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Malo "The Bored Shooter" Gomez Has Appeal Rejected, Court Says When You Shoot At Police It's Only Rational To Conclude You Were Trying To Kill Them...

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Malo Gomez, who fired on two Minneapolis police officers parked in a squad car because Malo was "bored," recently had his appeal shot down by the Minnesota Court of Appeals, click here for a copy of the opinion.

The court said when somebody shoots at police it's reasonable to conclude the intent is to kill the police and, indeed, it wouldn't be "rational" to conclude otherwise. Incredibly, there was already...

...on-point Minnesota case law for that exact and precise legal proposition. At least two other idiots have previously tried to argue, on appeal, when they were shooting at police they weren't actually trying to kill anybody.

Malo Gomez is a member of what may be the most infamous crime family in Minneapolis. It was in November of last year I wrote about Malo's brother, Dashaunta Gomez, who was charged with being a felonious couch potato. If you wonder how that's even possible, click here.

It's been a while since I've checked on Dashaunta Gomez. Golly, I wonder how he's doing right now? If anybody has some kind of solid information, send it my way.

Hmmmm....might be time to check MNCIS and see what comes up under Dashaunta's name...


Anonymous said...

Maple Grove Police
By Sun Press & News
November 14, 2013 at 12:00 am

"Dashaunta Gomez, 20, of Minneapolis was arrested Oct. 28 at 8080 Wedgewood Lane N. for theft shoplifting, trespass notice served, warrant arrest, and giving a false name to a police officer."

Kohl's Maple Grove, MN 55369
☆☆☆☆☆ 8080 Wedgewood Ln, Maple Grove MN 55369
(763) 420-4919

Anonymous said...

Losing yet again, another round apparently and recently for both Malo Gomez and Steve Meldahl:




(Added to website on 2/20/14)


Filed February 18, 2014

(Petitioner indicated in Italic Type)

8. Steven Meldahl vs. City of Minneapolis – A13-0275 – Denied

23. State of Minnesota vs. Malo Dashaunta Gomez – A12-2042 – Denied

Link to Steven Meldahl vs. City of Minneapolis – A13-0275:

Meldahl challenges the city’s assessment appeal procedures. He argues that (1) the use of forms by hearing officers violates due process and the hearing officers’
findings were insufficient; (2) the city failed to follow proper procedures when it declined to hold full evidentiary hearings at the assessment appeal stage and did not invite him to make objections directly to the city council; (3) one of the hearing officers was biased;(4) the city failed to provide sufficient notice of intent to assess; and (5)because of these procedural defects, Meldahl was deprived of due process.

Use of Forms and Sufficiency of Findings
Meldahl argues that the hearing officers, city council, and district court merely “rubber-stamped” the assessments that were proposed by city employees. Meldahl specifically objects to the hearing officers’ use of forms prepared by city employees as the framework for assessment appeal decisions. Meldahl’s concerns appear to be that the use of forms suggests that determinations were
made in advance of hearings and that hearing officers’ dispositional options were limited by the templates.

At the assessment appeal stage, when the underlying charges have been established and the issue is the propriety of levying the overdue amounts, relying on city
documentation is to some degree unavoidable. Although it appears
that pre-printed forms were used as templates for many decisions, hearing officers made handwritten notes and the forms contain other deviations from the prepared content. Hearing officers reviewed
the proposed assessments, asked questions, and heard from Meldahl when he appeared. And the fact that assessments were reduced in 13 cases is indicative of individual attention to the cases.
We therefore conclude that the use of forms here neither dictated nor inhibited meaningful review.

Page 8:

Hearing Officer
Meldahl argues that the hearing officer who handled 97 of the 144 assessments at issue here was biased and wrongly refused to recuse on Meldahl’s request. The record shows that Meldahl and this
hearing officer have a history of discord. At a hearing on a proposed assessment under MCO §§
227.10-.190(2013) (failure to remove tree debris), Meldahl orally requested that the hearing officer recuse.

Mr. Meldahl: First off I would like to ask . . . that you recuse
yourself. As you know, you have done hearings against me for over ten years, even though you’re only supposed to have a three-year contract. You are totally biased against me. I’m sure a lot of it stems in part from a complaint I filed against you in 2008. We have had some [acrimonious] dealings
together. You called the police on me a couple of times over the years.

[City inspections representative]: Steve, we’re not here—

Mr. Meldahl: So I ask that you recuse yourself, and I would like to have you put in the file a notice that under the rules that I am requesting you remove yourself.

[Hearing Officer] : Okay. How do you defend this one? I’m not going to remove myself.

Mr. Meldahl: Well, we did the work. Here’s a copy . . . .

The record also contains numerous district court notice-of-
removal forms with “judge” scratched out and the hearing officer’s name written in. The purported notice-of-removal papers do not cite any rule applicable to assessment appeal hearings.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

It's because of people like this why I profile and stay away from thuggy looking people in North. These kids who run around with guns and pop them off because they're bored or argue that they weren't trying to kill anyone when then do, well I believe that one because they all shoot like shit, are going to have a problem when they run into someone like me who only shoots to kill and who does not often miss an intended target. Parents should really have a talk with their kids about the fact that there is a huge number of CCW permit holders in North who are in fact really really good shots and who DO try to kill when they fire their weapons. In other words, they don't fuck around like these little baggy pant wearing fools.

Anonymous said...

Hey johnnyboy, What police heard was "When somebody shoots Video, Drives by or Looks at police it's reasonable to conclude the intent is to kill the police and, indeed, it wouldn't be "rational" to conclude otherwise." It only MAKES SENCE in [lame] NoMi.
Who Loves ya' Baby

Anonymous said...

2029 release date and this bitch is smiling in his prison pic. I am guessing he has a mental illness. I am guessing it runs in this family, Danny.

Anonymous said...

why the hell didn't the cops return fire? if i was a cop i'd have double-tapped this little bitch's empty skull.

Anonymous said...

Dashaunta Gomez, is running and hiding. His scared bitch ass is the one who murdered Jonathan "Jada" Harris. Mr. Cooper got his ass whooped, went home crying like the bitch he is and got Dashaunta Gomez, to shot an unarmed man. That's what pussy niggas do!

Johnny Northside! said...

What proof do you have it's Dashaunta and he's on the run? Point me to some proof. A half dozen or less anonymous comments saying the same thing over and over isn't proof of anything.

Anonymous said...

It cost's eleven cent's to make a nickel and the truth is a bitch;(DaShaunta is and will be one) if it's true.

Anonymous said...

His ass is at Hennepin County jail what more proof ya need.

Anonymous said...

D. Gomez is in the Hennepin County Jail as of today. Murder charges. 1.5mil bail.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

ThaShaunta be arrested and he join Malo in getting fucked in the ass. The gomez bitches be laughin' in stitches as dey men keep playin' prison bitch's.....what the fuck?
Poetry slam brought to you by Jiffy Peanut Butter.

Johnny Northside! said...

I published that comment because I assume the primary purpose was NOT racist but it was merely an abusive remark in common street dialect directed at the subject of the blog post by somebody who is upset with him for, among other things, alleged murder.

Anonymous said...

all u mfs sound dumb is hell stop hating on the gomez everybody makes mistake who is to judge everyone have a right to ther opinion but u mfs is being disrespectful i bet yall got family out here doing dumb shit too and all gomez's aint the same know that i have many success stories.....every last person on here talking about my family wont say that shit in person only behind the computer board its sad u guys have nothing else better to do and for johnny northside u need help lilbitch

Anonymous said...

I was a party in north mpls and heard about this. Dude said his boys were being pulled over and they had some drugs and guns in the car, one gun being a murder weapon, and they texted someone they knew who lived right around the corner. I know you can never believe everything you hear, especially when someone is drunk, but I do believe the person who told me that story.

Johnny Northside! said...

I have never entirely believed the "bored shooter" excuse but, well, if there is proof of another motive I would love to see the proof instead of merely hearing rumor. If you have anymore details, please post a comment.