not perfect, but I have learned, I have grown up, and I have left my past exactly where it is. So as I said JNS I agree with you on this one, but hope in the future, when a black man is killed, that you gather all the facts, instead of making fast judgments based on Facebook (which is mostly super exaggerated lies of peoples real lives) and think about the family of the deceased and their grief. I am on the fence with you JNS because of the way you tore the character of my friend to pieces unrightfully, however again agree with this and thank you for showing these "INDIVIDUALS" the whole clan to the world to see exactly what they are. I hope that this is not getting a reverse media due to race. Please JNS have a little heart and consideration for the deseased of some one that you may considered a thug but may not actually be. The deseased in which I am referring to is Gianni Gossit November 18, 2012. Who by the way there are still no leads to but due to the life in which he lived and the people whom he impacted he was able to have a proper burial by Barb Paterson. He was really a good Guy JNS and outside of the normal trash, I wish you could post any leads or new information on that case, because we are still grieving for him. Sorry for the rant, just my piece.

Anonymous said...

That family ain't shit they was selling drugs out the house niggas cookin dope in the house mom an kids off coke fake unk fuckin the nieces.her kids fuckin her man.She dnt love her kids nor self...